A cloudy swimming pool can very easily turn the most elegant and beautiful backyard attraction into an unusable eyesore.   From crystal clear water to milky cloudiness that tempts you to pour some cereal in, a clouded pool is a bane to every pool owner. Swimming in the pool is rather fun and easy, but maintaining it is another story altogether....
A very own personal swimming pool is perhaps one of the very best features a home can ask for. May it be an outdoor pool or indoor, inground or above ground, the benefits of any swimming pool are limitless. From being a place to de-stress to providing a fun family time to improving your home’s aesthetic appeal, a swimming pool can...
One of the most important factors while maintaining your pool is to keep a check at the swimming pool temperature. While it may seem like a trivial and secondary task, the wrong pool temperature can lead to severe consequences for your health. On the other hand, maintaining the pool water temperature at just the right levels according to your...

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