Best Pool Shock Essentials Reviews – Top Ingredients and Chemicals (2021)

A swimming pool is a great way to have fun and exercise. Many people build a swimming pool and enjoy the initial weeks. However, with time, a swimming pool requires maintenance. It can be challenging to maintain the pool. Usually, bacteria and algae grow in a swimming pool. This can lead to skin irritation and other skin diseases. However, this can be solved by treating the water with chlorine. This method is also known as chlorination.

Though chlorination is an effective way to treat a pool, there are instances where it is not. It has been observed that chlorination is not always effective in pools which have been treated many times. It is because the bacteria and algae get used to the amount of chlorine. Hence, there is a need to surprise the bacteria and algae present. To do this, pool shocks were introduced. The basic principle of pool shocks is to suddenly increase the amount of chlorine by four to five times. This sudden increase leads to the neutralization of all harmful bacteria in the swimming pool.

Not every pool shock has the same effect. Some pool shocks outclass the others by a huge margin. However, without proper guidance and knowledge, you may not be able to find the best pool shock. Therefore, through our research, we made a list of the best pool shocks on the market at present.

What is The Best Pool Shock?

#1. Best Overall: Drytech Chlorinating Pool Shock Treatment

Best Pool Shock-Best Overall: Drytech Chlorinating Pool Shock Treatment

Some features of the product:

  • Comes in different variants
  • Water balancer

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

Are you looking for a pool shock that has a fast reaction and dissolves easily? This pool shock product may be the one you are looking for. The product is a package of 24 packets, with each being a pound. The ideal effectiveness is at a pound for 10,000 gallons of water. Though there are many pool shocks available on the market, they are not easy to dissolve. This leads to a slow-reaction and slow neutralization of bacteria. However, this pool shock is well-reputed as it dissolves easily.

This shock solution maintains the PH value of water between 7.2 to 7.6. It also keeps the calcium hardness level above 200 ppm. Hence, there are no chances of growth of algae or any other bacteria as the calcium hypochlorite in the pool shock disinfects rapidly. There are other important factors to maintain water too. One of them is alkalinity, which the product maintains well. Due to its all-round performance, this shock is also known as a water balancer. Just make sure that you store the chemical properly.


  • Water balancer
  • Different variants as per quantity
  • Easy to dissolve
  • Fast reaction time


  • It requires precautions while storing

#2. Best for Regular Use: Swim Chlorine Pool Shock

Best Pool Shock-Best for Regular Use: Swim Chlorine Pool Shock

Some features of the product:

  • Regular use pool shock
  • Maintains hardness well

Overall rating: 4.9 out of 5

Many swimming pool owners prefer pool shocks that can be used regularly. They are looking for a product that they can use every week, and the performance remains high. Though the requirement is genuine, most pool shocks do not come in this category. However, the swim chlorine pool shock is considered one of the most effective pool shocks for regular use. This product is a package of 24 packets, each is one pound in weight. The ideal effect of the product is one pound per 10,000 gallons of water.

Since the motive of pool shock is to surprise the elements in the pool, it has to be fast-acting. This product contains 68% calcium hypochlorite, which makes it a fast reactant. It quickly dissolves and surprises the elements within a few minutes. The product also offers additional features to maintain the water, like retaining the alkalinity and maintaining the PH level.


  • Highly reactive
  • Good for regular use
  • Maintains hardness as well as PH
  • Easy to use
  • It can be used for saltwater pools


  • You might find the chlorine level low
  • Over usage can lead to damage to the swimming pool

#3. Best Fastest Shock: CLOROX Pool Shock Xtra Blue

Best Pool Shock-Best Fastest Shock: CLOROX Pool Shock Xtra Blue

Some features of the product:

  • The pool is ready in 15 minutes
  • Highly effective

Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5

You might be looking to shock your pool just before going into the pool. Most of the shocks on the market involve a lengthy procedure. They require at least a few hours to completely make the swimming pool bacteria-free. However, this pool shock product beats all of them in terms of time required. The product needs just 15 minutes to make the swimming pool clean. After that, you can go into the pool without any worry.

The product contains algae fighting crystals that give you a crystal clear pool. This product is also well known for improving the filter quality of water. However, the unique part of this pool shock product is the testing application. Yes, you read it right. The product offers you a water testing application for free.


  • Quick reaction
  • Easy to dissolve
  • Testing application


  • The application can be inaccurate

#4. PH Maintainer: CLOROX Pool Shock Plus

Best Pool Shock-PH Maintainer: CLOROX Pool Shock Plus

Some features of the product:

  • Does not affect the PH
  • Gives crystal clear water
  • Improves filter quality

Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5

Though there are various types of pool shock products on the market, only a few of them maintain the PH value. Usually, when you shock your pool, the PH of the water changes drastically. This change lasts for a few hours but sometimes can lead to skin irritation. Hence, it is essential to maintain the PH of the water. This pool shock product is one of the few products that can maintain the right PH levels. The product also cleans the water through algae fighting filters.

Another advantage of this pool shock product is that it cleans the swimming pool quickly. Most of the products by CLOROX are known for being highly reactive. It can clean the swimming pool within a few minutes.


  • Highly reactive
  • Maintains PH level
  • Easy to use


  • Overuse can damage the swimming pool

#5. Best Bacteria Killer: Cal Chlor Granular Pool Shock

Best Pool Shock-Best Bacteria Killer: Cal Chlor Granular Pool Shock

Some features of the product:

  • Kills invisible bacteria
  • Great for daily use

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5

This product contains 68 % calcium hypochlorite as the main ingredient, which makes it highly effective in maintaining your swimming pool. It is one of the few pool shocks products on the market that can be used daily. Hence, it is unlike other pool shock products which damage your pool if used on a daily basis. The ideal effect of the pool shock is one pound per 10,000 gallons. Therefore, you won’t find any difference in the range. It also needs to be pre-dissolved to get the ideal effect. Most people do not pre-dissolve this product, which leads to unsatisfactory results.

Hence, we recommend following the instructions carefully. If your swimming pool has high alkalinity then, it is not recommended to use this product as it can lead to clouds in the pool. Many pool shock solutions damage the vinyl lining of the pool. However, this product is specifically formulated to protect the vinyl lining of the pool.


  • Calcium hypochlorite is the active element
  • It can be used daily
  • Highly effect against algae


  • Needs to be pre-dissolved
  • Not for high alkalinity pools

#6. Best Odor Reducer: CLOROX 24 pound water shock

Best Pool Shock-Best Odor Reducer: CLOROX 24 pound water shock

Some features of the product:

Overall rating: 4.4 out of 5

A pool and spa shock achieve its main aim of treating the water. However, many pools and spa shock solutions leave an intense odor of chlorine in the pool. Many people are allergic to this odor. Hence, there was a need for a pool and spa shock that could reduce the odor of chlorine in the pool. This product is one fo those. It reduces the scent while it remains highly effective in treating the pool or spa.

It also removes algae contamination from the pool due to swimmers. Since it is one of the products by CLOROX, it offers a quick-dissolving rate as well as the reaction rate when in the pool. It also doesn’t affect the PH level, which prevents corrosion as well as skin irritation. The unique feature of this product is that it provides clearance of cloudy water.


  • High dissolving rate
  • Eliminates foul odor of chlorine
  • Eradicates cloudy water


Best Buying Guide for Pool Shock

How fast do the best pool shock ingredients dissolve?

The dissolving rate of pool shock is an essential factor. It is recommended to dissolve the pool shock in a bucket before pouring it into the pool. Hence, the faster the dissolving rate, the faster you can drain the shock into the pool. There are a few pool shock solutions that offer a quick-dissolving rate. Hence, you need to be careful while choosing.

What is the best PH level you should maintain after the pool shock?

There are two conditions you can face due to the change in the PH levels in the pool. Either it will become salty, which will lead to corrosion, or it will become highly acidic, which can lead to skin irritation. Hence, we recommend you select a pool shock that can maintain the PH between 7.2 to 7.6. If a pool shock is not offering PH balance, then it might not be the right choice for you.

Choose the best pool shock chemicals and ingredients

There are two categories of pool shock, granular and liquid. Though both shocks are valid, a granular shock is considered a little more practical than the liquid ones. It is also observed that the granular ones are easier to store. Go for the high-quality ones to make your purchase worthwhile.

Does the best pool shock need to be stabilized?

Many people are unaware of the fact that stabilized shock is far better than unstabilized ones. Hence, it is recommended to select the shocks that have stabilized chlorine levels.

Is the best pool shock affordable?

This is a misconception that the best pool shock costs more. Many companies in the market are offering high-quality shock at affordable prices. Hence, it is recommended to focus on the best pool shock that falls within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are chlorine and shock the same thing?

No, these two are not the same thing. They have a vast difference between them. Chlorine is generally used to treat water and clear impurities. Especially the pollutants like bacteria and algae that can cause skin irritation. Hence, chlorine is like a purifier for your pool.

On the other hand, when you shock your pool, you suddenly increase the content of chlorine in it. It also helps to maintain the PH balance and disinfect if it has calcium hypochlorite as an ingredient. There are shocks on the market that can even reduce the odor of chlorine in the pool. Hence, the shock has diverse effects and uses, while chlorine is explicitly used to treat impurities.

Is HTH pool shock pleasant?

The answer to this question depends on your requirements. Are you looking for a shock that needs to be added once a week? Then, yes, HTH pool shock is a great deal. They are the high-intensity versions of the regular shocks and super effective against algae and bacteria. However, you have to be extremely careful with this shock. If overused in the pool, it can lead to damage to the pool. Therefore, if you are planning to use it, follow the instructions exactly.

What is the difference between shock and super shock?

The primary difference between the two is concentration. Regular shocks contain 68% calcium hypochlorite, which makes them moderately effective against algae and bacteria. However, super shock contains more than 73% calcium hypochlorite. Hence, they are more efficient in killing bacteria and algae. Another difference is stability; shocks are unstable. Thus, they require more time to react in the pool. However, a super shock is stable, which leads to a faster reaction against algae and bacteria.

Despite these, a super shock can damage your pool, if not used with precautions.

What is the best shock to use in my pool?

There are three categories of shock. Cal-Hypo, Sodium-Di Chlor, and Pottasium Mono. Though each of these has its own merits and demerits. However, through our research and experience, we came to know that the Calcium-Hypo shocks are the most effective ones. They have the perfect chemical properties to eliminate impurities like bacteria and algae. Hence, Cal-Hypo is the best pool shock choice. They have the least side-effects when overused and the most benefits.

Best Pool Shock Summary

These products were chosen based on their quality in practical life, affordability, and ease of storage. We agree that there are many products on the market, and we might have missed some, but these are surely the most competent shock options.

To make things simple for you, we have selected the top three shock choices to form our list. Our best shock pick is the “Drytech Chlorinating.” This offers features like maintaining PH, hardness, and alkalinity. All this, while the shock gives crystal clear water.

The second shock is “Swim Chlorine pool shock.” This has a great hardness maintaining feature, while it treats the water. It is also one of the few shocks that can be used daily. The third best shock is “CLOROX Pool shock.” This one is an effective shock if you are looking for a quick-reacting shock. You just have to pour it and wait for 15- 20 minutes, and you get a well-treated pool.

Now, you have all the knowledge required to make sure that you select the perfect shock for you. We wish you luck!