Best for Sale Infrared Sauna – Top Rated Far Home Brands Reviews (2021)

Shopping for the best infrared sauna could be a considerable task as most saunas on the market look quite similar. This could make it hard to choose the best infrared sauna. Saunas have been used for thousands of years to heal ailments and detox the body. The health benefits of infrared sauna sessions are well known and pretty mind-blowing.

There is nothing more therapeutic than sitting in the best infrared sauna at a spa and feeling relaxed and comfortable. This could even drive away your worries. The good news is you don’t need to go to the spa to enjoy this as you can now get an infrared sauna for your home. Having one of the best infrared sauna models at home will provide you with all the benefits of infrared heat in the comfort of your own space. Infrared saunas can help reduce stress, relieve tension, clear the skin, and a lot more.

When most of us hear about the sauna, we’re thinking of a wooden box with electrical heat. But there’s another type of sauna on the market that delivers all the benefits of traditional heat therapy, along with light therapy. It is called a near-infrared sauna. With so many brands of infrared saunas to choose from, deciding on the right infrared sauna can be challenging. This review will provide you with the correct information to enable you to select the best infrared sauna.


Top 12 Best Infrared Sauna

While this might seem like a huge task, there’s no need to worry as we will make this quite easy for you. Below is a comprehensive list and review of the best infrared saunas. You can also go through our buying guide and FAQs for more information.

#1. Best 2 Person: SunRay Sierra Person Infrared Sauna

Best Infrared Sauna-Best 2 Person: SunRay Sierra Person Infrared Sauna


  • Dimensions: 47” x 45” x75”
  • Seven carbon-nano infrared heaters
  • Dual LED control panels
  • Interior reading lamp
  • FM radio/CD player

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

Rich Canadian red cedar wood adds natural appeal and beauty to any décor. The SunRay Sierra Infrared Sauna uses 7 Advanced Carbon infrared heaters to provide smooth and evenly dispersed heat with low EMF. Its dimensions make it more spacious than any other 2-person infrared sauna on the market, offering a full 6 inches more legroom inside the sauna than comparable models.

This infrared sauna features dual LED control panels and moveable ergonomic backrests for comfort and convenience. It comes with 7-color chemotherapy lighting, FM radio w/CD player and MP3. It also comes with an oxygen ionization system, interior reading lamp, exterior recessed lighting, and ten mils tempered glass.

The SunRay Infrared Sauna has been guaranteed against defects in materials and construction. It is ETL/CSA certified as it meets all US and Canadian electrical safety standards – 120v, 15amp plug.


  • Cedar smells wonderful
  • Excellent quality at a reasonable price
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Offers a beautiful healing experience


  • Does not have Bluetooth
  • Temperature fluctuations

#2. Best Overall: Medical Full Spectrum Home Sauna

Best Infrared Sauna-Best Overall: Medical Full Spectrum Home Sauna


  • Dimensions: 47.2 x 78.2 x 42 inches
  • Chromatic therapy
  • Two speaker sound system
  • Bluetooth and radio
  • Aux and USB port
  • Interior reading lights
  • Glass corners
  • 7 Full-spectrum infrared heaters

Overall Rating: 4.9 out of 5

The Medical Full Spectrum Home Sauna is the only sauna that is designed by Doctors. It is made to improve blood flow, reduce headaches and migraines, heal your muscles, and achieve absolute pain relief for a better night’s sleep. This sauna is created with enough medical components that can help strengthen your immune system and detox your body. The finished line is called the Medical Sauna Series because it was focused solely on helping your body heal.

The Medical Sauna Full Spectrum infrared heaters represent a revolution in sauna heater technology and can provide an invigorating session, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. The heating technology in this product offers a full spectrum of wavelengths for a near, mid, and far infrared sauna experience. A full-spectrum heater is vital because each frequency of infrared waves provides different levels of skin penetration and light therapy. This means that you will get even more infrared sauna benefits in your sessions and will genuinely start to feel more relaxed and healthier.

Relaxation plays a crucial role in your overall health. Medical sauna’s full spectrum represents a revolution in sauna heater technology and can provide an invigorating session. Take time out of your busy schedule to relax and let your far infrared sauna do all of the work. With the hot/cold cleaning system, you’ll feel the beneficial differences between hot and cold while using this infrared technology.

By using temperature regulation, this sauna will give you the health benefits that you need to keep your body healthy. The purpose of infrared saunas is to get you sweating, and this far infrared sauna does it better and more effectively. Your body will run through a detox routine during all your infrared saunas, which can free your body from harmful impurities.

For you to do yoga stretches inside of a sauna, you need a lot of room inside the sauna. Medical Sauna built the Medical 4 sauna to give you the freedom to enjoy hot yoga in a spacious, stress-free environment. The warm temperatures of the Full spectrum near, mid, far infrared sauna can improve your circulation while loosening your muscles and joints for a better range of motion.

Since the best infrared sauna sessions sometimes include prolonged sitting, it is ideal to have a backrest for your sauna.This product has an ergonomic backrest design that suits anybody who is looking for back support at no extra cost to the customer. Each Full Spectrum Medical Sauna includes multiple backrests to accommodate any seat and user in the sauna.

Some saunas are harder to put together than others. Most saunas don’t have customizable features to help you get more comfortable with your sauna. Medical saunas want you to be able to use your sauna in a way that perfectly suits your needs. The removable bench is perfect for creating more standing room as well as more room for movement inside the sauna.

With safety as a priority, The Medical Saunas protective heater cover is made with the same wood as the sauna to keep the same aesthetic appeal.The wood assembly with the tempered glass acts as the perfect insulated system for your Medical Sauna. This product is made of Natural Hemlock wood, which is the purest and most natural wood to use for a sauna.

It’s completely free of harmful chemicals and allergens. The clasp-together assembly allows for easy installation and breakdown so you can freely move the sauna throughout your house if you need to. You will also enjoy your choice of music using multiple inputs during your sauna sessions with the help of Bluetooth, USB, and AUX connection in the sound system. You can turn the sauna on and off using the interior control panel. The sleek design also features the programs and settings you need to set your sauna. It’s truly one of the most complete and versatile infrared saunas on the market.


  • Easy to set up
  • Loaded with features
  • Is large enough to stretch your body and muscles
  • User-friendly
  • It’s well-built
  • Has a modern and sleek appearance


  • Hard to find

3. Best Far: Dynamic Heming 2-person Infrared Sauna

Best Infrared Sauna-3. Best Far: Dynamic Heming 2-person Infrared Sauna


  • Dimensions: 48 x 50 x 76.5 inches
  • Tempered glass door
  • Two full-length side windows
  • Sound system with two dynamic speakers

Overall Rating: 4.9 out of 5

This product has full two-person capacity. It is made of natural reforested Canadian Hemlock wood construction, which is the purest and most natural wood to use for a sauna. This is because it’s completely free of harmful chemicals and allergens. It has 6mm interior and exterior wood planks with a 1.13-inch inner frame.

The Dynamic Heming 2-person infrared sauna offers seven dynamic infrared carbon fiber heating panels, two on each of the two rear walls, two under the bench, and one on the floorboard. It has a dark honey-interior color therapy lighting system. It also has a clear tempered glass door and with side windows. This model has a three-year warranty.


  • The spa is good for the body and mind
  • Easy to assemble and great to use
  • Heats up very fast


  • Cannot be used outdoors

#4. Best one person: Heatwave one-person infrared sauna

Best one person: Heatwave one-person infrared sauna


  • Dimensions 76 x 36 x 36
  • Three ceramic infrared heat sources
  • Interior and exterior carbon fiber control panels
  • Sound system: CD Player with MP3 plug

Overall Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

The Heatwave one-person infrared sauna was explicitly designed for only one person. The 1050 watt model features three ceramic heat sources while the 1221 watt model features five carbon fiber heaters. It also has interior and exterior control panels.

These infrared saunas come with adjustable vents on the floor and ceiling and a sound sytem with CD player and MP3 plug. The ergonomic backrest suits anyone who is looking for back support. It is CETL certified. It requires assembly for you to be able to use it. The manufacturers provide a 5-year warranty for the sauna and 1 year for the radio.


  • Uses Hemlock wood
  • Loaded with features
  • Has an ergonomic backrest
  • Offers five-year limited warranty


  • A little smaller inside the sauna than other one-person models

#5. Best Runner-up: Person Reserve Infrared Sauna

Best Runner-up: Person Reserve Infrared Sauna


  • Dimensions: Exterior 40” x 38” x 77”, Interior 35” x 34” x 71”
  • Six carbon fiber heating panels
  • FM CD Radio with Bluetooth

Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0

This is a one-person sauna. It is made with Natural Reforested Canadian Hemlock wood panles that clasp together in assembly. It comes with a Blaupunkt FM CD Radio with Bluetooth, and MP3 auxiliary connection interior and exterior LED control panel.

This far infrared sauna has an oversize interior reading/chemotherapy lighting system and offers 120v/15amp exterior ambient lighting. It also provides a bronze privacy tempered glass door roof vent.


  • Works great
  • Easy to put together
  • Made with reforested Canadian hemlock wood


  • Not widely known

#6. Best Traditional: SDI Factory Direct Canadian Traditional FAR Infrared Sauna

Best Traditional: SDI Factory Direct Canadian Traditional FAR Infrared Sauna


  • Dimensions: 71” Width x 71” Depth x 83” Height
  • Sand timer
  • LED reading light
  • 8kw heater
  • Dual digital control panel

Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5

The SDI Infrared Sauna comes complete with Stone Backsplash, water bucket, ladle, sand timer, powerful 8kw heater, rocks, dual digital control panel w/Bluetooth upgrade. It also comes with interior star LED lighting, thermometer + hygrometer, LED reading light, cup holder, magazine rack, towel rack, and waterproof speakers.

There is a powerful 8kw heater included with upgraded digital control panel, rocks, water bucket, and water ladle to create steam. It has a full five-year structure + 1-year electrical manufacturer’s parts warranty. It requires assembly.


  • CE approved
  • 5-year structure warranty
  • Free shipping within mainland USA


  • Not easy to come by

#7. Best Indoor: Heatwave Two Person Infrared Sauna

Best Indoor: Heatwave Two Person Infrared Sauna


  • Dimensions: 48”W x 40”D X 76”H
  • CD player, MP3 plug
  • Magazine & towel racks

Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0

This product was designed with the capacity to accommodate two people. It is available as 1500 or 1746 watt models. The 1500 watt model features five ceramic heaters while the 1746 watt model features six carbon heaters. It has 120 volt/15amp power with interior and exterior control panels.

There is an adjustable vent in the floor and ceiling. It also includes an ergonomic backrest for you to rest your body comfortably without any extra cost. It comes with an exterior natural stain/interior smooth sanded finish, and has an operating temperature of up to 141 degrees Fahrenheit. This product requires assembly, with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty for the infrared technology and sauna and one year for the radio.


  • Great low EMF infrared sauna product
  • Ergonomic backrest for comfort


  • Not suitable for outdoor use

#8. Best Durable: Canadian Cedar Backyard Infrared Sauna

Best Durable: Canadian Cedar Backyard Infrared Sauna


  • Dimension: 75” W x 62” D x 102” H
  • MP3/Auxiliary audio
  • Chemotherapy LED
  • Interior color lighting
  • Waterproof shingled roof

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

This outdoor carbon fiber far infrared sauna is fully equipped with the best quality red cedar wood imported from Canada. Red cedar not only has a very aromatic and relaxing smell, but it is also strong and durable. It could be more reliable than Hemlock and other woods commonly used. It has the latest Carbon Heating panels, which are more efficient than Ceramic Heaters.

They produce a deeper tissue heat and don’t create hot spots like ceramic. The Canadian Cedar Infrared Sauna has a three-person size but can fit two people with temperature settings up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It includes an MP3/Auxiliary Audio input with the stereo system (with remote), Ionizer/Ozone Generator, and chromotherapy LED and interior color lighting (with remote).

A waterproof shingled roof is also included, but it requires installation. The tiles are red and can easily be removed if you want to use another color. It involves assembly (assembly instructions included) and has a five-year structural warranty and one year for electronic parts only. The power requirements are 110v, 60 Hz, 20A, with a standard 110v plug installed.


  • Feature-packed
  • Protected against certain weather conditions
  • Comes with assembly instructions


  • Is new on the market

#9. Editor’s choice: Outdoor Weather Resistant Infrared Auxiliary Infrared Sauna

Editor’s choice: Outdoor Weather Resistant Infrared Auxiliary Infrared Sauna


  • Exterior dimension: 59.1” Sq (roof) x 96”H (roof peak)
  • Six ceramic far infrared heaters
  • 4 LED reading lights
  • MP3/Auxiliary input

Overall Rating: 4.4 out of 5

This is a 3 to the 4-person outdoor sauna and is made of Canadian Hemlock with six ceramic far infrared heaters. It has digital control panels. Inside, the roof is fully shingled, and a waterproof ridge cap is included with the roof. It is made of 100% waterproof hemlock wood construction and offers weather-sealed tempered glass doors and glass windows.

This model with its far infrared heaters features an MP3/Auxiliary input for iPod/iPhone with two speakers. It also features 4 LED reading lights – Ionizer w/Ozone Generator, and four chemotherapy LED lights. It is portable and disassembles as quickly as it assembles, so you can take it anywhere. It warms up in 30 minutes and is very comfortable with an operating temperature of 110F to 140F.

This product has two far infrared heaters under each bench with double-wall construction. It has a ten-year limited residential warranty, covering ten years on the structure, five years on the heaters, and three years on the electronics.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Is great for weight loss
  • The stereo system is sealed and for water-resistant
  • Heats up very fast


  • The wood on the inside stains very quickly due to sweat
  • The center LED light is not heat rated

#10. Best sauna for home use: Coronado SA2409 Tempered Chemotherapy Infrared Sauna  

Best sauna for home use: Coronado SA2409 Tempered Chemotherapy Infrared Sauna


  • Dimension: 30 x 78 x 56 inches
  • Six carbon heaters
  • Two speakers
  • LED control panels

Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5

The Coronado 2 Person Infrared Sauna with carbon heaters is perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating. It fits in virtually any room in the house. The natural Hemlock wood color will enhance any décor. Its dual interior and exterior LED control panels allow for easy temperature control. The Coronado is available with ceramic or carbon heater options and is loaded with extras.

It comes with towel hooks and magazine racks, CD player with MP3 plug-in, two speakers, backrests, color therapy lights, and an oxygen ionizer. This product is perfect for basking in the warmth with your partner. It has six carbon heaters. More carbon heaters mean that your heatwave infrared sauna is more effective. The Coronado carbon sauna has two carbon heaters on the back wall, one on each side wall, one on the front of the bench, and one on the floor. These six carbon heaters evenly bask you in soothing infrared heat.

For the infrared wavelength, heatwave SaunasTM put out infrared wavelengths from 5-12 microns, which are the portions of infrared heat that most benefit the human body. Heatwave saunas operate up to 141 degrees Fahrenheit. Wood heatwave SaunasTM is made of solid hemlock wood and constructed with tongue and groove assembly. The exterior of the sauna is stained with an appealing, natural color. The interior is smooth, sanded natural wood.

This sauna uses 120V/15Amp power and will plug right into your standard home electric outlet. No need to change or upgrade your electrical system, as the control panel heatwave saunasTM come equipped with dual easy-touch Interior and exterior LED control panels. You can easily adjust your sauna settings from inside or outside.


  • Heats up fast
  • Good for the house
  • Loaded with features


  • Could be hard to get

#11. Best 3 Person: Reserve Corner Studio Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Best 3 Person: Reserve Corner Studio Spectrum Infrared Sauna


  • Exterior dimensions (WDH): 50” x 50” x 77”
  • FM CD Radio with Bluetooth
  • Interior reading/chromotherapy lighting system
  • Interior & exterior LED control panel

Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5

This is a low EMF infrared Corner Sauna. The carbon Tech heating panels are engineered to produce a more extensive, softer heat that is evenly distributed throughout the low EMF sauna. It has golden carbon tech heating panels that cover a significantly larger surface within the sauna. It is a three-person capacity infrared sauna.

The interior dimensions (WDH) are 45” x 45” x 71”. It comes with a Blaupunkt FM CD Radio with Bluetooth, and MP3 auxiliary connection, featuring an interior and exterior LED control panel and an oversize interior reading/chromotherapy lighting system. It is made of natural reforested Canadian hemlock wood. It offers an electrical connection of 120V/15amp (recommended dedicated line, plug, and play), and exterior ambient lighting.

It has a clasp together assembly, and seven carbon PureTech near-zero EMF heat emitters (heating panels). This reserve spectrum infrared sauna also offers a full range of near-infrared red heat emitters (pair) with a bronze privacy tempered glass door. It also has a roof vent.


  • Hemlock wood construction
  • Loaded with features
  • Offers full spectrum infrared heat
  • Easy to assemble


  • Has no ratings

#12. Best Outdoor: Sunray Cayenne 4 Person Outdoor Infrared Sauna

Best Outdoor: Sunray Cayenne 4 Person Outdoor Infrared Sauna


  • Dimensions: 72” x 52” x 83”
  • Eight ceramic heat sources
  • Exterior and interior lighting
  • LCD control panel
  • FM radio w/CD player & MP3
  • Oxygen ionizer
  • Natural Canadian hemlock wood
  • Reading lamp

Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5

The Cayenne 400D infrared sauna is spacious enough to seat four people comfortably. It features eight ceramic heat sources that will quickly get the sauna to your desired temperature. This Cayenne outdoor sauna includes four movable ergonomic backrests for maximum comfort. It offers an oxygen ionization system for purifying the air, and recessed interior and exterior lighting.

This product comes with FM radio w/CD and MP3, cup holders, and much more. The Cayenne is easy to assemble, and the natural Canadian hemlock wood will enhance any outdoor patio setting. This solid hemlock wood is smooth and naturally appealing yet durable. The eight rapid heat ceramic heaters provide the sauna with your desired heat level in a few minutes.

It has easy to install tongue and groove construction. The Sunray Cayenne infrared sauna comes with a seven-year structural warranty. It is guaranteed against defects in materials and quality for the whole seven years. It’s ETL/CSA certified as it meets all US and Canadian electrical safety standards – 120V, 20-amp plug.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Has an exquisite appearance
  • Easy to operate
  • Lessens body aches
  • It does not take time to heat up


  • The base is a little uneven
  • Roof sections don’t fit correctly

Infrared sauna reviews – Buying Guide

If you’ve been searching online for ‘the best infrared sauna near me’ you can stop searching. Our buying guide will provide you with relevant information on how to choose the best infrared sauna for your home.

Types of saunas

There are three main types of saunas. These are:

  • Traditional saunas

These types of saunas are heated through electric or wood-burning heat. They can be dry or wet. Wet saunas introduce steam through steam generators or by throwing water on hot rocks. They are very hot and put most people’s endurance to the test.

  • Best far infrared sauna

They use heating elements that mainly emit light in the far-infrared range. This type of far-infrared light does offer some light therapy, but it doesn’t penetrate the body as well as near-infrared does. However, far-infrared saunas typically emit harmful levels of EMFs, though some manufacturers are working to reduce the EMFs in their products.

  • Near-infrared lamp saunas

These types of infrared saunas combine heat therapy and light therapy. The light from near-infrared saunas can penetrate the body up to 9 inches. Additionally, NIR saunas generally emit low levels of EMFs. Due to the spectrum of light, NIR saunas allow the air to stay more relaxed while still heating the body.

Home infrared sauna things to consider before buying 

Before doing an online search for ‘infrared saunas near me’ there some specific things you must consider. This will help you to get the best infrared sauna and not regret investing in it. Below are the things you must consider before buying an infrared sauna.

Best far infrared sauna reviews – Heating surface area

Small surface areas in radiant saunas heat up faster than large surface areas. When you buy an infrared sauna that is made up of small plates, then the sauna will heat up very quickly. Radiant saunas with ample surface areas have longer heating times, but they give a more even heat. They are also easier to manage and are not prone to damage. A more significant surface area is better, but for cost and time, it is good to get something in-between to get the best balance between effectiveness and value.

Far infrared sauna review heater covers

There is a need to have a cover for your heater in radiant saunas so that it doesn’t pose any danger. If the heat source comes into contact with your skin, then you can get burnt. The best radiant saunas always come with a cover. It is better to spend a little more time and money to invest in one of the radiant saunas that comes with a cover for your safety.

Infrared home sauna capacity and dimensions

Capacity plays an essential factor when purchasing a sauna, as most infrared saunas are built to fit two to three people at a time. If you have more people, then you need to get a bigger one. Smaller infrared saunas usually take smaller space than bigger ones, so get the one that suits your needs.

Best sauna build materials

Quality materials will cost you more money. They will also do a better job by containing the heat in your sauna. If you don’t want to spend too much money to get the best sauna, you should invest in the building materials. Cedar is traditionally used in infrared saunas (and any building affected by moisture). Cedar is always the right choice for your sauna.

Best infrared sauna on the market type of heater

Carbon and ceramic are the two central heaters used in infrared saunas, but you can also find mica. As earlier stated, carbon heaters are more efficient but cost a little more. Ceramic heaters give excellent performance, and you will not have to pay too much. Mica is the cheapest, but their performance does not compare to the other two. Carbon is fine if you can afford it, but ceramic is still useful if you want something affordable.

Top rated infrared saunas – Safety

When it comes to buying the best radiant sauna, safety should be your highest priority. One way to ensure the safety of your infrared sauna is to look for certified companies with a good reputation. Companies that are ISO certified or CE certified should be trusted. There are other certifications out there that some companies use, but investigate. You can also check out the reviews to get more ideas about what you’re buying.

Best sauna warranty

Afunctional appliance should have a warranty. Your sauna will experience wear and tear anytime. There is also the chance that an infrared sauna can break through misuse, accidents, or improper assembly.

Most infrared grills come with a warranty, and make sure you check for a warranty before purchase — the more extended the warranty, the better. Check to see what is covered as some warranties have limited coverage, while some include everything.

Infrared saunas for sale – FAQs

What is the best-rated infrared sauna?

The best-rated infrared sauna, which is also the overall best is the Medical Full Spectrum home sauna. It has a lot of healing benefits with thorough testing by medical experts.

What is the best infrared sauna for home use?

The best-infrared sauna is Coronado SA2409 Tempered Chromotherapy infrared sauna. It heats fast with features loaded for easy use.

What is the best sauna for home use?

The Medical Full Spectrum Home sauna is the best sauna for home use. It has been tested medically by doctors and offers a lot of benefits.

Do infrared saunas do anything?

Like many new wellness trends, the infrared sauna promises a laundry list of health benefits from weight loss and improved circulation to pain relief and removal of toxins from the body.

What is an infrared sauna?

An infrared sauna is a sauna that uses infrared heaters to heat the room and warm your body. This type of sauna does not use the traditional “box of hot rocks” or steam as its heating element. This sauna offers an excellent environment for using infrared since you get in when naked, and there’s infrared heat around.

Best infrared sauna for home use – Conclusion

The best-infrared sauna will offer you the relaxation you desire after a long and stressful day. If you want an overall sauna with lots of healing benefits, then the Medical Full Spectrum sauna is the best option.

In case you need the best outdoor infrared sauna, then the Sunray Cayenne 4-person outdoor sauna is perfect for you. It can accommodate people and is easy to assemble and operate. Finally, if you need a one-person sauna, then go for the Heatwave one-person infrared sauna. It has a warranty for up to 5 years and is loaded with features.