Best Spa Vacuum Reviews – Buy a Cordless Cleaner! (2021)

With current environmental issues, the value of clean water has increased.  Thus, cleaning a hot tub or a pool of dirt and debris has become a crucial thing for being eco-friendly. If you consider the amount of water wasted each time you empty the hot tub, the realization of the waste comes on its own. However, cleaning a hot tub does not mean you have to waste the water and empty the water each time.

Innovative solutions that people have come up with to help with this issue include the hot tub vacuum cleaner. They are designed to help us in keeping our tubs clean and clear of dirt and debris. It can be a bothersome chore if you do not have the right tools, so choosing a functional and effective vacuum cleaner is essential. The issue lies in selecting the best hot tub vacuum which allows you to get rid of dirt and debris with the least effort in the shortest amount of time.

This article presents a comprehensive list of hot tub vacuum cleaners to help you with making the right decision. We have prepared a top 5 list of hot tub vacuum cleaners to ease your burden when choosing yours. It contains all the necessary information you need to consider, such as features, pros and cons, and our review.

Best spa vacuum

#1. Best overall: Aura 6250 Paradise Power Hot Tub Vacuum

Best spa vacuum-Aura 6250 Paradise Power Hot Tub Vacuum


  • Extended reach 7-foot pole
  • Siphon based suction
  • Not powered with electricity
  • No batteries required

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

Extra features: Cleans small dirt and debris, coins, sand, rocks, and other things that filters cannot. It does not require pumping or water hook-ups.

The top of the list belongs to the Aura 6250. This bad boy is capable of cleaning everything that filters cannot pick up. Be it debris, pennies, sand, or anything else of those proportions, the Aura 6250 Paradise Power will never let you down. In a matter of a few minutes, you can completely rid your tub of anything that was not supposed to be there in the first place.

Having an extended reach with a 7-foot aluminum pole makes the tub cleaning a breeze. You can get the dirt from the entire surface of a tub without wasting any extra effort. The retractable pole enables the user to conveniently reach any corner of a tub efficiently.

The upside of having this hot tub vacuum cleaner is that it does not require a power source like batteries. Siphon based suction enables it to perform the pool cleaning as efficiently as any powered vacuums. It is worth mentioning that the Aura 6250 requires no pump or water hook-ups due to this. The tub vacuum is light and easy to use.

Overall, the simplicity and lightweight of the Aura makes it a perfect tub vacuum that every proud owner of a hot tub or pool should acquire. Not only is it efficient and easy to use, but also durable and built to last. Therefore, you will not regret your purchase because you will be getting great value for your investment.


  • User-friendly
  • Does not require batteries
  • Does not require pumping
  • Siphon suction technology
  • Without water hook-ups
  • 7-foot extendable pole


  • Not suitable for oversized tubs

#2. Best Rechargeable Spa Vacuum: Pool Blaster Water Tech Catfish Rechargeable

Best Rechargeable: Pool Blaster Water Tech Catfish Rechargeable


  • Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
  • 45-minutes run time
  • 1-year warranty
  • 7.5” Vacuum Head

Overall rating: 4.9 out of 5

Extra features: User-friendly, with additional all-purpose filter bag, disposable filter bags, 90-day add-on accessory warranty. The Pool Blaster can be used on pools, hot tubs, spas, and so on.

The Pool Blaster is the second-best hot tub vacuum cleaner on our list. It can be used on various pools, hot tubs, and spas. Having a cordless design allows the Blaster to be very comfortable to use and clean your tub water perfectly. It can also be attached to a standard telescopic pole for better reach in big tubs. Whether you are using your hands or a pole, operating it remains simple, and it cleans 33 gallons of water of debris per minute. With just a simple push of a button, your debris cleaning-spree can be started and finished.

Although the Pool Blaster is battery-powered, it is rechargeable and does not require you to change batteries after every use. Lithium-ion batteries can provide 45-minutes run-time power which is more than enough to clean debris from even big pools. The batteries can be recharged using a wall-charger included in the set.

Moreover, this battery-powered hot tub vacuum comes with a 7.5” soft-bristled brush vacuum head. Using this vacuum head will allow you to clean even the trickiest spots of dirt, sand, leaves, and a variety of other debris. On top of everything, this product is very easy to clean and operate due to the innovatively designed filtering system and simplicity. Thanks to all of this cleaning your tub will not require your sweat and tears and debris cleaning will be completed within a few minutes.


  • 45-minute operation time
  • Cordless
  • 1-year warranty
  • Additional 7.5” vacuum head
  • Lightweight


  • No pole included in the set
  • Batteries wear out after time

#3. Best Heavy Duty: Pool Blaster Max Cordless Rechargeable

Best Heavy Duty: Pool Blaster Max Cordless Rechargeable


  • User-friendly
  • Cordless structure
  • Runs up to 1 hour
  • Nose cone head for cleaning difficult spots
  • More effective cleaning due to a powerful motor design

Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5

Extra features: 1-year warranty, 10.5” vacuum head, can be attached to any telescopic pole, a multi-use feature that allows cleaning in-ground or above ground pools, hot tubs, spas, and more.

In this list of the best power spa vacuum cleaners, this model is perhaps the most powerful of them all. Power Blast engineers have been improving and upgrading their motor design since the year 2001. Therefore, when it comes to efficiency and speed this power spa vacuum cleaner is one of the best there is. While having a powerful motor it is still able to perform for about an hour thanks to the strong lithium-ion battery installed. The battery is rechargeable and can last for a long time. Hence it is a worthy investment for all hot tub and pool owners.

Equipped with a 10.5” vacuum head and its original long-nosed head it can reach and clean any surface. More importantly, with a large debris capture chamber, it can accommodate big quantities of waste. Besides, the strong suction combined with a large capture chamber enables the Pool Blaster Max to cover large areas and rid them of all small waste and debris that filters are unable to clean.

The Pool Blaster Max has redefined the process of tub cleaning in many ways, the major reasons being the efficiency and speed of its performance. Nonetheless, its lightweight and its comfortable design are just as crucial to the overall experience while using this beast. Pool, hot tub, and spa maintenance have never been easier.


  • Powerful motor design
  • High-speed suction
  • Boosted efficiency
  • Prolonged battery performance
  • Comfortable design
  • Cordless cleaning
  • Warranty


  • Not suitable for pond surfaces
  • Need for extra disposable bags

Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5

#4. Best Pond Use: Pool Supply Town Pool Spa Jacuzzi Pond Mini Jet Vac Vacuum Cleaner

Best Pond Use: Pool Supply Town Pool Spa Jacuzzi Pond Mini Jet Vac Vacuum Cleaner


  • Venturi Effect Cleaning
  • Special Brush to clean the surfaces
  • 4 piece pole
  • Filter Bag
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used for hot tubs, and ponds

Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5

Extra Features: The Jet Vac can be used with a hose and employs venturi effect cleaning. It’s easy to operate and clean after use. No electrical power is required.

This wonderful piece made by “Pool Supply Town” is a perfect addition to your household equipment. It makes the chore of cleaning debris from your pool water, hot tub, or pond feel like a walk in the park. Since keeping your hot tub ready to use is essential, it is inevitable to do regular cleaning. Thus, owning this vacuum cleaner will be the best choice in achieving that goal.

Pool Supply Town’s Vacuum cleaner comes with all the essential parts, such as the brush, 4 piece pole, and a bag. It can be connected to a regular garden hose and operated with ease. Once assembled it takes little to no effort to clean the water of any debris, and most of all it will become an activity you are willing to do any day.

This vacuum cleaner may be a little complicated to assemble for first-timers, but it will get easier once you get the hang of it. The good thing about it is that no bag replacements are required since the bag in the set is reusable. Another piece of good news, especially safety-wise, is that this particular vacuum cleaner does not need batteries or electrical power. Hence, if electrical cleaners are not what you need, the Pool Supply Town Jet-Vac will be a great alternative.


  • Gets the job done flawlessly
  • Has a pole and brush
  • Can be used with a regular hose
  • Great reach
  • No batteries or electricity needed


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Requires a hose

#5. Best for Spa Vacuum Home Use: Water Tech Pool Blaster Aqua Broom

Best for Home Use: Water Tech Pool Blaster Aqua Broom


  • Perfect for kiddie pools and hot tubs
  • 3 hours of runtime
  • Portable
  • Can be used with a standard telescopic pole
  • Gorgeous design

Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5

Extra features: 5 D-cell battery-powered, longer runtime, deep cleaning technology, includes pole adapter, all-purpose filter bag, micro-filter bags, and a warranty.

Last but not least, the Aqua broom is our number 5 pick on this list which has great debris cleaning performance that will leave you satisfied. This battery-powered broom might be one of the easiest to operate and it gets the job done perfectly. Whether you use it by hand or attach it to a pole is entirely up to you. Its twist-switch design is suitable for any situation and any user.

Another wonderful thing about the Aqua broom is its super lightweight structure since it weighs only 2.8 pounds. The comprehensive user manual will leave no questions unanswered. Thus, even a child can freely use this vacuum cleaner, (not that we encourage child-labor or anything). The batteries allow this vacuum cleaner to run up to 3 hours, so no matter how much water you need to clean, it will complete the task and leave sparkling clean water free of debris at the bottom.

The Water Tech warranty is another bonus that consumers get when purchasing the Aqua Broom. The 1-year electronic related components warranty covers the owners for most unexpected situations that may occur. The replacement of defective parts or getting maintenance is a great safety measure. Having a warranty and peace of mind will ensure that consumers have a pleasant experience with this product.


  • Portable size
  • Long runtime
  • Warranty
  • High performance
  • Better gliding
  • Lightweight


  • Not rechargeable
  • Lower suction power

Overall rating: 4.4 out of 5

Spa vacuum reviews – Buying Guide

If you have decided to purchase a hot tub vacuum cleaner but have no idea how to go about it then this section might be of assistance to you. It will discuss the essential features you need to look for in selecting the right product.

Benefits of having a spa cleaner vacuum

The hot tub vacuum cleaner is the equipment necessary for keeping your tub squeaky-clean. It saves you the trouble of emptying your tub and cleaning the whole thing each time there is some debris or dirt. A hot tub vacuum gives you the satisfaction of enjoying your clean hot tub on any day.

Features to consider while selecting the best spa vacuum cleaner

Spa vacuum cleaner – cordless

If you are looking to purchase a vacuum cleaner for a hot tub, more often than not you will need a cordless vacuum cleaner. First of all, cordless vacuums are easier to use and will be perfect for regular size hot tubs. Second, cordless vacuums are not as costly and difficult to maintain.

Vacuum spa suction power

This feature might be the most important to consider since to collect heavier debris a vacuum cleaner has to pack enough power. Another factor that has a direct link to the vacuum’s power is the size of the tub. The bigger the tub the higher the power required to effectively clean it.

Best spa vacuum size

The size of the tub vacuum needs consideration for several reasons. To begin with, it has to be comfortable to use so lightweight vacuums take higher preference. Ultimately, smaller sized vacuum cleaners are easy to store and transport.

Spa vacuum reviews – add ons

Lastly, it is important to consider the additional attachments that come with the hot tub cleaner. It is better to have a vacuum with different sets of vacuum heads of different sizes to clean hard-to-reach areas of the tub. Moreover, having spare batteries, filters, and waste bags is a plus. Finally, purchasing a vacuum cleaner that has a pole in the set will save you the trouble of searching for it on your own.

Spa vacuum reviews – FAQs

How do you vacuum a hot tub?

Get your vacuum cleaner, insert it into your hot tub, start operating the vacuum while directing it over the debris, and waste that you want to remove. Carefully glide the head of the vacuum cleaner over the surface of your tub until it is clean.

Why does my pool vacuum lose suction?

Pool vacuums may lose suction due to several reasons. Firstly, if your vacuum is battery powered it may be that the batteries need to be replaced or recharged. Secondly, overfilled waste chambers or waste bags may cause a loss of suction power. Lastly, there may be several malfunctions in the motor of your vacuum.

Spa vacuums – The Verdict

Selecting a hot tub vacuum can be time-consuming and difficult but the long-lasting satisfaction of getting the right one is worth it. From our review, we can conclude that the best all-round vacuum is the Aura 6250. It requires no power source, has almost no restrictions when it comes to the size of a tub, and is effective without a doubt.

The best among rechargeable is the POOL BLASTER Water Tech Catfish Rechargeable which has no downside. Its performance and design are both top-notch and have received positive acclaim. Finally, the power-wise Pool Blaster Max takes the pedestal thanks to its amazing motor that has been improving for more than a dozen years. We did our best to help select the best hot tub vacuum but you will have to make the decision yourself.