Polaris Pool Cleaner 280, 360, and 380 Troubleshooting [Updated for 2021]

Pool cleaners and a clean filter are some of the best ways to maintain your pool.

A filter screen is easy to install and use.

The biggest advantage of robot cleaners is that they do the cleaning automatically.

Thus, you can do other chores while they do the cleaning.

The Polaris 280 and 360 models clean more effectively compared to others.

Polaris has been in the business for a long time and has built a reputation for affordability and effectiveness.

Irrespective of the quality of the cleaners, it is obvious that they may have some trouble in the long run.

Do not worry. Polaris Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting can be fixed.

We have gathered the most common Polaris pool cleaner problems that you are likely to face. The following is a guide to Polaris 280 pool cleaner troubleshooting and Polaris 360 troubleshooting.

Polaris pool cleaner troubleshooting – Check the quick disconnect

The quick disconnect prevents the debris from getting inside the cleaner.

This part has the highest probability of getting damaged or not working properly.

Hence, how can you identify a quick disconnect?

A quick disconnect is connected to the hose of the cleaner to the return jet.

Usually, there are low chances of permanent damage in the return line.

Therefore, first of all, you must confirm that there is no debris clogging the disconnect, filter, or water tubes.

If there is, then clean the filter and tubes until there is no debris in it.

Let us say that you have cleaned the quick disconnect, and it is still not working.

What may be the reason?

It is surely because the quick disconnect has broken.

Replace the quick disconnect with a new one.

Make sure that you have a manual for replacing it, as the procedure changes as per the model.

What happens if the quick disconnect is broken?

In ideal conditions, the pressure gets reduced in the cleaner, and the debris is not filtered properly.

The pool cleaner will also stop working after a while, as debris has entered the main components.

Polaris 360 troubleshooting – Check the hose

Polaris pool cleaner troubleshooting

Before we discuss the methods to fix the hose, several aspects need to be taken into consideration.

You must know its functioning.

The hose of the cleaner booster pump churns out the water which has been through the filter before entering the pool.

Therefore, a leak in the hose will lead to lower pressure, and eventually damage the cleaner.

Now, there are two basic ways to fix a hose, i.e. temporary and permanent.

If you are looking for a temporary solution, then try waterproof clays or tapes.

Make sure that you let the tape settle properly before using the hose.

The permanent solution is to change it for a new one.

Irrespective of the method you choose, you must make sure that the cleaner is switched off while you are fixing it.

Polaris troubleshooting – Back-up valve

What does it do?

The main purpose of this piece is to increase the range of the Polaris cleaner.

Yes, this part enables effective cleaning of the complete pool.

How can you identify this valve?

If you look at the hose of your Polaris cleaner carefully, there is a nozzle.

That is known as the back-up valve.

If you want to fix it, then you have no other option then to replace it.

Polaris 280 pool cleaner troubleshooting -Techniques/Tips

Polaris pool cleaner troubleshooting
  • Always switch off the cleaner before checking it.
  • Inspect it once a week.
  • Use high-quality accessories as a replacement.

Polaris 280 troubleshooting common problems

The drive belts

One of the main reasons behind the cleaner not working is the damaged drive belt.

Yes, it is the belt that runs the cleaner.

To check the belt, you have to uninstall the cleaning unit first and inspect it.

If the belt is broken, then it has to be replaced.

Polaris pool cleaner manual best practices

  • You must inspect the pool cleaning units frequently.
  • Always follow a manual while troubleshooting.
  • Use proper tools to open the pool cleaning unit.

Tools you can use

  • Screwdriver
  • A wrench
  • Waterproof tape
  • Manual of the pool cleaner

Polaris 380 troubleshooting – Frequently Asked Questions

Polaris pool cleaner troubleshooting

Why is my pool cleaner, not working?

There are various reasons why it might not be working.

If you are unsure of the reason, then you will have to check everything.

Start with the hose and valve.

You can easily inspect them.

After that, look into the quick disconnect.

If all of them are working perfectly, then there is surely internal trouble like a broken belt.

In case you are not able to identify the fault, then it is better to summon the professionals.

Why does my pool cleaner keep stopping?

If you are facing faults almost daily, then it is best to do an overall servicing of the unit.

Replace the oldest parts with new ones.

You can also call a professional in case you are not confident enough to fix it.

However, we have already discussed the primary reasons for failure.

Why is my pool cleaner floating?

Have you ever wondered why humans float in water?

It is because the pressure of human bodies is less compared to the bottom of the pool.

Similarly, if the pressure inside the pool cleaner is low, then it will float.

Therefore, you must control the pressure inside the pool cleaner.

Why does the pressure drop?

It is most likely due to a damaged hose.

If the hose is leaking, then the unit will float.

Thus, replace the hose to prevent the unit from floating.

Alternatively, use the Polaris pool cleaner float adjustment to prevent this from happening.

How do you adjust the thrust of a Polaris pool cleaner?

First of all, you must know the ideal thrust.

Irrespective of the size of the pool, the thrust should not be less than 28 rpm (rotations per minute).

Polaris 360 stuck in corner of the pool? Without enough thrust, this can happen. Increase the thrust and it should have enough power to navigate out of the corner.

Let us say that you installed the Polaris, and the rotation is less than the standard.

What do you do? 

It is simple.

Take it out and increase the booster pump thrust by the jet nozzle.