Kiddie Pool: Buy The Best for Your Baby (2021)

Who does not like to play with water in the summer? Kids love to play with water as they beat the heat. Water is one of the essential things on Earth. It is used for various purposes, from cooking to drinking. It is the only liquid that can help you cool down even in harsh summers. One way of cooling down may be drinking water, but swimming has been the most effective method until now.

Before the 20th century, there were only large pools where people could swim. To swim in these pools, people had to take some time out of their schedule, especially when they were taking their kids swimming. I was lucky because I grew up in an area where there was a swimming pool near me. However, this problem was observed and solved in the mid-20th century.

The solution was inflatable kiddie swimming pools. This invention was one of the most important discoveries at that time. Since the world was modernizing quickly, people were getting busier with their schedules. Hence, they couldn’t take their kids to swimming pools. Inflatable kiddie swimming pools are highly convenient to use, and the material is friendly to children.

Hence, it has made it possible for you to manage your chores while your kids enjoy their time in the pool at the same time. It is ubiquitous in business that competitors come and provide a better product than others. Hence, it can be challenging to choose the best kiddie pool that meets all your requirements. Therefore, here are the best kiddie pool choices on the market at present to help you out.

Which is The Best Kiddie Pool?

#1. Best Design: Intex Gator Inflatable

Best Kiddie Pool-Intex Gator Inflatable

Some features of this product:

  • Water sprayer
  • Inflatable duck and dinosaur
  • Landing mat

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

There are very few inflatable pools on the market that have little more than an ordinary pool. This inflatable is one of those pools. A highly recommended pool for kids more than 2 years old, as this pool has a slide. Yes, a small one, but enough for your kids to enjoy. If this doesn’t grab your attention, there is more.

This kiddie pool has an inflatable dinosaur, which has a water sprayer at the nose. The pool comes with a landing mat attached to it. Thus, you can even set it up inside your home. The height of the wall of the pool is 4.8 inches. The capacity of this kiddie pool is 42 gallons of water. It has excellent colors and designs on it that make it adorable.


  • Easy to set-up
  • Wonderful color and design
  • Comes with a water sprayer
  • Has a slide


  • The depth of the pool may not be satisfactory

#2. Best sprinklers: Inflatable Sprinkler Pad

Best sprinklers: Inflatable Sprinkler Pad

Some features of this product:

  • 16 sprinklers
  • High durability
  • Large diameter

Overall rating: 4.9 out of 5

Many people believe that the depth of a kiddie pool increases the fun too. However, this may not be true every time. Sometimes it is more about the features that a kiddie pool comes with. This kiddie pool is loaded with features. You might think that only the features got it on the list of best kiddie pool choices, but this inflatable play pool’s quality is another plus. This product is known for being highly durable and can withstand harsh climatic conditions.

The pool’s diameter is 68 inches, which makes it wide enough for more than two kids to have fun. There are 16 equally powerful sprinklers on the walls of this inflatable play pool. These sprinklers have three stages that can be controlled by you. They are low, middle, and high. Each stage releases a different amount of water from the sprinkler and at different heights.

Coming to the design of this kiddie pool, it has various sea creatures designed on the floor. This makes it look adorable. The pool also has additional features like a knit storage bag, plastic repair patch for leaks, and extra rings for the sprinklers.


  • Three stages of sprinklers
  • Good width
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Provides patches for leaks
  • Highly durable


  • High-pressure leads can get damaged in the sprinklers

#3. Best family pool: Intex Swim Center

Some features of this product:

  • Inflatable bench
  • High-grade vinyl

Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5

If you are looking for an inflatable play pool that gives you a feeling like a beach, this might be the one. This kiddie pool is made from high-quality vinyl that increases durability and makes it non-toxic for skin. There are instances where people buy an inflatable play center that is made of toxic materials. When these inflatables are filled with water, the toxic elements mix with it.

However, the quality of this kiddie pool makes sure that nothing like this happens. The pool comes with an attached inflatable bench. The wall’s height is also more than 12 inches, which makes it safe for your children to splash around in. Most inflatables take too long to set-up. However, this kiddie pool is one of the few products that can be set-up within 15-minutes. Just fill it with a garden hose.


  • Inflatable bench
  • Moderate level of depth
  • Simple and sleek design
  • High-quality material
  • It requires less time to set-up.


  • Does not come with a storage bag
  • No repair patch option in case of leaks

#4. Best water slide: Intex Inflatable Water Slide

Best water slide: Intex Inflatable Water Slide

Some features of this product:

  • High-grade vinyl
  • Easy to set-up

Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5

There are chances that you may already have an inflatable play center or kiddie pool. However, you might want to make it more fun for your children in the backyard. Maybe you are looking for something that can add more excitement for your kids to enter the pool. Don’t worry. This product may be the one you are looking for.

This product can be attached to a garden hose to wet the slide. One of the most common issues that people face with inflatables is that they leak sometimes. However, this product comes with an instant repair patch kit that fixes the leaks within a few minutes.

This inflatable play center can bear up to 175 kilograms, which is the highest in its category.


  • Easy to set-up
  • Contains repair patch kit
  • Can be attached to a water hose


  • Not preferred for small pools

#5. Best color combination: Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Center

Best color combination: Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Center

Some features of this product:

  • Drain plug
  • Repair patch kit

Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5

Are you looking for an inflatable set that is a complete package to let your kids have fun in the backyard? The Intex rainbow ring inflatable fun center is highly preferred worldwide for its unique concept and features. This product has two pools, and between those pools, there is a slide and a sprinkler. The sprinkler’s work is not only to wet the slide but also to create a rain-like effect.

Various points make this product highly convenient, like it is easy to set-up, and the sprinkler can be connected to a water hose. It also has a drain plug, which most of the inflatables on the market don’t have. It even comes with repair patches, in case you observe a leak.

Since we are talking about children, games are necessary. The product comes with various games, like a ball roller, a ring toss game, a colorful rainbow ring, and a slide. Hence, this product is a complete package of thrills and excitement for your kids to have fun in your backyard.


  • Repair patches
  • Variety of games in the pool
  • Water sprinkler which can be attached to a hose.
  • Easy instructions to set-up
  • It has a slide


  • Can be tricky to set up without the manual
  • It needs lots of time and water

#6. Best safety pool: Intex Blue Inflatable Pool

Best safety pool: Intex Blue Inflatable Pool

Some features of this product:

  • Moderate depth
  • Easy to maintain

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5

If you are looking for simple looking kiddie pools that give the most real experience of a swimming pool, then this may be the one. This product has a 6.5- inch depth that makes it safe for your children. The product has been made from high-grade vinyl that makes it highly durable. Due to its simple design, it is straightforward to inflate. Another advantage of this kiddie pool is that it is easy to clean and maintain.

Unlike more complex kiddie pools, this pool does not have any corners that are difficult to clean. The ocean blue color of the pool makes it extremely pleasing to the eyes. Due to all this, this product is one of the most affordable kiddie pools on the market with such high-quality material. It’s certainly a top pick for the best kiddie pool. It’s ideal for a hot summer day, so you can leave your kids to play and have fun in your backyard.


  • It can be inflated within ten minutes.
  • Very convenient to clean
  • Moderate depth makes it safe for kids.
  • Made of high-quality vinyl


  • No storage bag with it
  • Does not offer leakage patches

#7. Best pool with games: Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Pool

Best pool with games: Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Pool

Some features of this product:

  • Landing mat
  • Repair kit
  • Water games

Overall rating: 4.4 out of 5

Do your kids love adventure and fun? Do they love to watch adventurous movies and read books? Then, they will surely love this product. This product is a complete set of an adventurous inflatable island. The product has a slide that resembles a volcano. Playing with this product makes your kids feel like they are on an adventurous trip. It also has a palm tree that has a sprinkler installed in it.

A merit of this sprinkler is that it can be connected to an ordinary water hose. The capacity of this pool is approximately 57 gallons of water. It also has a dinosaur ball toss game installed in it and comes with 6 balls. If these features are not enough to attract you to this product, it also gives a rain-like experience. The product comes with a landing mat that promotes hygiene around the pool.

There are instances where, after regular use, some leakages might occur in a kiddie pool. However, this can be easily fixed with the kit that comes with this product. The kit comes with repair patches that can easily fix the leakages within a few minutes.


  • Has pool games in it
  • Leakage patches with the kit
  • Landing mat


  • Not deep enough
  • It can be damaged by using it over grass

#8. Best for a short period: Inflatable Dinoland Pool

Best for a short period: Inflatable Dinoland Pool

Some features of this product:

  • Four different water games
  • Sprinklers
  • Slide

Overall rating: 4.3 out of 5

This product is highly preferred if you want to turn the environment into Jurassic Park. This product is highly famous for its multiple games. It offers four different games that are as follows:

Dino ball – Throw a ball into a ring held by a dino. This dino is movable, so you can make it more challenging.

Slide – Slide and jump into the water.

Ring toss game – Toss rings on dinosaurs.

Ball roller – Roll down the balls through a passage into the pool.

The pool has 6-inch walls in it that can store up to 72 gallons of water. It even comes with a sprinkler, which is facing downward. This sprinkler can be easily used by connecting it to a water hose. Though this kiddie pool can store a high amount of water, it is not deep enough for children older than 5 years. Hence, if your children are below 5-years, it’s a kiddie pool that can be highly exciting for your kids.

Though it offers various features, it lacks durability. There are instances where leakages start in the inflatable play center. Another issue with this product is that it does not come with a leakage patch. Therefore, if you are looking for a short-term product that can excite your kids, we recommend you go with this option as the best kiddie pool.

Since there are various parts of the pool, it is a little difficult to set-up.


  • Offers a variety of games
  • Highly enjoyable for kids under 5


  • Quality of vinyl not up to the mark
  • It does not have a leakage package in the kit
  • It can be challenging to set-up the whole pool

Kiddie Pool Buying Guide

Factors to be kept in mind before buying an inflatable kiddie pool.

This is one of the most common steps before buying anything. You must know about the product such that you can identify the best one quickly. Similar is the case with inflatable kiddie pools. There are hundreds of inflatable kiddie pools available on the market. Each of the kiddie pools exhibits different traits due to material, size, or design. Hence, it is essential to know these tips to get a kiddie pool that meets all your expectations and requirements.

Are Your Kids Safe in a Baby Pool?

Yes, the safety of kids is a significant concern. There are instances where children trip while going out of the pool and get themselves hurt. It can happen, but not if the height of your pool meets your requirements. Hence, you must understand the concept of depth. If the height of the pool is greater, then the water depth will be deeper too.

Hence, after looking at the height and how many gallons of water a kiddie pool holds, it is evident that you must select a pool as per the age and height of your children. Therefore, choosing a kiddie pool with a moderate height will lead to your children’s automatic safety.

Does a Plastic Kiddie Pool Have Any Extra Features?

There are a variety of inflatable kiddie pools available on the market. Some are completely simple in design, like the Sunset Glow kiddie pool, while some baby pool options offer additional benefits and features. There are instances where additional features like leakage patches have been highly useful.

However, there are instances where some features are not worth it. If you want an answer to this question, then you must know your requirements. If you are using the baby pool almost every weekend or more than once, they are accommodating. Especially features like patches, a storage bag, and a drain plug.

These features make it easy to maintain the baby pool and keep your kids safe. Still, there are features like slide and pool games that completely depend on your liking. Some people love to have a water slide in their baby pool, while some prefer a simpler version of a baby pool.

How is The Kiddie Pool Material?

The quality of the baby pool is a significant factor behind durability. Many people are unaware of this fact. Usually, all inflatable baby pool products are made of foldable plastic. Again, not all foldable plastics are the same. Some foldable plastic shines very brightly but does not last very long. Hence, to know the quality of your baby pool, you must check the plastic’s quality.

There are various indicators of that. One of them is to check the grade of vinyl. A high-quality baby pool will have high-grade vinyl in it, including the drain plug. Therefore, we would recommend you to choose a baby pool with the best foldable plastic so your kids can have fun safely.

Do Dimensions Matter When You Buy a Kiddie Pool?

Many people ignore this point. Dimensions are another important point to keep in mind before buying an inflatable baby pool. We would recommend you choose a pool with dimensions that meet your requirements and your kids’ age. Let us take an example to understand the importance of dimensions. Suppose you are looking for a kiddie pool for your kids to play in that could fit in your small garden.

However, since you didn’t observe the dimensions, you ended up with a huge pool that won’t fit in your garden. In the end, it will be you who will face difficulties. Hence, to remove this, it is best to select a kiddie pool based on its dimensions and how many gallons of water it holds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to keep the pool clean?

Some people believe that cleaning a kiddie pool is not necessary. However, if you don’t want any bacteria to grow on the inflatable, this is an essential step. There are various methods to clean an inflatable kiddie pool. Some people simply put the pool in the washing machines or clean their kiddie pool with detergent. Though this might be a convenient method, it is not that effective.

Hence, cleaning inflatables in washing machines can affect the durability of the pool. It is not recommended to follow this method. Another way is to scrub the pool with a brush. The method is effective, but not as convenient as it takes lots of efforts and time.

The most effective method to clean an inflatable pool is as follows.

  • Fill the pool with gallons of water. Make sure 90 % of it is filled.
  • Now, add chlorine or bleaching powder to it. Stir the water so that the chemicals can mix equally.
  • Leave the pool for more than an hour.
  • Now, drain the water and rinse the pool with water again.
  • Repeat the process once more.
  • After completely draining the pool, put it in sunlight to dry out.

This will also help you to maintain clean water in the pool for your children.

What can I put under an inflatable pool?

There are various instances where people have used their inflatable pools in the garden on a hot summer day, which has ruined or damaged it. However, you can easily prevent this by simply putting something under the inflatable. The simplest thing that you can do is to put a carpet under the inflatable pool.

Kiddie Pool – Conclusion

Inflatable pools help you mimic the experience of a swimming pool. They help you beat the heat during a hot summer. They are even a great fun time for kids. They get to play with water and enjoy games inside the pool. Since there are various types of inflatable available on the market, from Argos paddling pools to Sunset Glow baby pools and everything between, it is best to remember the things we discussed before buying one.

To make things simple for you, let us discuss the top three products on our list. The gold medal goes to the “Intex Gator Inflatable.” It is one of the products that have a great balance of quality and features like sprinklers. Coming to our silver medalist, the “Inflatable Sprinkler Pad” stands up to its name. It has a series of 16 sprinklers that can be easily connected to a normal water hose. Finally comes our bronze medalist, the “Intex Swim Center,” a great pick for families. This pool promotes quality time between you and your kids as it has an inflatable bench in it.

These were the top inflatable pools revealed by our intense research and experience. However, you may disagree with our list. That is completely alright. Still, through this content, you can easily select the best inflatable pool for you. All 8 of these products are among the best products on the market. Many other products like the Sunset Glow Baby Pool and Sunset Glow 4-Ring Kiddie pool are competent, but they had a little edge over the others.