Ideal Hot Tub Temperature – How Hot Is The Best Average Spa Temp (2021)

Nothing feels as good as slipping into a perfectly heated hot tub.

It’s bliss to lay and back and sink into relaxation after a tiresome day.

However, there is one issue most hot tub owners face – setting the right hot tub temperature.

You need to consider the safety of people using the hot tub as well.

It’s also important to remember that the tub temperature also impacts your monthly electricity bill.

In this guide, we are going to look at essential things to note regarding the perfect hot tub temperature.

Hot Tub Temperature

Hot Tub Temperature Basics

Heating the water requires a flick of a switch to turn on the heater, which is simple.

All you need to do is set the hot tub temperature you would like.

The heating element kicks in fast, and after a few minutes, it’s ready.

Hot tubs are designed for efficiency, and a few take hours to heat.

Manufacturers of hot tubs try their best to offer buyers value for their money, and that is why some hot tubs come with applications that allow owners to set and control the water heating by using their phones.

This ensures the water is perfectly suited to your body temperature when you want to slip in.

Modern tubs have a thermostat to keep users safe.

The maximum temperature setting is normally 104 F.

We advise you to avoid extremely hot water as there risks of heat stroke from spending time in overheated water.

To be safe, you should always check the heater and control systems to ensure they are in proper working condition.

Techniques/ Tips to improve average hot tub temperatures

The question of what the hot tub temperature should be is common among hot tub owners.

The right answer to this question should be based on how you like the water and also who will be immersed in the water.

In this section, we are going to offer practical advice to help you find the right hot tub temperature.

Average hot tub temp for the vulnerable

It’s advisable for the elderly, people with heart conditions, and pregnant women to consult a medical expert before immersing themselves in hot water in a spa/tub for any length of time.

If the health expert confirms its safe, the maximum you should set for the vulnerable is 36 or 37 degrees Celsius.

For kids, parents should choose a lower setting as their bodies self-regulate slower compared to adults.

The maximum for kids is 34C.

Average hot tub temperature personal preference

Most hot tub/spa models come with the factory-set temperature at 38 degrees.

However, we advise you to start with 37 degrees Celsius every time you get in.

Once you are comfortable, go ahead and increase the heat based on your preference.

Women like it slightly hotter than men, and therefore, ladies can go ahead and start at 39 degrees Celsius.

Jacuzzi temperature for a Swim Spa

For a swimming spa, the setting should be lower.

27 degreesCelsius should be right as swimming increases your body temperature, and you do not want to be too hot in the spa water.

Weather Department

The weather should also be a major consideration when choosing the correct setting.

Set it lower during the summer as the weather is hot.

As hot tubs are used all year round, make sure the tub temperature is lower when the weather is hot and higher when the weather is cold.

When outside temperatures drop below freezing, it would be best to increase the water temperature.

No one enjoys the cold winter! Heat your spa or tub for at least 40 minutes before diving in.

Spa temperatures – correcting common problems

There is more about choosing the right setting for your hot tub based on more than personal taste.

If you decide to consider your needs, there is a high chance other people using the tub will be inconvenienced.

To help correct this problem, we are going to look at a handful of guidelines to follow for the best experience.

Ideal hot tub temperature when in use

Although most hot tubs have a maximum temperature of 104 degrees, avoid this as it is too hot for a normal person.

Your skin cannot withstand such high temperatures, and if you sit in it, there is a high chance you will suffer burns.

To avoid this problem, avoid anything above 100 degrees.

If your kids love to play in the tub, it’s also essential to consider their needs.

Note that children have low heat tolerance, meaning the same level of heat that suits you may not be ideal for them.

For security purposes, lower the water temperature and don’t let your child remain in the tub for more than 15 minutes.

Ideal hot tub temperature when not in use

High electricity bills are a common problem if you have extended hot tub use.

If you do not have plans to use it for weeks or a month, it would be best to choose the “idle” option in the system.

This helps reduce electricity bills and keep the heater safe.

Perfect hot tub temperature – best practices 

High electricity bills are a major concern, and a few practices have been used to improve the situation.

Hot tub energy efficiency

Even when maintaining the correct hot tub temperatures, astronomical electric bills are a common problem.

Find ways to maintain efficiency to combat the problem.

A few individuals try to combat the situation by turning off the heater at night and jacking it up during the day.

The belief is that this “reduces” the cost, but this is not true.

The heater is designed for efficiency and not rapid heating.

Turning it on and off from time to time worsens the situation as it burns more energy.

The best way to boost efficiency is by insulating the top and sides of the tub installation.

Insulating helps reduce heat loss, meaning the heating element does not have to strain so much to heat the water.

This will bring electricity costs down and create an energy-efficient system.

Tools you can use to reach the best hot tub temperature

To attain the right hot tub temperature, you do not require any tools.

The only tool you may require is an insulator to help cut down on electricity bills.

Hot Tub Water Temperature – Frequently Asked Questions

What temperature is safe for a hot tub?

37 – 40C should be safe, depending on the environmental temperature.

What temperature should a hot tub be set at in the winter?

During winter, temperatures are extremely low, and therefore you should set the water temperature between 1020 F and 104 0 F.

Is 105 too hot for a hot tub?

Yes, 105 is too hot for hot tub usage.

Is 100 too hot for a hot tub?

No, 100 is ideal when using a hot tub, especially during the winter.

Ideal hot tub temp – Conclusion

Selecting the right tub temperature is, at times, a challenging exercise.

You need to balance personal preference and the safety of users.

It’s also essential to consider the cost of heating the water to be able to set the right water temperature.

Managing your hot tub should be simple, based on the guidelines offered in this post.