Best Way How To Drain A Hot Tub – What to Clean? (2021)

Having a bath in a clean hot tub is surely relaxing.

Most people prefer a hot tub over a pool as they are easy to maintain and more effective.

However, do you know that the effectiveness of the pool completely depends on the quality of water?

Yes, by the quality of water, we mean that it should be free from any bacteria or algae.

It also should be at the perfect temperature.

The growth of bacteria in a tub is more common compared to pools.


Well, a hot tub is usually at the perfect temperature for the growth of bacteria.

Therefore, it is better to drain and cleanse the hot tub regularly.

Yes, you cannot afford to do these steps with pools as they require a considerable amount of water.

Now, you know that you must drain and clean the water regularly.

However, this task can be challenging.


Well, if you do not clean the water in your hot tub properly, then the bacteria will grow back in no time.

There are even instances where bacteria grow at a faster pace after cleaning the water and hot tub.

Thus, you must know the correct method of cleaning your hot tub.

Don’t worry.

We’ve got your back.

Here are some important tips for cleaning your hot tub.

How to drain a hot tub – Basics

First, we will talk about the basics that everyone must know to keep a clean hot tub.

After that, we will discuss additional tips that will improve the durability of your hot tub.

Clean hot tub lines

Clean hot tub lines

This is an important step to prevent contamination of the water and hot tub.

It is highly recommended to clean the flushing lines before draining the water from the hot tub.

Ensure that they are properly cleaned, as even a small part of bacteria can re-grow.

After cleaning a hot tub turn the power off

After flushing the water lines, it is important to turn the power off.

Of course, you don’t want to get an electric shock.

Ensure that the wires are unplugged, and far away from water.

This will prevent the grounding of the current.

Hot Tub Draining

The next step is to drain the hot tub shell.

The process completely depends on the model of your hot tub.

Each hot tub manufacturer offers a different method of drainage.

Therefore, it is recommended to follow the manual of your hot tub model.

If you observe some particles in the hot tub after draining, then it is better to rinse the hot tub shell again with cleaner.

Fill the hot tub up to your ankles, and re-drain the water.

Applicant and cleaning a hottub

Ensure that the hot tub is drained properly.

After this, the most important step comes into play.

You need to apply some hot tub cleaner on the surface of the hot tub.

There are various types of hot tub cleaner on the market.

They usually come in solid and liquid form.

You can choose any one of them.

You need to wait for a few minutes after applying the cleaner.

Now, start scrubbing the tub and the tub cover.

Ensure that your tub is not prone to scratching.

There are some tubs on the market, which get scratches after scrubbing.

Try to ensure that you scrub all parts.

It is also better to scrub an area more than twice.

You can even go for chlorination to help keep the tub clean.

You can apply a paste of chlorine or even baking soda on the tub and leave it for five minutes before scrubbing.

Re-fill the clean hot tub after draining

Use a garden hose to fill the tub up to half of its capacity.

Again, scrub the surfaces of the tub.

Ensure that you scrub the upper surface too.

Now, drain and clean hot tub again.

Do this step until the surface does not have any cleaner left on it.

Clean hot tub filter frequently

Filters are an essential part of a hot tub.

They are always operating as they maintain the water in the hot tub clean.

However, the filter requires the most maintenance to keep a clean tub.

Thus, you need to clean them with clean water more frequently than the tub.

Make sure that you take out the filter gently.

Some filters are fixed by nuts and bolts.

Unscrew them before taking out the filter.

Now, try to spray some water over the filter using a garden hose.

This will remove the upper layer of the dust or bacteria.

While spraying with water, you can scrub the filter with a brush.

Ensure that you are scrubbing it gently as the filter is fragile.

Keep doing this till you don’t see the dust or bacteria anymore.

Now, prepare a tub of water with chlorine in it.

Of course, you can mix other cleaners too, like baking soda, but chlorine is a better alternative.

Soak the filter in the tub for half an hour.

Take the filter out and spray it with water again while scrubbing.

This time, soak the filter in hot water, but for ten minutes.

This will remove the remaining cleaner from the filter.

The next step is to clean your filter in a dishwasher.

This will do the final step of cleaning.

After these steps, you can finally re-install the filter in the hot tub.

It is highly recommended to be cautious while installing the filter.

Any missing bolt or screw can damage your hot tub permanently.

Re-check that the hot tub drainage was successful

Before turning on the hot tub, it is recommended to check every part of the tub again.

Ensure that everything is in its correct position, and properly cleaned.

Techniques /Tips to Improve hot tub drainage

Now, you know the basic tips to keep the bacteria away.

However, we are sure that you want to get rid of frequent cleaning.

Yes, sometimes, keeping your hot tub spotless can be a headache.

There are some models on the market that require cleaning almost every week.

Don’t worry.

We gathered some tips from our experience, knowledge, and research for easier tub maintenance.

Sanitization and cleaning a hottub

This step will prevent the growth of any kind of bacteria or algae and keep your hot tub clean.

Try to select the best sanitizers on the market.

You can easily get the best sanitizer based on the following factors.

  • Brand: The brand of the sanitizer should be reputable in the market.
  • State: Usually, there are two states of sanitizer on the market, i.e. liquid and powder. You can choose any one of them.

They are both effective as well as easy to use.

  • Budget: Keep the budget in mind.

Most people tend to select costly sanitizers.

However, that is not beneficial in the long run.

You need to remember that the cost has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the sanitizer.

Feel free to select sanitizers that are within your budget.

Make sure that you sanitize the hot tub once a week.

It is also recommended to leave the tub unstirred for an hour after mixing the sanitizer.

This step will prevent frequent cleaning of the tub.

Thus, you will have to clean the tub only once a month.

Cover the hottub

Most people usually do not believe in this step.

However, we did intense research and found that this is surely a beneficial step.

Try using a tub cover after using it.

There are various things on the market with which you can cover your hot tub.

Some people prefer to cover it with a thick cloth, while others prefer to cover it with a wooden frame.

Which should you select?

Well, if you are planning to do this for a long period, then it is recommended to go for a wooden frame.

They are sturdy and easy to use, as they are made specifically for this task.

However, if you are looking for a cover for a short term, then go for the cloth one.

Check the hot tub filter more often than you clean the hottub

A hot tub is sturdy as well as sensitive at the same time.

If you maintain it properly, then you can keep it clean for up to a decade.

However, if you fail to maintain it, it can break down within months.

One crucial part of the maintenance is the filter.

The filter serves an important role in keeping your hot tub spotless by ensuring only clean water enters it.

Thus, you need to ensure that the filter is working properly.

It is highly recommended to check the filter every week.


Well, if your filter is damaged, and you use it irrespective of that, then the whole system can be damaged permanently.

While you check the filter, make sure that it is working properly and is clean.

If it is not, then you need to follow the steps already discussed to clean it.

Correcting common problems when draining a hot tub

In this section, we will discuss the most commonly faced problems and the most common questions regarding hot water tubs.

What are the substances you can use to clean the tub?

There are various substances in the market through which you can clean the tub.

However, the substances we are about to mention are the most effective ones.

  • Detergent: These are the most classic substances to clean your tub.

They are usually used to remove dirt or oil.

However, effectiveness reduces with hard stains.

  • Acids: A strong alternative to detergents.

They are highly effective against stains from hard water.

However, they can damage the material of the tub.

Therefore, it is recommended to go for high PH acids or diluted versions.

  • Sanitizers: The harshest cleaning chemicals at present in the industry.

They can clean all types of stains and specks of dirt.

They are even effective against bacteria and algae.

Ensure that you use them according to the instructions, as over usage can damage the tub.

How do you clean a hot tub with vinegar?

Vinegar or acetic acid is the most acidic substance available to the general public.

It has great cleaning properties and is used for many other purposes, like cooking.

However, you cannot use any vinegar for cleaning your hot tub, so which vinegar should you select?

Well, it depends on the pH of the vinegar.

Usually, the pH of vinegar varies from 2 to 4.

Thus, it can be harmful to your skin.

So, always wear a pair of gloves while using it.

If you want the perfect vinegar for cleaning, then it is recommended to select one with a pH of 3 to 4.


If you use low PH vinegar, then it can damage your tub permanently.

Thus, ensure to select the right type of vinegar for cleaning.

Now that you know the perfect vinegar for cleaning, let us discuss the correct method to apply it to your tub.

  • Drain the tub properly.

You can see the method in the steps already discussed.

  • Add 50 percent vinegar to the water.

Therefore, put100 ml of water in a bottle, then add up to 50 ml of vinegar in it.

  • Repeat the above step for a bucket of solution.
  • Spray the solution all over the tub. Make sure that every corner is covered with the solution.
  • Let the solution settle and do its work.
  • You can spray the solution again if necessary. Make sure that you wait after spraying.
  • Scrub the tub with a brush or steel wool. Be gentle with the tub, or you may observe some scratches.
  • Spray fresh water on the tub, and scrub the solution on the surface. Drain the tub again.
  • Fill the tub with the solution in the bucket.
  • Let the solution settle for a bit.
  • Fill the tub with water using a garden hose, and then drain it.
  • Re-fill the tub with fresh water and drain it. (Do this step more than once)
  • You have finally cleaned the tub with vinegar.

How do you clean a hot tub without draining it?

You need to know that it is mandatory to change the water of the tub four to five times a year.

Thus, if you are planning to never change your water (which we hope you are not), then you should drop it immediately.

There are certain known methods that you can follow to maintain the water without draining it.

We have gathered the most effective ones.

  • The first way is to keep using the filter of the hot tub.

You can even go for a better alternative, i.e. filters with reverse osmosis.

However, if you are planning to rely on the filters, then you need to keep an eye on them too.

You need to make sure that the filters are cleaned regularly, and are treated in sanitized water or water with chlorine.

It is also recommended to scrub the filters with a brush once a week.

This will remove the unnecessary dust in the filters.

  • The second way is to sanitize the water frequently.

Yes, you can use other alternatives like acid or detergent instead of sanitizer too.

However, the basics remain the same.

It is highly recommended to add cleaning substances once a week in the tub.

Ensure that you leave the water unstirred for an hour after adding the cleaners.

How much does it cost to drain and clean a hot tub?

The answer to this question depends a lot on the method you choose to clean the hot water tub.

However, through our research, we came to know that normally, it costs a little over 500 dollars per year to clean your hot tub.

Of course, this may vary as per different factors.

Cost depends on the size of your tub, and the frequency of using it.

We have also included the cost of the filter in the estimate too.

How to drain a hot tub – Best Practices

We observed the professional tub cleaners in the world and found that they have some practices in common.

Here are a few practices worthy of mentioning.

  • Always turn the power off first
  • Ensure you drain the tub properly
  • Use the best quality cleaning solutions
  • Leave the tub for a while after applying the cleaner
  • Soak the filter in the cleaning solution for a while
  • Always rinse the tub as well as the filter with water after application of the cleaner
  • Clean the pipes with acid solutions
  • Use low acidic solutions for tubs as well as filters
  • Scrub the filter with a brush or steel wool
  • Always cover the tub after using it

Tools you can use to drain a hot tub

While cleaning the tub, you don’t know what may come in handy.

Therefore, we made a list of tools you must have before starting the cleaning process.

  • Gloves: These are useful to protect your skin from acidic solutions
  • Water pipe: It can be used to spray fresh water
  • Buckets: Can be used to store a solution or to soak the filter
  • Brush or steel wool: Can be used to scrub the tub or filter