Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping-Causes & How To Find Why It Tripped Immediately (2021)

The Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) is the perfect example of modern electrical safety at home.

In the present era, you will find them in every house.

Moreover, most of the states have made it mandatory to have these circuit breakers in houses.

However, nothing in this world is perfect.

There are some issues that you might face with circuit breakers.

One of them is when the circuit breaker trips constantly.

Various reasons can lead to circuit breaker trips.

In this blog, we have tried to explore the main reasons behind circuit breaker tripping scenarios.

We will also discuss some effective solutions to prevent a tripper switch from being activated.

Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

What to do when the breaker keeps tripping

What is a Miniature Circuit Breaker?

It is a safety device that you will see in most homes in the present era.

The basic principle of this device is similar to fuses for electrical box installations.

Do you know the working of a fuse?

Do not worry.

Let us start with it first.

Imagine that there is an excess electricity supply to your home.

The voltage is higher compared to the standard.

This will damage the circuits in your home permanently.

There are instances where it can even lead to a fire in the house.

Therefore, to prevent this, a fuse is installed.

A fuse contains a thin wire in a hollow transparent container with metal caps on the ends.

Whenever the electricity is more than the safety limit, the fuse wire gets overheated and the hot wire eventually breaks and interrupts the circuit.

Thus, the supply of electricity is stopped before it can damage anything.

Once the fuse has broken because of an overloaded circuit, you will have to replace it with a new one.

The working of Miniature Circuit Breaker is similar.

You just do not have to replace it every time, there is an overloaded circuit.

In this device, the switch gets turned OFF in case of an overloaded circuit.

Therefore, you just have to turn it ON again, to re-start the electricity supply.

Why does my breaker keep tripping immediately?

There are three basic reasons why a breaker might keep tripping.

Let us discuss them one by one.

The first reason is an overload in the circuit.

As mentioned earlier, the circuit breaker trips whenever excess electricity passes through it.

Thus, if you are using a large number of appliances at the same time, then circuit breakers will trip.

Yes, it can also happen due to the high electricity supply from the power station.

However, there is little possibility of that happening.

The second reason can be a ground fault or short circuit in the wiring.

What is a ground fault circuit breaker that keeps tripping?

A ground fault or short circuit is a condition when the live and neutral wires touch each other.

A ground fault or short breaker activation is serious and the breaker keeps tripping until the problem is solved.

You can easily identify the live or neutral wire by the color code.

Live is usually red in color.

Whereas, the neutral wire has a black color.

You must check all the wiring to make sure that there is no short circuit.

The third reason can be a faulty ground wire.

This is a condition when one of the wires of the system touches the ground.

Due to this, there is an excess supply of electricity.


Well, the ground has an unlimited capacity to absorb electricity.

Thus, the supply increases.

To avoid this the MCB will activate a circuit break or interrupt the supply.

In the upcoming sections, we will discuss a few effective solutions to this problem.

Techniques/Tips to Improve When the Breaker Keeps Tripping

Solutions when the circuit breaker keeps tripping

Have you ever wondered how you can stop it from activating?

Well, here are a few effective solutions.

In case of overloading in the circuit, you need to reduce the number of appliances you use.

You must also make sure that you let the hot wire breaker cool down before using it.

Let us say that the breaker is tripping due to short circuits.

In that case, you will have to check the complete wiring circuit of the house.

Make sure that there are no short circuits.

The last case can be a faulty ground wire.

This usually happens in bathrooms.

However, you must make sure that no live wires are touching the ground in the house.

If it is, then you must immediately remove it and insulate it with electrical tape.

Correcting common breaker tripping problems

When the breaker keeps tripping, does it mean that it is broken?

Let us say that the MCB trips even after you checked for the things discussed.

In that case, there are high chances that it has broken.

You must immediately replace it with a new one.

There are even chances of the burning of the breaker.

Frequently Asked Questions For Tripped Circuit Breaker

What is a circuit breaker?

It is a safety device that prevents the excess flow of electricity in the house.

Circuit breakers interrupt the supply whenever it is in excess.

It is also known as a Miniature Circuit Breaker

How to find out what is tripping my circuit breaker?

As mentioned earlier, there are three basic reasons behind this.

To identify the real reason, you will have to check each one of the three in the system.

Make sure that you follow the sequence as discussed.

Therefore, you will have to start with the overloading of the system, then check for a short circuit, and so on.

How does a circuit breaker work?

As a beginner, you must know that the basic principle is similar to an electric fuse.

However, if you want to know more about their working in detail, then you will have to go through other sources available on the internet.

What does a circuit breaker do?

It protects the appliances of your home from excess electricity.

Thus, it works as a barrier to the electrical system at home.

Whenever the electricity is more than the capacity of the circuit, it stops the flow.

Best practices when breaker keeps tripping

  • Choose reputable breakers on the market
  • Always insulate naked wires with electrical tape
  • Inspect the MCB once a month
  • In case of damage, replace it, do not repair it.
  • Make sure that the wires are connected properly to the MCB
  • Do not let children touch electrical cables or circuit breakers
  • Wear an insulator on your feet, like rubber sandals

Tools you can use when circuit breaker tripped

  • Circuit tester
  • Ground fault tester
  • Electrical tape
  • Extra breaker
  • Torch
  • Screwdriver