How To Keep Ducks Out – Away Of Swimming Pool (2021)

Everyone loves to swim in a pool, especially in summer.

It helps to kick-off the heat in an effective way, while you enjoy the water.

However, this season brings a lot more trouble for swimming pool owners, such as ducks and you must know how to keep ducks out of your pool.

Yes, they are adorable and loved by children.

They usually appear in the summer as they migrate.

While they migrate, they are in search of a place that is safe from prey and can be used as a breeding ground.

Your swimming pool becomes a great place for them.

However, these ducks lead to pollution of the water of the pool because of duck poop.

They secrete waste and add bacteria.

This contaminates the pool very quickly.

Of course, no one would like to swim in that water.

That is why we have brought you the best tips so you know how to keep ducks out of the pool.

Duck off Basics

How to keep ducks out of the pool:

These methods are effective, yet they have their flaws.

Summon the predators – to keep ducks out of pool

The environment is based on the food chain or the ecological cycle.

Thus, there is a predator of almost every living being on the planet.

Ducks have various natural predators.

Some of them are whales, sharks, dolphins, dogs, eagles, and many more.

Ducks tend to stay far away from the predators.


Well, predators are not only a threat to the life of the duck but also their eggs.

Thus, predators are a natural repellent.

Now, there are various ways to summon a predator.

One way is to put inflatables in the swimming pool.

Yes, try to put inflatables of predators like a whale or dolphin in the pool.

The second way is to have a predator as a pet.

Usually, dogs are considered best duck deterrents to keep ducks out of the pool.

Do not worry if you are not a dog or a cat person.

We would recommend you to not to get a cat as they are professional assassins.

Instead of keeping away the ducks, cats will hunt them down, which can get messy.

Cover up everything to keep ducks away

What if the ducks cannot get into the pool?

Perfect idea!


You can try to cover your pool with various items that are available on the market.

You can even get a solar cover or regular pool cover.

It will not only protect your pool from ducks but also maintain the temperature of the pool.

Other than this, you can create a pool cover from bird netting, and secure it with the fishing line.

Utilize technology and keep ducks out of pool

Technology has played a vital role in improving the lives of people.

How To Keep Ducks Out
Duck and Drake are swimming. Wild Ducks Couple are reflected in the calm water

It has even impacted the way to keep ducks out of the swimming pool water.

The first device you can use is a motion sensor sprinkler.

This sprinkler will spray water on the ducks in pool water every time they get into the pool.

They are easy to use and maintain and good at keeping ducks out of the pool.

The second device can be the automatic pool cleaner.

The main role of this device is to keep the water stirred.

This will keep ducks from settling on the surface of the pool.

The third device you can use is an ultrasonic sound wave producer.

Ducks cannot handle ultrasonic waves.

Therefore, waves by this device keep ducks out of the pool.

Use duck repelling solutions to get rid of ducks

There are various repelling solutions on the market.

However, their basic principle remains the same.

These solutions make it uncomfortable for the ducks to swim on the surface of the water.

Thus, after trying once, they do not return to the pool.

Do not worry.

These chemicals are not harmful to you or the ducks in any way.

They are feasible to make it uncomfortable for ducks to swim.

Techniques/Tips to keep ducks out of your pool

Irrespective of the basic tips, you still might find ducks near the pool or pool deck.

Therefore, it is necessary to follow these additional tips.

1. Remove things that attract ducks in pool

Get rid of all the things that may attract or become helpful in a breeding ground for ducks.

Try to remove any unnecessary bushes, as they can become nests.

You can also remove plants that attract ducks.

2. Scare pool ducks

It is recommended to use anything that resembles predators.

There is no limit to the things you can use.

You can even set up a model of an eagle or owl near the pool.

Try to use a realistic model.

Do you know that eyes scare ducks?


Well, eyes make them feel that predators are observing them.

Therefore, you can even place items like eye balloons.

However, they are effective for a short period.

How to get rid of ducks in pool – common problems

There are some queries that might pop into your mind.

Raising queries out of enthusiasm shows your eagerness to delve deep into the issue and enhance your knowledge.

We have tried to identify the common problems, with possible resolutions, regarding ducks.

We have also solved the majority of problems that you may encounter while keeping ducks out of the pool.

keeping ducks out of pool best practices

Through our research and experience, we have observed the best practices in terms of duck deterrent methods.

Here are some of them that might be helpful to you.

  • Try to use electronic models of predators.

It has been observed that after a while, ducks get used to the models.

Thus, use models that have moving parts.

This will give them a realistic look.

  • You can use bird netting to stop them from entering the pool.
  • Maintain the surface tension by using fishing line.
  • Always use devices made by a reputable brand on the market.

Make sure that the device is well within your budget.

Tools you can use to get rid of ducks in your pool

Here are some tools that you must have in addition to any other deterrent you use.

  • Pool cleaning kit
  • Extra chemicals and ‘duck off’

How to keep ducks out of the pool – Frequently Asked Questions

Are ducks bad for the pool?

Yes, they are bad for the pool.


Well, they will contaminate the pool.

They will secrete duck poop in your pool, and it is also obvious that no one wants to swim in a contaminated pool.

Having them in the pool is bad, both for you as well as them.

We have already discussed how it is harmful to you, but how is it harmful to ducks?

Usually, pools have lots of chemicals in them to keep the water clean.

When ducks swim, they drink this water, which can harm them.

How to keep the ducks away from the pool?

You can easily keep the ducks out of the pool by the resourceful tips discussed above.

Let us recap them.

You can even use plastic models.

  • You can use solutions that make swimming for ducks uncomfortable.
  • You have to remove anything that attracts birds.

They are looking for a breeding ground. Do not let that be your pool.

Remember, there are many other ways too, but we found these methods to be the most effective ones.

Will Cayenne pepper keep the ducks away from the pool?

Many people tend to prefer homemade solutions to problems.

Cayenne pepper is one of those solutions.

This pepper is usually used to deworm animals.

Yes, it gives an extremely high burning sensation.

Therefore, you can say that a dash of cayenne pepper can keep ducks out of the pool.

However, this method is not effective in the long run.

After a few hours, you will observe the ducks return to the pool.

What is duck off?

‘Duck off’ is a solution that is used to make swimming uncomfortable for ducks in the pool.

Yes, this is a product by a single company, Duck Off Bunnings.

There are many alternatives available on the market with the same principle, but different names.

You can select those too.

How to keep birds away from my yard?

Do you want to keep the birds far away from your yard?

Do not worry.

The method remains the same.

Just follow the tips already discussed.

It is recommended to remove the things that attract birds as they are the main reason for birds in your yard.