Best Heavy Duty Pool Pole – Professional Comparison (2021)

Maintaining your pool should be an easy task if you have the right equipment at hand.

There are various tools one requires for the pool cleaning exercise, and a telescopic pool pole is one of them.

A telescopic pool pole allows you to manually clean the swimming pool’s walls, bottom, and remove leaves from the water’s surface.

By attaching a brush, a net, rake, vacuum head, or skimmer to the telescopic pole, you can clean the farthest and deepest part of their pool without being inside it.

Bearing this in mind, pool owners should invest in a sturdy telescopic pool pole that is sturdy enough to get the job done.

To help you find the best telescopic pool pole that will serve you for ages, we have reviewed some of the best telescopic pool poles available on the market before compiling this guide.

With the right information on the key aspects of telescopic pool poles, finding the right one should be fast and easy.

We have also compiled a buying guide with important details to help you pick the best telescopic pool pole.

Best heavy duty pool pole

#1. Ocean Blue 6-12 inches Gold Telescopic Pole for Swimming Pools


If you’re looking for a long-lasting telescopic pole, you should settle for the Ocean Blue 6-12” Gold Telescopic Pole.

This telescopic pole is among the best there is and can be used for a variety of applications.

The product is made with exceptional quality to offer users high functionality levels.

Users enjoy two external locking cam fittings constructed from high-quality anodized aluminum, free from rust and corrosion.

There is also an extra-thick hand grip and two external locking cams for easy handling.

This pool pole can be adjusted to 6” and 12” depending on your cleaning needs.

With this tool at your disposal, you can attach leaf skimmers, rakes, and brushes for thorough cleaning.

You can go ahead and use pool vacuum poles like this product for in-ground or above-ground swimming pools.

Upon purchase, buyers receive a one year warranty on any manufacturing defects.


  • Great quality and sturdiness
  • Free from rust and corrosion
  • Smooth finish
  • A full one year warranty


  • Pricey compared to other similar pool poles

#2. 5-15-Telescopic-Pole-3-Piece-For-Swimming-Pools


  • Material: Ribbed aluminum
  • Expands up to 15 feet
  • Weight: 3.2 Pounds
  • Product dimensions: 103.5 x 2 x 2 inches

If you’re looking for a pool pole that features ribbed anodized aluminum, you should look no further than the 5-15-Telescopic-Pole-3-Piece-For-Swimming-Pools.

This product is well designed to serve your every pool cleaning need for many years as it is made with solid quality.

It’s simple to adjust the length and tighten it to make it easy to lock it in position using the external locking cam.

Additionally, the pool vacuum pole comes with an eye-catching finish.

As the name suggests, this pole has three pieces with external locking cam fittings.

Each locking cam makes adjusting the length of the pole easy, so cleaning your swimming pool becomes fast and easy, as it requires minimal time.

The pole’s adjustable length makes it ideal for both small and large pools.

You can easily fit standard attachments like vacuum heads, and skimmers among others.


  • The ideal length for small and large pools
  • Durable pool pole
  • Has an eye-catching finish


  • The pole is flimsy
  • Only ideal for light skimming

#3. Aqua Select Heavy Duty Telescopic Twist-Lock Swimming Pool Vacuum Pole


  • Extendable pole with adjustment reaching from 5 to 15 feet
  • Works best with household tools like a paint roller, duster, squeegee, mop, and broom
  • High-quality pole
  • Includes non-slip handgrip that is safe and comfortable to use
  • Locks in place with easy lock flip tabs

The Aqua Select Heavy Duty Telescopic Twist-Lock Swimming Pool Vacuum Pole can reach 5- 15 feet.

With this length, the pole can reach every surface in your pool during cleaning or repainting.

The length is modifiable and the anodized aluminum pole can be easily stored away when not in use.

This product is made of durable aluminum and will serve your needs for years.

It’s a good pick for anyone looking for a tool to use to maintain their pool or spa.

The presence of a locking cam should be enough reason for you to buy this product.


  • Easy to use
  • Made of high-quality aluminum
  • Versatile design
  • Compatible with skimmers
  • Long-lasting accessory


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Pole bends easily when subjected to pressure

#4. Ettore 43012 Extension Pole 12’


  • Product dimensions: 26 x 6.5 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 2.1 pounds
  • Smooth finish blue anodized aluminum accents
  • Attaches to pool accessories easily
  • Adjustable length from 4 feet to 12 feet

If you are looking for a professional extension pole that reaches a maximum of 12 feet and one that will serve you for a long time, look no further than the Ettore 43012.

It’s lightweight and will fulfill your every cleaning and maintenance need comfortably.

Based on customer reviews, about three-quarters of the customers who have purchased this product are happy and fully satisfied with the results.

The handle attaches to other accessories easily and it’s comfortable to handle.

Extending the handle is easy, just choose the desired length with a quick open and close tapered clamp design.

You do not require ladders when maintaining your pool as long as you have the Ettore 43012 Extension Pole.


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Strong
  • Durable silver/blue anodized aluminum
  • Lightweight


  • Not designed for heavy-duty tasks

#5. Intex Recreation 29054E Telescoping Aluminum Shaft For Above Ground Pool


  • Product Dimensions: 1.12 x 1.12 x 38.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Aluminum anodized finish
  • 3 pc dual extension locking cams

Enjoy the convenience of this lightweight aluminum pool pole.

This pool pole attaches easily to other accessories, including a leaf skimmer, a wall brush, and a vacuum head.

Customers like the fact that this product does not bend compared to other brands when subjected to pressure.

This feature alone makes the product ideal for deep cleaning.

The handle also does not slide easily when using it. This means you can use the pole comfortably without the fear it will slip from your hands.

The only complaint about this product is that it breaks easily after continued use.


  • Stiff and sturdy
  • Works well with other attachments


  • Not that durable

#6. 21-Foot Telescoping 3 Piece Pool Cleaning Pole

  • 3-piece extension
  • Adjusts up to 21 feet
  • Made of heavy-duty silver/blue anodized aluminum

The 21-Foot Telescoping 3-Piece Pool Cleaning Poleis made of heavy-duty aluminum with an anodized finish.

The pole is long and can reach 21 feet and has an exterior locking cam.

This product is among our best picks based on customer reviews as most customers were pleased with the product.

Most of them claim the product offers true value for money as it can reach all pool areas.

It also holds up well in various weather conditions, meaning you can use it throughout the year.


  • Operates smoothly
  • Weather-resistant
  • Sturdy
  • Affordable price


  • Heavy
  • Bends easily

Best pool pole – Buying Guide

Investing in the best pool pole you can afford is a decision every pool owner should take.

There are various brands and types of pool poles available on sale, and choosing the best pool pole for your needs can be a daunting task.

To help you choose from all the pool poles available, here are a few tips you can use.

Gorilla pool pole – Strength is important

Pick one of the strong and durable pool poles that will serve you for a long time.

Every pool owner should choose a pole that is made of metal and one that is most durable among the existing options.

Professional pool pole – Compatibility matters

Good poles should be made to work easily with standard pool accessories.

There are a few poles that are only made compatible with accessories from the same brand.

Such poles should be avoided at all costs if you do not want to spend extra money on buying accessories from the same brand.

Look for a brand that has specific matching accessories for its poles listed before buying.

Consider the length you need

When cleaning your pool, pole size matters. We tried an electric pool cleaner as well and we impressed.

You need to find a pole that will be able to reach the deepest part of the pool.

Consider the length of the pool and only pick a pole that matches your pool length.

Telescopic pool pole locking device – Easily adjustable

For an easy time cleaning your pool, opt for a pole that is made to be adjusted easily.

The external locking cam fitting should be sturdy and easy to operate.

Look for a pole that adjusts and has an external locking cam for fast and easy adjusting.

Pool cleaner comparison – Customer Reviews

Other people’s opinions matter when purchasing any pool equipment.

You want something that is top-rated in terms of functionality and durability.

Take the time to read customer reviews before you make up your mind on which pool pole to buy.

Extendable pool pole – Easily Collapsible

For the sake of keeping your pole safe after use, look for one that is easily collapsible.

You do not want to leave it laying near your pool, as it could cause accidents.

The right pool pole should be able to break down in pieces when you need to store it. Poles made with easy-to-use cam locks are easy to set up and dismantle.

Heavy duty pool pole – Durability

Strength and durability should go hand in hand when selecting a pool pole.

Apart from choosing a strong aluminum structure, also look for other additional features like a hard anodized surface that is meant to offer protection from rust and corrosion, and easy-to-use and secure cam locking mechanisms.

These are essential factors to consider bearing in mind the metal will be dipped in water.

If the metal is not anodized, there is a high chance you will end up with a corroded pole.

Other additional features you should look at are the durability of the handle and the cam sleeves.

Best pool pole brand

There are various brands of telescopic pool poles available on the market, and you should choose a top-rated brand.

Even though the features of different products are similar, the brand name matters.

Top-rated poles from established brands are known for high quality and durability.

Upon purchase, you can be sure you are selecting the right product.

Gorilla pool pole Cost

The final thing you should look into when selecting a pool pole is the cost.

It’s important to note that not all pool poles are expensive, and a few cheap ones are fully functional.

Price should not be a major consideration; you should focus on quality, length, and durability.

Professional pool pole – Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a pool pole?

The price of a pool pole varies based on the brand and quality. The price can range from $20 to $60

How long is a pool pole?

The length of a pool pole varies. Most of the available poles are between 12 to 22 feet long.

What is a telescoping pole?

It’s a pole with an extendable handle that you can attach different pool maintenance accessories onto.

Heavy duty pool pole – Final Thought

When choosing a pool pole, what you see is what you get apart from the material used and thickness.

Some have a 3-piece design while others have a 2-piece design, and the decision on what to buy should be based on your pool’s depth.

Despite all these differences, each pole is best suited for different functions.

If you are not sure which one is the best pool pole to buy, you can buy the Ocean Blue 6-12” Gold Telescopic Swimming Pool Pole, which is the best overall.

This pool pole is long-lasting and ideal for maintaining an above or in-ground swimming pool.

The second best pool pole you can go for is the 5-15-Telescopic-Pole-3-Piece-For-Swimming-Pools.

This pole has an eye-catching finish and is designed for heavy-duty tasks.

The third best pool pole you can go for is the Aqua Select Heavy Duty Telescopic Twist-Lock Swimming Pool Vacuum Pole.

This pole is made of high-quality aluminum and will serve you for ages.