Swimming Pool Alarms – YOUR Best Reviews (Updated 2021)

A swimming pool is a great way to enjoy your weekends. It brings the family together and creates memorable moments. Kids love playing in a swimming pool as they beat the heat while playing with water. They enjoy playing in the swimming pool with some games. They love it so much that they get into the swimming pool even without your permission. This is the potential danger of a swimming pool.

Child Safety and pool alarms

Hundreds of children die annually in accidents in a swimming pool, especially kids below 5 years old. Yes, what you are reading is correct. There have been cases where a child sneaks into the pool and drowns. Thus, it is extremely important to keep an eye on your children. However, no parent can keep an eye on their child for the whole day.

Hence, you require something that can help you out. Pool alarms have been designed specifically for these conditions. The best pool alarms are highly competent electronic devices that warn you when your kids go in the pool. This helps you to get them out of the swimming pool at the right time.

Alarms for Pools

Though there are many other alternatives like CCTV cameras, an alarm system outclasses them all. These pool alarms are easy to use and install. Since the day they were invented, many new companies have entered the market. There are hundreds of pool alarm system options on the market. Each promises to be better than other pool alarms on the market. Hence, it is extremely challenging to select the best pool alarm system. Don’t worry; we are here to help you choose from the best pool alarms.

Best Pool Alarms

Through our intense research, we have created a list of the best pool alarms on the market. There are chances that you may not agree with the list. Hence, to make this content helpful for everyone, we have also shared some important tips. Using these tips, you can easily select a pool-alarm solution that meets your requirements and expectations. Now, without further delay, let’s start with the list.

#1. Poolguard in-ground alarm (Best overall)

Swimming Pool Alarms-Poolguard in-ground alarm

Some features of the product are

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

This pool alarm system is a surface model, which means the main component of the system remains out of the pool. Due to this, the product has a loud warning sound if a child goes into the pool. The system cannot be de-activated, once it is installed in the swimming pool. This feature comes in handy if your child knows the working of the alarm. Hence, the pool alarm system will always be in an alert mode.

Coverage is an important factor for all swimming pool alarms. There are very few swimming pool alarms that can cover a large inground pool. This product is one of those. It can cover inground pools of up to 800 square feet. The product also consists of a remote receiver through which you can control the system. The range of the remote receiver is up to 200 feet. Hence, you can control pool safety from any part of your home.

Unlike most alarms for inground pools on the market, the sensor of the product is perfectly balanced. It doesn’t raise a false warning for cases like rain, toys, and many more. It is powered by a 9V battery, which provides a decent back-up.


  • Competent sensor. It does not raise a false alarm
  • It cannot be de-activated
  • Responsive remote receiver control


  • Lacks durability

#2. Safety turtle water alarm kit (Best safety)

Best Pool Alarms-Safety turtle water alarm kit

Some features of the product are

  •  Consists of a wrist band
  • Loud warning sound
  • Reliable sensors

Overall rating: 4.9 out of 5

The Safety Turtle is one of the most competent pool area alarm kits on the market. The product has the main alarm, an adapter, and a wrist band. The wrist band consists of a water sensor that is activated whenever water touches it. Hence, if your kid goes into the pool, the band will activate a warning. This will let you know that your child is in the swimming pool.

Since a battery powers the alarm, it’s a highly portable item. You can take it with you and install it on a new pool within a few minutes. The majority of pool area alarms on the market are ineffective in saltwater swimming pools. Even if they are installed in them, they raise frequent false alarms. This product has been designed specifically to solve this problem. You can use this product in a salt pool without any worry. The sensors are well-balanced in both fresh and saltwater swimming pools.

Though the product is overall of a high-quality, it has some flaws too. There is a chance that your child can remove the band by themselves. Hence, you have to make sure that they wear the band. You may also face issues with the life of the battery. It doesn’t last very long. You may have to change the battery almost every week.


  • The sensors are well balanced
  • It does not give false alarms
  • It is easy to install the product
  • Highly portable


  • Kids can remove the wrist band
  • Short battery life

#3. Poolguard door alarm (Best door alarm)

Poolguard door alarm (Best door alarm)

Some features of the product are

  • It has an adult pass
  • Battery-powered
  • 85 DB sound at 10 feet

Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5

You might want to keep your kids away from the pool. This pool area gate alarm can easily help you with that. You just have to install the product at the gate to the pool. Whenever your kid tries to open the gate to the pool area, the gate alarm produces a warning sound after 7 seconds.

A battery powers the product. Hence, you don’t have to set-up wiring for pool safety. You can also replace the battery easily with the instructions of the product. This pool alarm can be used for any type of swimming pool (inground pool, ground pool, etc.). It is highly effective even for a fiberglass gate.

It offers a battery indicator, which indicates the level of the battery. Many ground pool alarms fail due to low warning sounds. However, this product produces a loud warning sound to give you peace of mind. You can easily hear 85 decibel sound, even at 10 feet away from the product.

The sensors work perfectly, but it can sometimes trigger falsely. The way to tackle this is to delay the warning sound.


  • It can be used on all types of doors
  • Loud alarming sound
  • Battery indicator
  • Easy installation


  • Frequent false activations

#4. Turtle 2.0 water alarm kit (Best wrist sensor)

Turtle 2.0 water alarm kit

Some features of the product are

  • Water wrist band
  • Easy installation
  • Highly-portable

Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5

It can be a challenging task to keep kids out of the swimming pool. There are chances that they sneak into the pool when you are not looking. This product has solved this problem very efficiently to give you peace of mind. The kit contains a main alarm body, a wrist band, and an adapter. The unique part of the kit is the wrist band. You just have to tie it on your child’s arm, and the kit will do the remaining work.

The wrist band has a sensitive sensor. It means that even if your child puts their arm inside the pool, the warning sound will ring. The kit is powered by a battery, which you can easily replace by following the manual. It can also be connected to multiple wrist bands. Hence, you just have to get a wrist band for your second kid.

Overall, the quality of the product is decent. You won’t find any issue with durability. However, you may find the back-up of the battery short. There are instances when kids have removed the wristband. Hence, you have to make sure that they don’t remove the band.


  • Decent quality
  • Loud sound
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple bands can be connected


  • Low battery life
  • Kids can remove the band

#5. Pooleye ground pool alarm (Best connectivity)

 Pooleye ground pool alarm

Some features of the product are

  • It can be controlled by a remote receiver
  • Loud warning sound
  • Battery-powered

Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5

This product can be a great choice if you are planning to install multiple alarms as part of a pool patrol safety system. You can connect all the alarms with a single remote. Hence, the product is one of the most convenient alarms on the market.

The alarm produces a decent sound in case of an alert. Since it is a surface pool system, you don’t have to worry much about maintaining it. A battery powers the system, and offers a decent back-up. The sensors are highly sensitive. However, this sensitivity leads to frequent false alarms, which can be annoying for some.

The product can be installed easily, and customer care services are responsive. However, you may find issues with durability. The product gets damaged in cold water. Hence, it is recommended to uninstall the product in winters.


  • The loud warning sound emitted
  • One remote can be connected to multiple alarms
  • Easy to install


  • The kit does not come with a battery
  • Frequent false alarms
  • It gets damaged in cold water

#6. Poolguard Immediate door alarm (Best responsive alarm)

Poolguard Immediate door alarm

Some features of the product are

  •           Highly-responsive system
  •           Battery-powered
  •           Easy to install

Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5

Are you looking for a door security system that rings every time your child opens it? If yes, then, this may be the one. The Poolguard Immediate is one of the most competent pool door alarms on the market. You can easily install it on any type of door with the manual.

The pool alarm activates immediately when your child opens the door. It keeps ringing for 5 minutes no matter if the door is then closed or not. After 5 minutes, the system resets and is ready to alert you again. It is a highly reliable door security system. You will never face any issue with durability. The alarm is powered by a battery, which can be monitored by the indicator. You can also replace the battery easily by following the steps in the manual.

It does not have a button to turn off the alarm, which can be annoying for some.


  • Immediate response
  • Loud warning sound
  • Easy to maintain and set-up


  • Moderate quality
  • The pool alarm cannot be stopped before 5 minutes.

#7. Yardgard gate and window alarming kit (Best loudness)

Yardgard gate and window alarming kit

Some features of the product are

  • 120 Decibel warning sound
  • Manual reset available
  • Easy to install

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5

If you are looking for a multiple purpose pool safety kit, then this may be the one. This product can be installed on windows as well as doors. It has the loudest warning sound in the segment. It can produce up to 120 DB of sound. However, the loudness may vary due to the battery used.

Many people have a common complaint with door alarms. They usually keep ringing for many minutes after the door is opened, and cannot be stopped manually. However, this product offers you a system to manually turn off the system or reset it.

Though it is a beneficial system, it can be counted as a demerit too. Due to the manual system, your child can switch off the pool alarm easily. Hence, you have to make sure that the pool alarm is installed at a certain height.

The product serves its purpose well, but you may not be satisfied with the quality.


  • Produces loud warning sound
  • It can be stopped manually
  • It is easy to install


  • Low quality of the product

Buying Guide for Pool Alarms

Keep your swimming pool alarm requirements in mind

The first step to buy a pool alarm kit is to know your expectations. If you want to protect your children from going to a pool, then you must look for a different alarm. Usually, surface water pool alarms are preferred to keep your children safe.

pool alarms reviews – sound and connectivity

The loudness of the alarm matters a lot. We recommend you to choose a pool alarm that produces a decent sound. Usually, the sound above 80 decibels is considered loud enough.

We would also recommend you to select a pool alarm that offers great connectivity. Selecting a pool patrol safety kit that consists of a remote would be great. There are even some kits that can be connected to your smartphone.

Pool alarm review – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions related to pool alarms.

How much does a pool alarm cost?

The cost of every pool alarm varies by a huge margin. It completely depends on the type of pool alarm you select. Some pool alarms in the market will cost you less than a hundred dollars. These kits are competent enough to alert you when your child goes into the pool water. However, they are usually not very durable. There are chances that you may face issues with the battery.

These pool kits are the simplest version of pool alarms. Hence, they will not offer you features like remote control, manual control, battery indicator, or any other advanced feature. However, if you are looking for a tool kit that offers a wide variety of range of features then, it will cost you more. These pool kits usually cost more than a hundred dollars, but they are great for a long period.

They offer you features like a remote control. Hence, you are always in control of the pool alarm. They are even considered better in terms of durability and sensitivity. They do not produce frequent false alarms. These pool kits are highly recommended if you are looking for a kit to protect your child.

What are the types of pool alarm kits?

There are four types of pool alarm kit.

  • Surface detection pool alarm – These pool alarm kits are installed at the surface of the pool. Some part of the alarm is submerged in the pool, while the main body is alarm remains out. These pool alarm kits are usually highly sensitive. Hence, there are high chances that you may face the issue of false alarms. They usually require maintenance to increase durability. They can get damaged under some conditions. Thus, proper instructions should be followed to maintain them.
  • Sub-water alarm kits – They are installed inside the pool. Therefore, they raise the alarm when there is a change in pool pressure. These alarms have the highest rate of a false activation as the pressure of the pool can change due to climatic conditions. However, they have great precision and can be preferred for large pools.
  • Door alarm kits – These kits are installed at the door. They raise the alarm when the door is opened. Hence, you will have to install it at the door towards your pool. They offer high-accuracy and have the lowest rate of false activation. They usually do not require any maintenance and have high durability. Most of these kits don’t have manual control, which can be irritating for some people.
  • Pool Immersion alarm kit – These kits have been specifically designed to protect your kids. They consist of a wristband worn by your child. The alarm gets activated whenever the band comes in contact with water. They are the most portable alarm kits in the market. However, these bands can be removed by your kid, which can be a little worrying.

What is the best pool alarm kit?

There is no perfect pool alarm kit for all. It completely depends on your requirements and expectations from an alarm kit. If you are looking for a kit through which you can protect your kids, then the immersion or door alarm kits are a great choice.

Pool safety alarm – Conclusion

Pool alarm kits are the most efficient way to protect your kids. They are easy to install and use. They don’t require much maintenance and can last for many seasons. You must keep in mind that there is no perfect pool alarm kit. Every pool alarm kit has some advantages over others on the market. However, you can select the perfect kit for yourself though our list and tips.

This list was made after intense research. All of the products were ranked based on various factors like sound, sensitivity, and durability. Hence, you won’t regret choosing a product from our list; they are the best products on the market at present.

To make things simpler for you, we decided to rank the top three pool alarm kits on the market. The first kit on our list is the ‘Poolguard in-ground alarm’ which is the most efficient surface alarm kit on the market. The kit is acclaimed for not producing false alarms like most kits on the market. It can also be controlled by a remote. The second best kit on our list is the ‘Safety turtle alarm kit.’

This is one of the best alarm kits to protect your kids. The issue is with the battery due to its short life. The third best product on our list is the ‘Poolguard door alarm.’ It is one of the best door kit alarms on the market. Hence, you won’t face any issue with the quality.

What are you waiting for? Follow these tips and grab the best pool alarm kit for yourself.