How To Keep Frogs Out Of Swimming Pool-Use Repellent To Get Rid Of Them (2021)

While frogs do not have any tangible effect on your health, dead frogs in your pool is probably not a scene you would like to wake up to.

Amphibians live by water and frogs are attracted to fresh, homely water in your pool that has a chance of hosting bugs and insects that would end up being a bountiful meal.

Stagnant water may attract frogs in swarms not to mention that it is an excellent breeding ground for them.

If you have had to scoop a frog from your pool once or several times a week, this article will offer you some tips to help keep them away from around the pool area through simple practices.

frogs out of pool

The basics of how to keep frogs out of pool

You probably have different reasons why you don’t want to have frogs in your pool.

There are, however, two general reasons why pool owners want to keep the little fellas away as much as possible.

The first reason is that when these little things get into the pool they may never find their way out, thereby giving you the additional task of removing dead pool frogs.

We said they breed in water and this becomes the second reason that you don’t want your beautiful pool turned into a hatchery for tadpoles.

These are some of the ways you can keep frogs out of the pool area.

#1. Using a pool cover to get rid of frogs in pool

With and without the availability of other options to keep frogs from your pool, a pool cover should be sufficient to help keep them out.

Fastening the cover tightly to the pool whenever the pool is not in use and mostly at night keeps pool frogs away by reducing their food supply. It also reduces the number of bugs and insects in the pool.

Besides, you can use regular pool covers to enhance the safety of your little ones and pets since they fit tightly on the pool ensuring your pets will not get themselves trapped in the pool.

#2. Block the path of frogs which leads to your pool

You can reduce the number of unwanted visitors that your pool gets by blocking their path.

Building a barrier fence can stop more than just frogs from getting to your pool.

A suitable pool fence can be made of wood, vinyl, or chicken wire while leaving no space between the fence and the ground.

There are several practices also aimed at blocking the path of the frogs to the pool without building a real fence.

If you happen to know the direction from which they approach the pool, you can block them by arranging a row of flowers in planter boxes to keep them moving along the row until they are far enough away.

Spraying or sprinkling certain repellants like vinegar, bleach, and salt across their path can also deter them from reaching the pool.

#3. Cut your lawn and organize things to keep frogs out of your pool

How frequently do you cut your lawn?

If you have a pool in the backyard, you will need to frequently cut the grass short and pull out any weeds.

Stacked stones, wood, or any other items may attract frogs to your compound.

You should make sure that if you have any of these on your property, they are nowhere near the pool.

Organizing things and cutting the lawn eliminates their hideouts and trust me they do not like mid-day meetings.

Eliminate anything that may attract insects and bugs.

#4. Turn off the lights to keep frogs away from pool

Lights around your pool will attract bugs and insects.

The presence of bugs and insects will, in turn, attract frogs to the pool where some will drown in the pool when they can’t find their way out of the water.

To avoid this, remember to turn off pool lights, lawn lights, and walk through lights every night.

#5. Heat the water and keep it moving to avoid tadpoles in pool

Amphibians live in cold water.

They depend on cold water for their oxygen supply and heating the water cuts that supply making frogs leave your pool as soon as they enter it.

Stagnant water is a breeding ground for frogs; it is a safe place they can lay and hatch their eggs.

Keeping the water circulating reduces the chance of frogs laying eggs in it.

Other than having a water pump, it is advisable that you also install a fountain or a waterfall to enhance water circulation.

#6. Give them a helping hand and keep frogs out of pool

Frogs aren’t all that bad even though you do not want them in your pool, they feed on bugs and insects and reduce the number of them in your compound.

Sometimes, the edge of the pool is a bit higher than the water level and they can’t jump out.

To keep them out, you can make it easier for them to leave by installing a frog log or a rescue ramp in the water.

A frog log and a ramp will facilitate a stranded frog to reach the edge of the pool water from where they can safely jump out.

If a frog can reach the edge, then you will have less trouble ‘mourning’ frogs that drown.

Techniques/Tips how to get rid of frogs in my pool

A combination of two or more of the above steps should keep frogs away but there are some minor additional points you need to know to make it even better.

  • Debris-filled water will always attract frogs regardless of how much you try to keep them away.

Pool maintenance such as cleaning the debris and leaves should be a routine activity for every owner. Make sure insects and bugs don’t gather near your pool.

  • You can keep frogs away by creating a small pond just for them.

Dig a shallow pond or trench a good distance away from your pool and put in some debris and fill it with water.

If you have kids in the compound make sure they do not go playing around there.

  • Spraying a frog repellant can also work wonders in keeping them away.

How to get rid of frogs around pool – Common Problems

It is true that nobody wants to swim alongside frogs but that does not mean killing several of them will get rid of the problem.

While you can control and limit their access by using repellants, you should also be aware that some repellants may kill them.

We would advise that you try as much as possible not to spray the repellants directly on the creatures.

If you do not want them in your pool, why would you want them dead in your compound?

When erecting a fence, ensure that the wood, vinyl, or any material you use is in contact with the ground, leaving no gaps and it should be high enough to prevent them from hopping over.

Analysis of best practices to keep frogs out of a pool

There are different ways to keep frogs out of your pool as we have discussed above. No one method is guaranteed to work.

Some of the ways will generally improve your swimming experience at the expense of the amphibians.

In this light, some of the methods should only be used as a last resort where others have failed to deter the frogs.

If you get a frog stuck in your pool, you should try to get rid of it humanely without hurting it, scooping it up with a bucket is considered much better than fishing them out using a pool net.

While it may seem illogical to have a separate pond just for frogs, it can be your best alternative especially in areas near swamps, which attract a host of different insects that frogs can feed on.

Tools you can use to get rid of frogs in pool

Several tools will come in handy the moment you have frogs stuck in your pool.

Even before that, there are tools you can use to deter them and keep them away. Here are some of the most commonly used items.

1. Frog log

This tool is essential just in case a frog gets stuck in the water.

It can be bought anywhere you can get pool accessories or you can just make a customized one from readily available materials.

2. Pool heater

One of the ways to deter frogs from the pool is to keep it warm.

You can get a liquid solar cover heater, solar rings, or a heat pump for heating purposes.

Frogs in my pool – Frequently asked questions

How do I keep frogs away from my pool?

  • The best way to keep frogs from your pool is by using a combination of several of the methods we mentioned in this article.
  • Say, for example, build a fence and always cover your pool whenever it is not in use.
  • Another combination can be heating the pool and keeping the water moving, turning off the lights at night, and installing a frog log.

Does chlorine kill frogs?

Yes, a high concentration of chlorine in the water may kill some frogs.

It affects their permeable skins reducing their ability to absorb adequate oxygen.

How do you keep snakes and frogs out of your pool?

If your pool has previously been infested with snakes and frogs, you probably have some tall weeds or shrubs somewhere in your compound, these attract bugs and insects, which are food for frogs.

When that may not be the case, there are other ways in which you are attracting these creatures to your compound.

Some practices like feeding pets outside and leaving open water in the compound may attract snakes and should be avoided.

One way to keep the creepy creatures away is to apply snake and frog repellants in the area.

Ammonia and vinegar are known repellants that you can apply around your pool and to the fence before going to bed.

If they are already stuck in your pool, try scooping them out and depositing them a safe distance away from your pool.

In the case of snakes, you may need to call a professional to help you out.

How do you deter frogs?

You can deter frogs in several ways.

These are some of the activities you can do nightly before going to bed.

  • Spreading salt around the perimeter of the pool – salt is toxic and frogs will not try to cross it.
  • Spraying vinegar around the pool – vinegar irritates frog skin and will hence drive them away.
  • Spraying citric acid or a mixture of water and lemon juice around the pool. Note that spraying acid directly on frogs may kill them.