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Not many things are as hard as maintaining a swimming pool. From water chemistry to sanitization to filter repair there are a lot of things to keep in mind for the average pool owner.

And not many can afford professional care for their pools either. Hiring certified technicians can get somewhat expensive, and the pool treatment agencies mostly sell yearly packages that are hardly ever needed.

So pool treatment and maintenance has become a DIY project for many homesteaders. But it is hard to find any reliable sources online that you can trust for information on pool products.

We understand your needs. And that is precisely why we at ThePoolCleanerExpert.com strive to bring our readers comprehensive user guides on some of the more popular pool products out there.

Glenn had has his own pool cleaning business for years now (though recently retired), and needless to say, he has had his fair share of experience with water treatment products.

Joel, on the other hand, works in IT, and there is no denying his unparalleled wisdom in the field of modern-day swimming pool technologies. From pool filters to robotic cleaners and suckers, he has tinkered with them all.

Glenn Lucas

Glenn Lucas

Glenn has his roots firmly steeped in the beautiful seaside residences of Florida. And some of his earliest childhood memories were that of holding his father’s hand as he braved the waves of the Atlantic.

Visiting the Florida beaches was an ‘every weekend’ affair for Glenn and his family. But unlike his brothers, Glenn had a knack for water, and by the age of 10, he grew to be quite a strong swimmer and the captain of the local junior water polo team.

This great affinity for swimming lead Glenn to take up an internship in his late teens as a pool boy and a part-time swim instructor in the Miami Biltmore Hotel.

His talents were soon recognized. And as soon as he finished high school, the Biltmore hired Glenn as a full-time instructor and lifeguard and even gave him special lessons in water treatment procedures.

By the age of 35, Glenn left the Biltmore to start his on water treatment company called WaterMan. Where he applied much of what he learned in the Biltmore to serve the local pool owners.

WaterMan started out small, with just Glenn and two of his friends. But his amazing dexterity and perseverance have since turned it into one of the most popular pool cleaning agencies in Florida.         

At a much older age, when Glenn went for a pool treatment job in one of the residences, he met Joel. Quite impressed by Joel’s knowledge in pool treatment gadgets, Glenn soon formed a close friendship with him, and together decided to open a pool product website. Where they can help out pool owners with their water treatment solutions with the help of extremely detailed user guides.  

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Joel Peters

joel with sunglasses in swimming poolGrowing up, Joel’s best friend was the Nintendo that his father got for him on his 7th birthday. But when he was not spamming the buttons in Zelda, his mother often found him tinkering with the electronic devices around the house. Either he would take apart the TV remote, or run experiments on his grandfather’s radio.

During his teens, Joel and his family moved to Florida, due to his father’s transfer. They bought a house with a backyard pool in it and swimming soon became one of his favorite hobbies.

But as old curiosities go, Joel soon started to go at the pool filters with a screwdriver. Back then the pool had a sand filter, and Joel was absolutely fascinated with how its mechanisms worked.

He would quite often take it apart and set it back up again. His curiosity lead him so far that one day he was found with a broken Multiport Valve in one hand and a lot of wet sand in another.

Since then he has diligently studied machines and computer software and landed a job in one of America’s top IT companies.         

Now with a wife and two beautiful kids, Joel had bought an amazing home in Florida with an indoor pool. But his curiosity for pool products never died. He still takes apart the solar pool cleaners and robotic cleaners to know as much as he can about them.

Hence meeting Glenn was like a dream come true. And together they made Pool Cleaning Experts one of the most sought-after information sites for all pool treatment issues.

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