Pool Coping Ideas – What is the best material, edge and brick? (2021)

 Have you ever wondered if you need pool coping?

If you have an in-ground swimming pool, you will need coping, particularly if it has been constructed using concrete.

The term “coping” is used to describe any materials used to cap your swimming pool.

It’s the finished edge of your swimming pool which provides a decorative touch to your pool environment.

It’s similar to the pavers pool owners use around the pool.

When you grab onto the edge of your pool, you are grasping the coping.

Let’s take a look at our best pool coping review to get a grasp of what the market has to offer.

What is swimming pool coping?

Pool copings cover the concrete edges concealing the steel in the walls of the pool wall.

They should protect the pool structure by preventing water from seeping behind your pool wall.

Many designs of coping pool owners use have a nice finished appearance.

If the coping is correctly installed, any water that is splashed will run right onto your pool deck drains thanks to it being tilted ever so slightly away from your pool.

Coping materials are precast in concrete, or brick coping, and come in straight sections, curved or corner sections.

It is often made in porous precast concrete as well as brick, stone, or tile.

If you have a deck around your pool area, deck builders have specific coping products to provide your pool with a seamless look between the pool and the deck.

Vinyl Pools and Swimming Pool Coping

Coping for vinyl pools is available and is usually one of three types:

  • Cantilever Edging – Forms made of foam are latched onto a wall and poured concrete is used to create a deck that goes slightly over the pool’s edge. It can be decorated.
  • Flat Mount – This is not true coping but a track that contains the pool liner. Once mounted, it is covered with a standard coping stone.
  • Top Mount – This is the commonest of coping materials for in-ground vinyl pools. It is often referred to as C-channel or even half-round coping. It is made out of heavy aluminum that is weather coated and is a kind of form that you pour the pool deck against. Once it is fixed to the wall, you’re ready to go.

Swimming Pool Coping and Safety

Aside from providing your pool area with attractive decor, coping serves an important purpose where safety is concerned.

It provides your swimming pool with a non-slip surface where you can walk when entering or leaving the pool.

Best Coping for the Pool

#1. Silver Creek Stoneworks Indiana Chiseled Limestone Concrete Wall Cap

#2. Silver Creek Stoneworks Indiana Chiseled Edge Limestone Concrete Seat Wall Cap

#3. Silver Creek Stoneworks Limestone Concrete Radius Seat Wall Cap

Coping for the Pool Reviews

#1. Silver Creek Stoneworks Indiana Chiseled Limestone Concrete Wall Cap



  • Pillar cap set in 2 pieces
  • Approximately 125 lbs.
  • 30 x 30 x2.25 inches
  • Cast concrete in Indiana limestone finish
  • Chiseled edges with smooth top

Silver Creek Stone is a major manufacturer of tiles and coping that are wet cast concrete, but that appears as beautiful as natural authentic limestone.

They are more economical and lay faster aided by the consistent dimensions produced.


  • Looks like the more expensive natural limestone
  • Economical when compared to natural stone
  • Tiles are manufactured to consistent dimensions
  • Quick installation
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Wet cast concrete as opposed to natural stone

#2. Silver Creek Stoneworks Indiana Chiseled Edge Limestone Concrete Seat Wall Cap



  • Wall cap in a pack of 3 pieces
  • 24 x12 x 2.25 inches
  • 53 lbs.
  • Chiseled edges on front back and one side with smooth top
  • Concrete in Indiana limestone finish
  • Easily attached with concrete adhesive

This beautiful concrete coping does everything to not seem like concrete but with all of the advantages of concrete installation.

The edges are handcrafted and the hewn finish makes the seat walls and pillars look like expensive natural Indiana limestone.

The consistent manufacturing dimensions allow for easy assembly and installation.


  • Easy assembly
  • Edges and hewn finish appear as natural stone
  • Economical when compared to authentic stone
  • Resistant


  • Some complaints about the color

#3. Silver Creek Stoneworks Limestone Concrete Radius Seat Wall Cap



  • The package is sold with 3 pieces
  • 2 chiseled edges with a smooth top
  • 18.75 x 12 x 2.25 inches
  • 39 lbs.
  • Easy to attach with concrete adhesive
  • Concrete is colored as Indiana Limestone

These caps and tops by Silver Creek Stoneworks offer all the ease of concrete installation but with the expensive appearance of natural stone to enhance your pool design and architecture.

The ease of assembly and economical pricing make this coping more convenient than a natural stone installation while maintaining beauty.

The limestone finish is realized in a mixture of buff and light grey.


  • Easy assembled and installed
  • Economical and resistant
  • Appear as natural limestone


  • Some chipping and breakage reported when cutting attempted
  • Some reporting of air bubbles in the finish

No Pool Coping Ideas, No Party

If you don’t want to use coping around your pool, the concrete or wood deck surrounding your pool can be extended a bit over the pool’s edge around the entire pool.

This option is quite popular and can give a custom look to your pool area and landscape design.

Some pool area architecture will use pool paving or pool pavers that do exactly this as opposed to opting for coping, with materials ranging from brick to flagstone or even a synthetic deck.

Pool coping ideas – How to Choose/A Buyers Guide

Choosing the best pool coping is vital to your pool area for protection, safety, and aesthetics.

What you choose will depend heavily on your style and your wallet.

Several considerations to keep in mind when planning are:

  • How it fits into your home’s landscape aesthetically
  • The finish and color of your pool
  • Performance of the stone you choose in terms of density, slip resistance, durability with salt, expansion resistance due to wet, dry, wet, dry, etc.
  • Bond beam structure material
  • Size limitations: set down or expansion joints may influence the size
  • Slip rating for safety
  • Tile thickness or thinness: density is variable
  • Laying your coping: on a wet bed or glue?

Swimming pools coping – FAQs

What is the best material for pool coping?

The classic coping material is poured concrete.

It provides a seamless frame to your in-ground concrete or fiberglass pool and will make your pool seem larger. Read our guide for the best robotic pool cleaner instead.

Is pool coping necessary?

If your pool is constructed in concrete, it will need coping because it serves as a capping for the edge of your pool. It also protects the pool shell.

What does pool coping look like?

Coping is the capping that surrounds the edge of your pool giving it a clean, elegant look and preventing water damage.

It protects your pool shell from the weather and has an attractive slant away from the pool.

It can be found in concrete, composite synthetic materials or stone.

How long should the pool coping last?

Pool coping can last anywhere from ten to thirty years. Over time the water may affect the surface and cause some erosion.

Different materials and weather conditions may also affect it.

Pool capping – The Bottom Line

Completing your pool area and protecting your pool are priorities for safety, aesthetics, and to ensure that your pool investment has a long life.

Although there are many options when choosing pool coping materials, poured concrete will provide you with an aesthetically pleasing and economical solution.

Our top choice, Silver Creek Stoneworks’ Indiana Chiseled Limestone Concrete Wall Cap, can offer numerous design options with the durability of natural stone, but with less maintenance and a lower cost.

Likewise, our second and third choices, Silver Creek Stoneworks’ Indiana Chiseled Edge Limestone Concrete Seat Wall Cap and Silver Creek Stoneworks’ Indiana Chiseled Limestone Concrete Radius Seat Wall Cap, offer the same attractive qualities in durability, maintenance, and budget savings while providing you with the beauty of natural limestone at a fraction of its cost.

We hope you’ll take time to explore your options, aided by our coping information when choosing the right coping for your swimming pool area.

Enjoy your swimming pool for many years thanks to beautiful, and durable pool coping that guarantees functionality and safety.