Hot Tub Filter Cleaner – Be A Master In How To Clean Spa Filters (2021)

Hot tubs and spas are perfect for your weekend recreational activities but you must undertake their proper care and maintenance.How To Clean A Hot Tub Filter-Master Spa Filters Cleaner2020

One of the most important parts of a hot tub or spa is its filter that offers you crystal clear water and prevents the tub from bacterial or fungal infections.

In case, you are a proud owner of a hot tub or spa, but still trying to figure out how to clean the spa filter, then this informative guide will help you, and keep the water clean.

Basics about cleaning hot tub/spa filters

If you are planning to clean your tub or spa, there are several essential tools that you need to clean hot tub filters.

It is recommended not to use harsh chemicals as they might cause damage to the surface and machinery.

More importantly, you also need to go through the instructions that might be written at the back or side of your filter cartridges or in the user manual.

How to clean a hot tub filter

For proper filter cleaning, you should follow a few common and easy tricks, which are given below.

Proper hot tub filter rinsing

When cleaning hot tub filters, it is wise to rinse them with the help of a garden hose and water.

During the process you are required to turn the water flow to the max., this will help you to get rid of any stubborn dirt and debris without much effort.

Hot spa filter cleaning products

If you plan to remove the filter cartridge every month, then it is expected to take some extra measures, it would be wise to clean the filter cartridge with the help of a mild filter cleaner product and hot water.

You need to apply the filter cleaner solution on the surface and after this, scrub it off gently with the help of a nylon brush.

This process will help you to get rid of calcium deposits that cause severe blockage in filters.

Cartridges to clean the hot tub filter

You can purchase spa filter and hot tub filter cleaner products and just place them over the filter, and then clean it with running water.

This process is less messy compared to using some other hot tub cleaners.

Hot Tub Filter Cleaner/Cleaning spa filters – common problems

When you clean the filter of the hot tub, there are several common problems which if not taken care of immediately can make the situation worse.

  • The filter is not totally clean, even after you clean it.

Clean filters regularly to maintain crystal clear water. But there is a possibility that you do not remove all impurities and dust particles.

In such a condition, you need to inspect filters and see whether there are calcium deposits or not.

Several other mineral sedimentations might cause this problem; in this case, it would be wise to unclog the small pores of the filters.

Make sure you scrub off the deposits with the help of a soft nylon brush.

Thus, you do not have to worry about damaging the filters while you clean them; moreover, long bristles will offer you ease in reaching every corner of the filters.

  • Filters that have holes

In some cases, filters also suffer due to holes on the surface.

Thus, there is a probability that your tub might turn into a cesspool of bacteria and dirt.

You need to replace such filters with holes as soon as possible or you may have to spend a hefty amount on the proper maintenance of the hot tub.

  • Cracked filters

At times you might even discover cracked filters; this is the reason why you are required to clean filters with extra care.

Cracked filters can cause your hot tub to get polluted with dust particles and debris.

  • Fuzzy filters

This problem is reported by most hot tub owners; in this case, the pleats of the filters become fuzzy.

Thus, you will get dirty water and there are chances that your tubs turbulence might be hindered.

How to clean a hot tub filter – best practices 

There are several ways with which you can clean your hot tub or spa filter and protect it from becoming a cesspool of infection and debris.

Some of the most common processes to clean a hot tub you can undertake are given below.

  • Rinse the tub/spa filters every week

This is considered as one of the easiest and cost-effective ways by which you can maintain the overall look of your tub/spa filter.

Initially, wash the surface of the filter with the help of a garden hose, then apply the cleaning agent and leave it for the time being.

Lastly, rinse off the cleaning chemical by using a garden hose and just place the filters back in place.

  • Soak the tub/spa filters

You have to soak your filters for around ten hours in the recommended cleaning solution.

This process will help you get rid of mild dirt and loosen any stubborn stain marks on spa filters that cause damage to the surface.

In the final step, just rub the surface of the tub/spa filters with the help of a nylon brush and thoroughly rinse off the solution with normal water.

Tools and chemicals that you require when cleaning a hot tub filter

For proper cleaning of filter cartridges, you need to use efficient tools and chemicals that will help you to get the job done without much hassle.

Some of the most important chemicals and tools that you need to use are as follows.

  • Nylon bristled brush

If you want to undertake deep cleaning of the filter, then use a soft-bristled brush.

Use a brush that has long bristles and an ergonomic handle, as it will clean the filter easily.

  • Scrubber

Scrubbers will allow you to get rid of grease and even stubborn dust particles that cling on the filter surface.

It would be effective if you rotate the scrubber in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction by applying gentle pressure.

This process will eventually help you to get rid of the dirt while causing no harm to the surface of the filter.

  • Cleaning solution

To loosen the dirt and stubborn stain marks from the surface of your filter it would be wise to soak them for at least eight to ten hours in a cleaning solution.

Use the solution that is mentioned in the user manual of your filter or go for a mild one as it won’t cause any harm to the filter.

Best spa filter cleaner – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I clean my hot-tub filter with vinegar?

Yes, you can clean it with vinegar and water, but it is required to thoroughly rinse the product afterward.

How often do you clean a hot tub filter?

It is advised to clean your filter once a week with the help of a mild cleaning agent and tap water

Can you soak the hot tub filter in bleach?

No, you can’t since bleach affects the performance of your filter; moreover, your hot tub’s water might even suffer from foaming issues.

Can you put hot tub filters in the dishwasher?

Yes, it is possible to clean them with a regular dishwasher. For this, make a solution of dishwashing liquid and vinegar.

You just have to soak the filter in the solution for 24 hours and rinse it with normal water.