How To Get Green Out of Hair – Fix Chlorine Effects For Blonde (2021)

Getting green hair once you get a splash in the pool is a disappointment when you expect to have fun.

Most people who choose to have green hair usually go for vibrant green colors and not the dark hue caused by diving into your pool.

More importantly, it is a season that you want to have fun and not worry about your hair turning green.

Now you may have heard that chlorine is the devil in this case.

However, that is not entirely true and this article, therefore, highlights the causes of green hair caused by pool water and how to prevent hair from turning green.

How to get green out of hair -Basics

It is a common belief that the chlorine in water is what makes hair turn green.

However, that is not entirely true because the greenness is a result of hard metals like copper in the water oxidizing and making your hair turn green.

Moreover, after oxidization, all hair changes color, it is just that blond hair is lighter, making the results more visible.

To make it easier to understand, take the example of old copper pennies that turn green over time.

Another example is how the statue of liberty changed to green after exposure to seawater and other elements.

It is the same process that happens when the oxidized copper particles stick to your hair, making it turn green.

Sources of copper in the pool

The first source of copper and other hard minerals in your pool is the source of your water.

This is very common when the water source is a well.

In some cases, water supplied by municipal authorities also has high metal concentration.

The second source of copper in the pool is from the chemical algaecide.

While copper is very instrumental in cleaning out algae, it is also a culprit when it comes to changing your hair to green.

Additionally, the use of mineral sanitizers in the pool also contributes to increasing the content of copper in your pool.

A combination of one or more of these factors is the main reason you cannot have fun without worrying about your nice blond hair turning green in the pool.

Techniques to fix green hair

Getting green hair from the pool is not permanent.

However, it is very annoying to get the color on your hair or even trying to wash it out.

These tips and techniques are therefore helpful in ensuring that you get your blond hair back or prevent it from becoming green.

Test the water source

You can test the water source using a testing kit or strip.

This helps you confirm the level of metal concentrations in the water; making it a good preventive measure.

Use a copper-free algaecide

Algaecides are used in treating algae infestation in the pool.

If you are experiencing this problem, it is best to use an algaecide that is free of copper since it is the main culprit in this issue.

Avoid getting green hair from pool – Don’t enter with dry hair

Getting in the pool with wet hair makes it difficult for the copper and chlorine particles to stick to your hair. Spend a few minutes, rinse your hair before entering the pool, and you’ll avoid the problem.

As a result, it is difficult for the color to change.

Hair conditioner and other treatments

Applying hair treatments and leave-in conditioners before getting into the pool seals all the cuticles.

This sealing prevents the copper and chlorine particles from hanging onto your hair while in the pool water.

You can also use glossing oil or hot oil treatments to achieve this.

An advantage of this technique is that you can do it yourself at home or visit a salon to do it for you.

Take a few minutes, rinse your hair immediately after exiting the pool, and this will go a long way to ensure your hair doesn’t change color.

Hose filter

A hose filter works to ensure that the minerals in water do not pass through to the pool.

This is very useful especially for those who have wells as their water sources.

How to get green out of hair from chlorine – Common Problems

If your hair is already green and you are looking to change back to its natural color, then there are several home remedies you can use to achieve this.

They include:

Using aspirin

If your hair is already green, then using 6 to 8 tablets is the trick to get back your hair color.

Simply put the tablets in a bowl and add warm water.

Let the tablets dissolve and apply the mixture to your hair.

Let it sit for 20 minutes then shampoo, condition, and rinse as normal.

Baking soda

Take at least half a cup of baking soda and make a paste by adding water to it.

Apply the paste on your hair and massage evenly.

Next, rinse and condition normally.

Note that the number of times you apply the paste depends on the intensity of the color.

Apple cider vinegar

Vinegar contains acetic acid which can be used to clean copper.

Applying vinegar on green hair will do the trick of rinsing out the color.


Ketchup contains both acetic acid and vinegar, making it an awesome combo for clearing the green on your hair.

You only need to apply it on every strand of your hair and let it sit for thirty minutes while covered in a shower cap.

Then simply rinse off the ketchup and apply shampoo and conditioner as normal to clean the hair.

Citric acid

The citric acid in lemon juice is very effective at cleaning oxidized copper.

Lemon juice is normally used in cleaning cooking pots.

Using lemon juice on your hair can achieve similar results.

However, as the saying goes, prevention is far better than cure.

As such, if the above measures don’t work for you, it is best to put on a swimming cap to ensure that you still enjoy your pool during the summer while maintaining your vibrant blond hair.

Measures such as applying hair treatments or conditioners and getting in the pool with wet hair also help in preventing your hair from turning green.

Green hair from chlorine – Frequently Asked Questions

Does green hair caused by chlorine go away?

Green hair caused by chlorinated pool water washes away once you implement the remedies mentioned above.

These simple DIY measures such as using tomato juice help you get your hair back to its blond color.

How do I get green out of blond hair?

There are several ways you can use to get back your blond hair after a swimming session.

You should note that these tricks work when you immediately wash your hair once you are out of the swimming pool.

You can use things from your kitchen cabinets such as lemon juice and tomato juice to remove the green out of your hair.

You can also use vinegar to wash the green out of your hair.

Does vinegar take the green from hair?

Vinegar contains acetic acid which is instrumental in cleaning the green on your hair caused by chlorinated water.

The mixture is more effective when mixed with baking soda.

However, the amount and number of times you apply vinegar depends on the intensity of the green in your hair.

How to get green out of hair – Conclusion

Although the popular opinion is that chlorine is what turns hair green, the truth is that chlorine is just an accelerator for that.

When your hair turns green, it is the minerals in your water such as copper that are the main cause.

Luckily, it is possible to prevent and even remove the green from your hair.

With measures such as using copper-free algaecide and DIY measures such as the use of ketchup, you can still enjoy swimming without the worry of your hair becoming green.

Besides, wearing a shower cap or getting in the pool with wet hair also helps reduce the chances that your hair turns green.

Whatever the situation you find yourself in, do not panic.

If your hair turns green, simply use the above tips to remove the green and also take care of your hair before the next swimming session.