Pebble Tec – Swimming Pool Finished Colors, Aesthetic Surfacing, Cost (2021)

Alright, so you are constructing a swimming pool.

Some of the designs offer you high-durability, while others provide you better charm.

You probably want something that offers a combination of all.

Well, your search is over thanks to pebble tec.

Pebble tec is one of the most preferred plaster materials for finishing the surface of pools.

This unique plaster surface adds charm to pools and offers excellent security.

You can choose from various surface finishes such as pebble sheen, pebble fina, etc.

In this blog, we will discuss pebble tec material in detail and whether or not you should have this material installed for your pool.

What is pebble tec?

Have you ever seen a river?

If you have, then you must have observed pebbles at the bottom.

Well, this technology creates a similar effect in a swimming pool.

If you install this product, then you will observe a pebble tech finish on the bottom surface of the pool.

Pebble fina and pebble sheen are two of the most popular types of pebbles.

How to install pebble tec?

To install this technology, you will have to add a pebbled finish to the plaster layer.

Usually, it is installed by professionals.

However, it does not mean that you cannot install it.

You just need to know the amount of pebble fina or pebble sheen plaster required and the color.

What are the advantages of pebble tec?

Well, the first advantage is security.

If you have ever had a chance to swim in a pool, then you must have faced a slippery bottom.

Thanks to pebble tec plaster, you can easily prevent that from happening.

This becomes a highly significant advantage if kids are going to swim in the pool.

Pebble tec reduces the chances of any mishaps.

Moreover, this technology adds charm to the swimming pool.


Well, it adds color to the water.

Let us understand that by an example.

Shall we?

Alright, so assume that you put a dark blue colored pebbled surface in the pool.

What do you think will happen?


The color of the water will change to dark blue, which is similar to the pebbled plaster.

It happens due to the reflection of light.

There are numerous pebbled plaster colors on the market.

You must choose based on the color of the plaster you want in the pool.

Techniques/Tips to Improve pebble tec in your pool

In this section, we discuss some techniques you need to follow to install this plaster product properly.

Summon professional help

Whether you are constructing the pool by yourself or not, you must always take advice from professionals.

Let it settle

As part of ongoing pool maintenance, once you have applied the layer of pebbled plaster and cement, you have to give it the proper time to let it settle.

Make sure that you wait for at least a day or two before you fill the pool with water.

Pool water chemistry and pebble tec

It’s important to maintain ideal pool water chemistry, especially calcium hardness, to avoid degrading the finish on the pool surface.

Pebble sheen – common problems

Are all pool pebble options the same?

No, not all the pool pebble pool surface options are the same.

They vary in terms of quality of plaster finish and color.

Some pebble plaster products on the market are rough, while others are smooth.

Of course, the rough ones are cheaper compared to the smooth ones.

Moreover, each pebble has a different color, which leads to a different shade of the water when mixed with plaster.

Do pool chemicals affect this type of pool finish?

Yes, especially any imbalance in calcium hardness. It can degrade the finish over time.

Pebble tech – Frequently Asked Questions

What is pebble tec made of?

Pebble tec is usually made of a combination of pebble and cement or plaster aggregate.

Moreover, you need to make sure that the ratio of pebble and cement/plaster/aggregate is 1:2.

How much does pebble tec cost?

The cost of pebble tec depends a lot on the quality of the pebble/aggregate product you choose and the surface area of the pool.

However, the typical cost is between 3000 and 8000 dollars.

Here, 3000 is for the roughest pebble, while 8000 is for the smoothest pebble on the market.

What is a pebble tec pool?

It is a design of a pool that has been trending in the market.

It is when a pebble finish is added to the layer of plaster on the surface of the pool bottom/walls.

They add charm, as well as safety to the pool.

How long does a pebble tec finish last?

If we assume that you are installing the ideal quality of pebbles, then it may last more than a decade.

There are instances where, with proper maintenance, it has lasted more than two decades.

However, if you are installing a second pebble version, then it will likely last up to 5 years only.

Analysis of best practices in the industry

  • Choose high-quality pebble/aggregate/plaster products
  • Take advice from professionals