What To Put Under An Above Ground Pool On Grass – Pad Ideas (2021)

Freestanding pools are some of the best options for swimming pools on the market.

If you install any of these pool models, it will offer you greater safety compared to any other pool on the market.


Well, the pool is surrounded by tall walls.

Thus, there are no chances of an accident.

This type of pool can also be modified.

There are various steps to make an above ground pool installation on the grass look more attractive compared to others.

This flexibility in the design makes an above ground pool installation a perfect example of modern pools.

Also, you don’t need much time to install above ground pool models on the grass.

You just need a few hours to install one of them completely.

However, can you install them anywhere?

Of course not.

These types of pools are successful on certain surface platforms.

Thus, it is necessary to have the correct surface under the swimming pool, not just grass.

What if you don’t?

In that case, the durability of the pool will significantly decrease.

You may even face a problem that cannot be fixed.

Well, what to put under the above ground pool on grass?

Let’s discuss the options one by one in the upcoming section.

Above Ground Pool-Pad Ideas
The pool as a playground for children.

What to put under/above ground pool on grass?

What to put under a pool – Concrete pads

This type of surface is sturdy, stable as well as reliable.

Overall, this type of surface is excellent for under pools.

Make sure that you do the construction of the concrete base a week before installing the pool.

This will allow the concrete surface to harden properly.

You may even face the problem of leakage in these platforms.

Thus, you can top it off with a layer of plaster to prevent leakage.

What to put under an above ground pool – Commercial padding options for above ground pools

There are high chances that the plaster over the concrete surface will not last.

Therefore, you may be looking for a better alternative.

You can use commercial pads for pools to solve this problem.

They are sturdy and prevent any leakage effectively.

They are even easy to install and remove.

However, there are various types of pads in the market made from different materials.

If you are looking for a durable one, then it is recommended to get a polyester geotextile model.

They are more durable compared to others on the market.

Irrespective of their advantages, these pads are extremely costly compared to other alternatives on the market.

Sand pad under a pool

This one is the cheapest method to provide a base for your pool area.

The steps are simple.

Create a base with sand before installing the pool.

Pour a little water on the first layer, and cover it will a few more layers of sand.

Make sure that you don’t add lots of water as that will wash away the sand.

Now, your sand pad is ready to use.

The only problem with this method is durability.

There are high chances that animals may dig holes in the base.

It can even be washed away by water.

Thus, even if you have installed above ground pools on sand pads, they may become unstable after a few months.

Don’t worry.

We have some tricks that can increase the durability of the sand base, which we will discuss in the next section.

What to put under above ground pool -Techniques/Tips to Improve

Tips for commercial pads to put under above ground pool

In this section, we will discuss certain tips that can improve your experience with the platforms discussed.

Tips for concrete

  • Remove grass as well as debris from the area.
  • Make sure that the platform is wider than your pool.
  • Remove any plant observed after the construction of the platform.

Tips for commercial pads

  • Always place at least two layers of padding before installing the pool on top.
  • The size of the pad should match the size of the pool.

Tips for a sand base

  • Create a boundary with concrete to protect the base.
  • Top up the base with sand frequently.

Above ground pool pad ideas – Correcting common problems

Here are some problems with their solutions that you are likely to face.

Pool or platform, which to buy first?

You must always select the pool first, but the construction should start with the platform.


Select one of the above ground pools with installation instructions. This will help you because you will know the correct dimensions of the base and any other requirements for the pool.

What should I put under my above ground pool -Best Practices

  • Always choose the correct size of the platform
  • Choose the platform and pool liner as per the climatic conditions in your area
  • Maintain the platform frequently

Tools you can use under pool

  • A pair of gloves
  • A hammer (for a concrete platform, to check the durability)

What to put under pool – Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put an above ground pool directly on grass?

You can, but you should not.


It will drastically affect the durability of your pool. Also, it’s a guaranteed grass killer!

What to put under the above ground pool on grass?

If you don’t want to remove the grass, then try to go for one of the commercial pads.

They won’t damage the grass. They are the best solution for what to put under the above ground pool on the grass.

Do you need to put sand under an above ground pool?

Let’s recap.

You only need to use sand under your above pool only if you are constructing a sand base.

Other than this, there is no need to do that.

How do you prepare the ground for an Intex pool?

The process remains the same for any pool on the market.

Remove the plants, level the soil or grass, build a platform, and install the pool.

What to put under an Intex pool?

You can use any of the platforms we have already discussed.

How to protect grass from the paddling pool?

The most effective method is to place a commercial pad for pools.

They will protect the grass.

How to set up an Intex pool on uneven ground?

You should not do that.

The best way for high durability is to even the soil or grass first.

What to put under an inflatable pool above concrete?

Commercial pads are the best way to prevent leakage and protect an inflatable pool.

What to use under an above ground pool to level it?

You can create a concrete base to provide a stable base for the pool.

A sand base will also do the trick.

What are the various ways to level the ground?

  • Dig the earth and make it even.
  • Create an even platform on top of which the pool can be installed. We have already discussed how to do this.