Polaris 380 Vac-Sweep 380 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner – Difference vs 280 and 360 Reviews (2021)

Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

Mere installing a pool in your backyard is not enough, you need to keep it in a mint condition.

A clean and pristine pool gives you ease to organize countless recreational activities and increase the resale value of your home.

As compared to various pool cleaning devices, Polaris 380 holds the upper hand.

This is so because Polaris 380 is equipped with advanced technology that offers genuine aid in pool cleaning.

Furthermore, you can use this cleaning equipment inside various in-ground pools, irrespective of their shape.

The vac sweep is offered by the Zodiac pressure side pool system which is a renowned name in the field of vac sweep pool cleaners.

As compared to other automated pool cleaners, the little machine is cost-effective and offers better features.

Now you do not have to waste your crucial time in cleaning the swimming pool during weekends.

One of the most endearing features of this product is that it offers excellent customer care service with accessories.

Polaris 380 Specifications

  • Dimensions of the product: 9.75 x 20 x 22.5 inches
  • Weight of the product: 16.88 pounds
  • Size of vacuum inlet: 21/4 inches
  • Feed hose: Included
  • The total number of jets: 3
  • Installation: Required
  • Belt drive: Yes
  • Wheel types: Classic
  • Automatic backup: Yes
  • Backup valve: Yes
  • Debris bag: Single chambered
  • Booster pump: Not included
  • Customer care service: Included
  • Compatibility with Tailsweep PRO: Yes
  • User manual: Included
  • Product warranty: Included

What is the difference between Polaris 280 vs 380?

In all pool cleaners, the thing that matters most is its overall built quality.

The Zodiac Pool System uses ultra-light as well as durable material for them.

This feature has made Polaris 380 Pressure Side cost-efficient and you can even use it roughly, without any second thoughts.

Most importantly, these pool cleaners generate enough pressure from 3 Venturi jets to scrub the stairs, the walls, everything.

Thus, it cleans debris as well as stain marks from the surface of the pool quickly.

To offer you genuine security, the Polaris 380 also offers commendable after-sales service along with product warranty.

For further, in-depth detail about this cleaner you can go through the article below.

Polaris 280 vs 360 – Large filter bag

The Polaris vac 380 works on 3 jets, offering it fast speed to collect debris and clean stains from the surface.

This is the reason why this cleaner is equipped with a large filter bag.

Now you do not have to get rid of the debris frequently.

Difference between Polaris 360 and 380 – Automatic backup feature

Working with a fully automatic pool cleaner ease things for you as there is no need to put in any manual labor.

The Polaris 380 works on the automatic backup feature.

Now you do not have to free the cleaner once it gets stuck at one of the pool corners.

Polaris 380 vs 360 – Large vacuum inlet

Polaris pool cleaner 280

Polaris pool cleaner 280

There are times when the surface of the pool is covered with pebbles, acorns, large leaves, or twigs.

In such a case, you either have to remove such debris manually or have a cleaner with a large vacuum inlet.

The all-new Polaris pressure side 380 has a vacuum inlet of 21/4 inches that can easily clear even heavy debris.

Difference between Polaris 280 and 380 – Exceptional durability

The Polaris 380 is made up of durable material that is waterproof and can easily withstand extreme temperatures.

This is the reason why you can even use the product roughly without facing any issues.

Polaris 360 vs 280 – Excellent grip on the surface

A cleaner needs to have a proper grip on the pool surface; this is the reason why it offers 6 classic tires.

Thus, the automated machine can easily move even on a slimy pool surface without any hassle.

Polaris pool cleaner 280 vs 360 – Portability

Even though Polaris 380 offers quick service and generates a high amount of power, it is compact in shape.

Thus, you can easily keep it inside of a cabinet after the cleaning task gets concluded.

Polaris 380 reviews – Greater lifespan

As compared to most of the pool cleaners, the Polaris 380 has a greater lifespan, of around 5 years.

This will help you to save a considerable amount of money on frequent replacements or repairs.

Booster pump compatibility

Being a booster pump compatible the Polaris 380 clears debris within 3 hours’ time frame.

With the help of a booster pump, you do not have to deal with bad water pressure and can complete the cleaning process quickly.

No noise pollution

Polaris 380 has a relatively large number of propulsions to generate heavy power and pressure during the cleaning process.

Despite this, the cleaner does not generate noise pollution.

Thus, you can easily use it even during night time without surfacing any difficulty.

Additional products

Who doesn’t like to have add-on accessories with their primary purchase?

Well, thanks to the Polaris 380 pool cleaner, you will get 31 feet long feed hose along with installation manual and user guide.

Warranty and customer care

A genuine warranty and excellent customer care service secures your investment for a relatively long term.

Besides, several features, add-on products, the Polaris pool cleaner also offer after-sales service and product warranty.

Furthermore, you can even take tech support’s help to install the pool cleaner or fix any issue right away.

Thus, you do not have to think twice before operating the machine.


  • Cleans within 3 hours
  • Feed hose is included
  • Comes with an automatic backup process
  • Offers excellent customer care service
  • 3 Venturi jets are included
  • Works without creating noise
  • Single chamber filter bag
  • Easy to operate
  • Comes with 6 classic wheels
  • Large debris bag
  • Greater number of propulsions


  • The product is a bit bulky
  • You need to install it
  • Warranty is offered on demand
  • The booster pump is not included

Polaris 360 vs 380 – Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better Polaris 280 or 380?

As compared to Polaris 280, the 380 is superior in quality and have 3 Venturi pumps.

In addition to this, Polaris 380 has genuine compatibility with Tailsweep PRO.

What is the difference between Polaris 360 and 380?

Polaris 380 is much faster and more durable as compared to the 360-model.

Furthermore, the Polaris 360 vac sweep doesn’t require any booster pump during the cleaning process.

As compared to the Polaris 360, 380 have a higher number of propulsions.

This helps the Polaris vac sweep to generate more power, has a filter bag and it cleans a full-sized swimming pool in a relatively less time frame.

How does a Polaris 380 Pool Cleaner Work?

During the initial phase, you are required to install the Polaris 380 to a booster pump.

In the second step fit in the feed hose properly and then place the cleaner inside of the pool.

Lastly, turn on the power switch of the machine; it will start to clean the pool surface automatically.

How long does a Polaris cleaner last?

As a fact, the Polaris pressure side cleaner lasts for about 5 long years.

Moreover, the life of the pool side cleaner is directly dependent on their handling and care.

Besides, the use of a booster pump enhances the life span of a Polaris pressure side pool cleaner.

This is so because a booster pump help in proper water flow and this exerts less pressure on a pool cleaner.

ConclusionFully automatic Polaris 380 is one of the best cleaners which can clean all types of in-ground pools.

One of the most fascinating features of this side pool cleaner is that it comes with a backup automation feature.

The Polaris vac sweep has a belt drive, single chamber filter bag.

Thus, it doesn’t get stuck at any pool corners at the time of the cleaning process.

The Polaris vac sweep 380 is equipped with 3 pumps and uses booster ump during the process.

This is the reason why you can easily clean even a full-size swimming pool on short notice.

Along with the pressure side pool cleaner, you will get several add-on accessories viz. feed hose, user manual, installation guide, etc.

Thus, you will find it easy to use the product and do not have to invest more money in the purchase of essential accessories.

Last but not least, the all-new Polaris vac sweep offers a relatively large vacuum inlet of 21/4 inches.

This will offer you certain ease in picking even larger debris viz. acorns or pebbles from the floor of the swimming pool.