Best Pool Cover Reel Reviews – Solar, Roll Up, and… Vingli? (Updated 2021)

Having a swimming pool at your home transforms hot afternoons into perfect relaxation times with family and friends.

Pools need to be continuously maintained to ensure that debris and bacteria do not inhabit the water.

A certain level of temperature needs to be maintained for the water chemistry to work and keep bacteria and algae at bay.

A pool cover becomes essential at this point as it protects the water from foreign debris and helps to keep it warmer during low temperatures.

Do you hate the process of covering and uncovering your pool manually using a cover to maintain warm temperatures inside?

Hate it no more since all the cumbersome work is now easy using a pool cover reel that will help you to cover and uncover it without breaking a sweat.

Besides helping you to handle the cover with ease, the best pool cover reel will lengthen the life of your pool.

One thing though, do you know the best brand of cover among the many that are currently available on the market?

Stick around as you get to be informed about the five best pool cover reel kits that you can choose.

Best Pool Cover Reel

#1. VINGLI 18 Feet Pool Solar Cover Reel for Inground Swimming Pool

#2. VINGLI Aluminum Solar Swimming Inground Pool Cover

#3. Nova Microdermabrasion 21 FT Aluminum Inground Solar Cover Reel w/Thermometer

#4. Intex Solar Cover Reel for 9ft – 16ft Wide Intex Above Ground Pools

Pool Cover Reel Reviews

#1. VINGLI 18 Feet Pool Solar Cover Reel for Inground Swimming Pool, Aluminum Solar Swimming Inground Cover Blanket Reel

Pool Cover Reel-VINGLI 18 Feet Pool Solar Cover Reel


Length: 18 feet
Color: Lemon yellow
Comes with anti-slip leg
Uses full solid tires

Cover and uncover your swimming pool with ease using this top of the range cover reel that is easy to assemble and use.

The reel is designed with strap links and a lockable telescopic tube that enhances its pulling force and stability during use.

With the ability to fit any shape, the reel helps to sufficiently cover pools ranging from 14 to 18 feet in width.

The cover reel is elevated with an excellent ground clearance that allows it to roll up with ease, better than conventional reels.

The aluminum pipe of the reel does not droop easily, thereby allowing the straps to fit on tightly and maintain the required tension of the cover.

The reel’s durability is further enhanced because it is rust-free since it is made from aluminum with large wheels that are solid.

Rolling and unrolling of the cover is made easy using the one-hand crank located on one end of the reel together with a mechanical lock that prevents it from rotating when the cover is rolled.

It is advisable to use a sandbag to help secure the reel from tipping over when it is in operation.

The lemon-yellow color of the reel adds to the beauty of your pool’s surroundings.


Easy to assemble and use
The reel is maintenance-free
Can work with any pool shape


Needs to be secured to avoid tipping over

#2. VINGLI Aluminum Solar Swimming Inground Pool Cover, Up to 18-Feet Wide x 40-Feet Long

Pool Cover Reel-VINGLI Aluminum Solar Swimming Inground Pool Cover


Can stretch up to 18 feet in width
Encompasses a 3-section design

If you struggle with covering and uncovering your pool, bring the struggles to an end using this cover reel.

Assembling this reel does not require expert skill; neither does its use.

The cover easily rolls up on the reel due to its stability and does not shake when being used, courtesy of the lockable tubes.

You will not incur any maintenance costs while using this cover reel as it is free from rust and highly durable since it incorporates stainless steel and aluminum in its build.

Good ground clearance of the reel makes it easy to roll and unroll the cover while the pipe’s 3-section design ensures it does not sag into the water.

If your pool’s shape is not rectangular, the reel will still do the job for you since all you do is to cut the cover to match your pool’s shape.

With your pool adequately covered, evaporation is minimal during hot months, and the optimum temperature of the water is maintained during cold months.


Can fit any shape
Durable, maintenance-free design
The material of the reel does not rust


Installation of the reel may be challenging for some

#3. Nova Microdermabrasion 21 FT Aluminum Inground Solar Cover Reel w/Thermometer

Pool Cover Reel-Nova Microdermabrasion 21 FT Aluminum Inground Solar Cover Reel w/Thermometer


  • Comes with a thermometer
  • Can cover up to 21 feet

The reel is made of aluminum and comes with a handwheel that makes it easy to roll the cover on and off the pool.

The product comes with instructions for ease of assembly and includes stakes and straps for a sturdy construction.

The reel’s manufacturer throws in a free thermometer to help you know the water temperature and take corrective action if needed.

Unlike the conventional 3-section tube reels, the Nova brand comes with 7-section tubes making it easy to adjust to any size below 21 feet.

The several tubes also contribute to its overall structural rigidity making it an excellent buy to serve you for a longer duration.

You need to secure the base of the reel with a sandbag during use so it does not tip over into the water.


Durable and long-lasting design
Covers a large area
The reel is user friendly
Accompanying clips and connectors make it easy to use
The thermometer comes as a useful aid for temperature monitoring


Incoherent instructions for assembly

#4. Intex Solar Cover Reel for 9ft – 16ft Wide Intex Above Ground Pools

Pool Cover Reel-Intex Solar Cover Reel for 9ft - 16ft Wide Intex Above Ground Pools


  • Uses aluminum shafts that interlock
  • Ideal for rectangular shaped pools

Measuring 16 inches wide, this cover is ideal for rectangular shaped pools above ground.

It is easy to assemble and use this reel as neither specialized tools nor expertise is required.

The reel’s construction is heavy-duty, which helps keep the cover in place, thereby keeping the water warmer and free from debris.

The reel is friendly to the environment and will help to maintain the excellent quality of your solar cover.

The solar blanket comes with a hand crank made from plastic of high strength coupled with a lock that prevents it from turning in an undesired direction when in use.


Installation for this solar blanket and reel is easy
It is made of heavy-duty material
Works well with a solar blanket


  • It is ideal for above ground pools only
  • It is relatively small
  • Does not include a solar blanket

#5. Intex 28051 Roller for Solar Cover

Pool Cover Reel-Intex 28051 Roller for Solar Cover


Made of heavy-duty material
Has aluminum pipe shaft for interlocking

If you are looking for a solar swimming pool cover reel that is easy to work with, this is your option.

The design of the reel allows it to attach to the pool’s metal frame conveniently.

The reel is adjustable in size, which facilitates smooth rolling on and off of this swimming pool cover.

Incorporating a lock on the handle of the reel stops the reel from an unintended roll during usage.

The hand crank is also made from non-corrosive plastic, thereby adding to its overall durability.


Installation is easy together with the usage
Durable and long-lasting
Adjustable to fit any size
Compatible with most stainless steel pool frames for attaching


The reel does not come with a solar cover
Only suitable for rectangular pools

Solar cover reel reviews – Buying Guide

When you plan to buy a pool cover reel, it is vital to understand what type of reel will be most suitable.

It is not in doubt that a reel simplifies the covering and uncovering process; it’s much easier than doing it manually.

With many brands of reels retailing on the market, it helps to have a grasp of their quality and durability before committing to buying one.

Benefits of a good swimming pool cover reel

A good reel makes the rolling a cover on and off an easy affair that simplifies the work that may otherwise be cumbersome.

A good cover reel also helps to maintain the cover’s quality since there is no scratching and mishandling during use.

Having a good cover reel will help to cover all the corners, which will prevent foreign particles from entering the water, making maintenance easier.

Besides, a good cover reel will keep the cover in place to help maintain a warm temperature in a cold season, thereby saving you costs incurred from heating the water.

Features to consider when buying a pool cover reel

Pool cover reels come in different dimensions suited for different pool shapes and types.

Before committing your hard-earned money, you need to understand a few features to achieve value in your purchase.

Consider the following swimming pool reel cover features:

Pool cover reels are designed for different types of pools.

Some are suitable for below the ground pools, while others are ideal for swimming pools above the ground.

Look for the specification from the manufacturer depending on the type of your swimming pool.

Pool cover reels come in different dimensions measured in feet.

Your pool also has its dimensions in feet for both length and width.

Look for a reel that will fit the pool’s size while rolling on and off the pool cover.

Pay attention to your pool shape and the reel that is suitable so that it ensures an even spread of the cover over its entire surface.

The installation process of the pool cover reel

Reels come with different installation requirements and instructions.

Assembling some reels can be overly complicated and might need more than one person, while for others, it is a straightforward job for one person, just joining the parts.

The installation process of some complicated reels can discourage you from using it if you are not careful.

Go for a brand that offers a durable stainless steel crank for the best results, and one that is suitable for use on a wide range of pools, and has coherent and clear instructions on how to assemble the reel.

  • User-friendliness

Pool cover reels do not work the same way when rolling and unrolling the pool cover, especially when dealing with a winder type.

Pay special attention to reels that are easy to use as opposed to complicated ones.

  • Build quality of the crank arm

It is easy to roll and unroll your pool cover on a heavy-duty stainless steel crank arm, which will last for a long time.

  • Go for a high-quality build of the crank arm.

Solar cover reels reviews – Frequently asked questions

How does a pool cover reel work?

It works by attaching the pool cover to the crank arm using straps, making it easier to roll and unroll the pool cover over the pool’s surface. The best cranking arms are made of stainless steel.

What is the best pool cover?

The best pool cover is the VINGLI pool cover.

What is the best solar cover reel?

You will not go wrong with the VINGLI Pool Cover Reel Set 18 Feet Pool Solar Cover Reel for Inground Swimming Pool, Aluminum Solar Swimming Inground Cover Blanket Reel (Upgrade)

Solar cover reel review – Conclusion

Let’s recap.

A pool cover reel is a piece of essential equipment that helps you maintain your pool as per recommendations.

It simplifies the work of rolling on and off the pool cover over the pool’s surface that would otherwise be cumbersome.

The reel comes with its range of benefits that cannot be ignored.

When opting to buy one, it is essential to consider the buying guide and key features highlighted in this article to achieve value for your money.

The VINGLI Pool Cover Reel Set 18 Feet Pool Solar Cover Reel for Inground Swimming Pool is an ideal one and is ahead of the pack.

Alternatively, you can go for VINGLI Aluminum Solar Swimming Inground Pool Cover Reel Set with similar benefits.

The Nova Microdermabrasion Swimming Pool Cover Reel Set 21 FT Aluminum Inground Solar Cover Reel w/Thermometer is also a wise choice as it comes with a thermometer for monitoring pool temperature.