Best Solar Pool Cover-In & Above Ground Swimming Pool Reviews [Updated for 2020]

Maintaining a swimming pool is a challenging job.

There are hundreds of things and tests you have to do in a swimming pool to keep it healthy.

Have you ever wondered why it is necessary to maintain a swimming pool?

First of all, maintaining a swimming pool balances the water chemistry, which prevents itchy skin.

Moreover, it prevents the growth of algae and other harmful bacteria, which can lead to an allergy.

One of the main reasons for algae in the swimming pool is organic debris, as it acts as food for bacteria.

There are numerous ways to deal with debris in the pool like using a skimmer basket and pool cover.

Do you want warmer pool water than the normal temperature?

This is important, especially on cold days.

You may be looking for a pool cover that can protect the pool from the debris and help with heat retention in the pool water.

Solar pool covers are the perfect equipment to help with heat retention.

They effectively increase the temperature of the pool, as solar pool covers absorb solar energy from sunlight.

Solar pool covers also protect the pool water from almost every kind of debris.

The best solar pool covers are also effective in helping to reduce evaporation and they retain heat within the pool.

Moreover, solar pool covers also reduce the evaporation of chemicals from the pool, which leads to an imbalance in water chemistry.

Overall, solar pool covers are a great way to maintain the pool effectively without much effort.

In this blog, we will discuss the top solar pool covers on the market.

We will also discuss the things that you must look for in a solar pool cover.

Have some questions?

No worries, we will also answer the most common questions related to solar pool covers too.

Best Solar Pool Cover

#1. INTEX Solar Pool Cover

Best solar pool cover-INTEX Solar Pool Cover

Features of the product

  • For circular pools
  • Effective against water loss
  • Will keep your pool water warm

Do you have a circular shaped pool?

In that case, you must go to this solar pool cover?

This solar pool cover has been specifically designed for circular in-ground and above ground pools.

It offers a high efficiency of 95% to help reduce evaporation due to heat.

It also consists of drain holes, which removes excess water in case of heavy rain.

The solar pool cover has highly effective in absorbing UV rays, which will keep your pool temperature nice and warm.

Can the solar cover be installed in any swimming pool?

Unfortunately, no!

This solar pool cover is designed for pools only up to 12 ft in diameter.

So if you have a swimming pool with a diameter large than that, then you must not choose this product.

It comes in only one color, which is dark blue.

The solar pool cover is easy to install, but removing it can be challenging without a reel.


  • 95% efficiency
  • Easy to install
  • Maintains the temperature efficiently


  • Barely lasts a season

#2. INTEX Solar Pool Cover

Best Solar Pool Cover-INTEX Solar Pool Cover

Features of the product

Maybe you have a large circular swimming pool.

In that case, you must choose this solar pool cover.

This cover for pools can be installed in any circular inground or above ground pool.

However, you cannot install it in pools with a diameter larger than 18 feet.

Thus, if the diameter is less than 18 feet, then you may buy this product.

It offers 95% efficiency to reduce the evaporation of water.

Thus, evaporation is almost negligible.

This cover keeps the temperature of the water warm efficiently.

It is also easy to install compared to other pool covers on the market.

However, we recommend you to buy a reel to reduce the effort by a huge margin.

Moreover, if you are looking for a highly durable cover, then you must not go for this product.

It has been observed that the cover barely lasts a season, or at max two.


  • Highly effective
  • Maintains the water temperature
  • Easy to install


  • Not durable

#3. INTEX SOLAR Cover Diameter Frame

Best Solar Pool Cover-INTEX SOLAR Cover Diameter Frame

Features of the product

  • For medium pools
  • Carry bag
  • Easy to install

This cover is ideal for medium-sized swimming pools.

Usually, solar pool covers are designed for either large pools or small pools.

However, this product has been specifically designed for medium-sized pools.

It can be installed in pools of diameter up to 9.5 feet.

The cover also comes with a reusable carry bag, which makes it highly portable.

It offers you a high efficiency of 95% against heat loss, which is relatively high as compared to other products in the market.

Maybe you want a hot tub experience in your swimming pool.

One way is to install a heating kit, which can be costly in terms of electricity bills and maintenance.

However, by installing one of the best solar pool covers, you can retain heat in the swimming pool without any cost.

This solar cover absorbs the heat effectively and offers you a similar experience to using a hot tub.

Irrespective of these merits, the cover lasts at max three seasons, when maintained properly.


  • Easy installation
  • High efficiency
  • Retains the heat well


  • Only lasts two or three seasons

#4. INTEX 15 ft Solar Cover Diameter Frame

Best Solar Pool Cover-INTEX 15 ft Solar Cover Diameter Frame

Features of the product

  • Effective light-converging
  • Dark-colored
  • Simple installation

Have you measured your circular pool?

Is the diameter 15 ft or less?

This cover has been specifically designed for swimming pools smaller than 15 ft in diameter.

It has a highly effective light-converging property to focus the UV rays, which leads to the proper maintenance of the temperature.

This swimming pool solar cover also consists of drain holes, which remove the excess water due to heavy rain.

The cover also prevents water evaporation by 95%.

This also prevents the loss of chemicals, which is a major reason for the imbalance in water chemistry.

You also do not have to worry about the debris in the pool, as the cover provides complete protection against debris.

Overall, this cover offers you almost all of the features you can get in any of the best solar pool covers.

Irrespective of that, the cover needs proper care for high durability.


  • Drain holes for excess water
  • Prevents chemical loss
  • Maintains pool temperature
  • Effective against heat loss


  • Requires a lot of maintenance

#5. Sun2Solar Blue Wave Pool Solar Cover

Best Solar Pool Cover-Sun2Solar Blue Wave Pool Solar Cover

Features of the product

  • Effective sunlight absorber
  • Effective against heat loss
  • Compact design

Have you decided to swim early in the morning?

Well, if it is your first time, then you must know that the temperature of the water is extremely low early in the morning.


It is because of the low temperature at night.

Thus, you surely want to swim in hot water in the morning.

This Sun2Solar Blue Wave solar blankets have been specifically designed to increase the temperature of the water.

Sun2Solar Blue Wave solar blankets have thousands of air bubbles on them, and these air bubbles lead to effective converging of sunlight.

So the pool remains warm even after a chilly night.

This swimming pool solar blanket also prevents heat loss by 95% percent, which is relatively high compared to liquid covers or other pool covers.

Moreover, Sun2Solar Blue Wave solar blankets protect pools from unnecessary debris, which leads to the growth of algae in the water.


  • Wonderful design
  • Effective at heating water
  • Easy to use


  • Cannot prevent chemical loss

#6. Sun2Solar Rectangular Solar Cover

Best Solar Pool Cover-Sun2Solar Rectangular Solar Cover

Features of the product

  • For above and inground pools
  • Easy to install
  • Highly effective

Do you need a rectangular swimming pool cover?

If yes, then you must surely go for this product.

You can install this solar cover on pool/spa installations up to 18×24 ft.

This cover offers one of the most effective heating features.

You do not have to worry about the temperature of the water.

Moreover, you can install this cover in the above-ground and inground pools.

The cover offers 95% efficiency against water evaporation due to heat.

There are even chances that you have a pool smaller than 18×24.

In that case, you can easily trim the cover as per the dimensions required.

Irrespective of that, the cover does not prevent chemical loss from the water.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Effective pool heater


  • Does not stop chemical loss

#7. INTEX Aluminum Base Pool Cover Solar

Best Solar Pool Cover-INTEX Aluminum Base Pool Cover Solar

Features of the product

  • In-built reel
  • Easy to use
  • Highly effective

Are you looking for a solar cover which is easy to use?

In that case, you must surely try this cover.

It comes with an in-built reel, which makes it easy for you to remove and install the product in the pool.

Moreover, it offers high efficiency against water loss due to heat.

It is also partially effective against chemical loss.

So the chances of growth of algae are relatively less compared to other products on the market.

However, this product is not recommended if you are looking for an alternative for a pool heater.

Unlike the best solar pool covers, this product does not effectively converge sunlight.


  • Effective against heat loss
  • Easy installation
  • Highly durable


  • Not effective as a pool heater

Solar pool cover reviews – Buying Guide

Solar covers for inground pool – Dimensions

Believe us, you surely do not want to install multiple covers in the pool.


Well, that increases the installation and removal time by a huge margin.

Moreover, it reduces efficiency and makes it difficult to maintain the covers.

We would recommend you measure the pool’s dimensions before buying a cover.

You need to make sure that the dimensions of the cover match the pool’s dimensions.

This will make it a lot easier for you to use the solar cover and will increase the overall efficiency.

It has been observed that pools with multiple solar covers can stop heat loss up to 50 to 60 percent at max.

With the perfect dimensions, it’s possible to stop up to 90 percent of heat loss from the swimming pool.

Best pool solar cover thickness

You may wonder why the thickness of the solar cover is important.

It is because the thickness of the solar cover determines the efficiency to prevent heat loss.

At present, there are solar covers with various thicknesses.

However, we would recommend you to choose a solar cover of a thickness of 10 mm approximately.

Let us say that you choose a thin solar cover.

What can happen in that scenario?

First of all, the overall efficiency of the product will be low and the solar cover will surely not meet your expectations.

Secondly, such a solar cover will have low durability compared to others.

They are most likely going to get burnt on a sunny day.

Swimming pool solar covers color 

Usually, choosing a product based on its color is considered optional.

However, in the case of choosing the best solar pool covers, the situation is completely different.

The efficiency of the solar cover depends a lot on the color you choose.

Before that, you must know that the main objective of solar covers is to absorb light.

Which color do you think absorbs the most light?

Yes, a dark color.

You must always choose dark-colored solar covers for efficiency.

We would recommend you to go for the dark blue solar covers on the market.

Inground pool solar covers shape

What is the shape of the swimming pool you have?

Is it rectangular?

Is it square?

Is it circular?

Or any other shape?

You must also install a pool cover of a similar shape as that of the pool.

Let us say that you have a circular pool, then you must install a circular solar cover.

Why should you do that?

It is because that ensures proper coverage of the pool.

You do not have to worry about cutting the cover if it is bigger than the pool.

The correct size leads to the high efficiency of solar covers.

Solar cover for inground pool brands

Do you know why most people prefer to choose products by a brand?

Yes, it is because these brands have a reputation for offering high-quality products.

Moreover, products by brands like Blue Wave are highly efficient and durable in the long run.

This is even applicable to other products in the market.

That is why we recommend you to always choose a product from a reputable brand in the market.

You need to go through the reviews of the product before buying it.

By doing so, you will be able to know the pros and cons of the product.

Thus, you will know whether or not the product will meet your expectations.

Swimming pools/best solar pool cover – Frequently Asked Questions

Do solar pool covers work?

If you are wondering whether or not solar pool covers are effective compared to other products, then you need to stop worrying.

The best solar covers are the most effective products on the market.


Well, the best solar covers offer multiple advantages.

Usually, you need a skimmer basket, pool heater, pool cover, and many other products to keep the debris away and heat the pool.

Having so many pieces of equipment leads to an increase in the effort needed for maintenance!

However, installing the best solar cover offers you all these advantages in the same product.

It protects the pool from debris, increases the temperature of the water, reduce evaporation, and prevents heat loss.

In conclusion, yes, the best solar covers work well in swimming pools.

What color solar pool cover is best?

You should always buy dark-colored solar covers.


Well, it is because they absorb heat more effectively compared to light-colored covers.

Is there scientific proof for this?

Yes, you will find scientific research that shows colors like black absorb light efficiently.

We would recommend you to go for the dark blue colored solar covers.

Do the air bubbles go up or down on a solar pool cover?

You must always install the best solar pool cover downwards.


First of all, by doing so, you can prevent damage to the cover due to the sunlight.

Secondly, this leads to better efficiency in heating the water.

Solar covers converge light, when they are downwards, while they diverge the light when upwards.

What is the best thickness for the best solar pool cover?

The thickness of the solar cover is one of the most important factors for the perfect cover.

It determines the durability of the cover and whether or not the solar cover will be effective in the pool.

In general, we would recommend you to choose a pool cover with a thickness of 10mm.

You can also read more about the thickness of covers in the buying guide.

Best solar pool cover – Conclusion

These products were chosen based on our intense research and experience with solar covers.

In case, the products don’t meet your expectation, then you can follow the buying guide.

To simplify your search further, here are the top three products on our list.

The first product is the ‘INTEX Solar Cover Diameter.’

This product can be used in circular pools of diameter up to 12 ft.

The second product on our list is the ‘INTEX Pool solar cover.’

This product offers up to 95% efficiency against heat loss.

The third best product on our list is the ‘INTEX Cover Diameter Frame.’

It comes with a carrying bag, which makes it highly portable.