Swimming Pool Leak Detection – Finding Leaks & How To Fix It (2021)

Swimming pools are a great way to have fun.

However, they require a lot of maintenance.

There are various instances where the pool gets damaged.

It can get damaged due to poor water chemistry and many more reasons.

One of the most challenging pool damage is pool leak detection.

Have you ever wondered why the level of water is decreasing in the pool daily?

Well, it is because there is a leak in the pool.

There are various types of leaking pool problems.

There can be a crack or pores or faulty pool plumbing.

Irrespective of that, a swimming pool leak can lead to constant drainage of the water level.

Alright, you now know what a leak means.

However, you may wonder about the methods of leak detection.

Most people don’t know how to find a leak in a pool.

Due to this, they don’t observe the leak until it is too late.

Don’t worry.

In this blog, we will share various methods of leak detection.

Pool Leak Detection

Pool leak detection – The Basics

What are the types of pool leakage?

There are numerous ways through which the water can leak out of the pool.

However, there are two commonly seen pool leak problems.

One is damage in the pool plumbing, and the other is cracks in the pool wall or pool deck.

It can do more than the pool leak

There are instances where algae stick to the cracks.

This leads to a double effect.

There is still a leak, and the algae keep growing in the pool.

Eventually, the water becomes untreatable.

Techniques/Tips to Improve swimming pool leak detection

In this section, we will discuss various leak detection methods and how to find leak in pool liner material.

Swimming pool leaking detection – First method

This is the simplest leak detection method.

For this, you will have to buy some waterproof tape.

Make sure that you choose one of the top brands on the market.

Now, you have to stick the tape horizontally such that the lower line just touches the surface of the water.

You will have to place tape on various sides of the pool.

Check the pool after some time.

If the level of water has decreased from the lower line of the tape, then there is a leak in the pool.

Yes, you won’t be able to place the tape on a concrete swimming pool.

In that case, you will have to use a waterproof permanent marker.

Draw a line parallel to the surface of the water.

The remaining procedure is the same as the former.

Pool leak detection near me – Second method

This swimming pool leak detection method will help you determine the exact area of the leak.

To follow this method, you will need to do dye testing.

Now, carry out a dye test by adding a few drops of dye a little from one side of the wall of the pool.

Observe the movement of the dye after 30 minutes.

Let’s say that the dye has been completely drained out, then reduce the time of the test to 15 minutes.

Repeat this step to know the exact location of the leak.

Swimming pool leak detectors – problems

  • Re-layering of the pool should be the last option
  • Always choose a high-quality leak detection kit

Pool leaks Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell where my pool is leaking?

To check where the leak is, you will have to follow the second method already discussed in the above sections and use either dye, a pressure test, bucket test, or other leak detection method.

How much does it cost to find a leak in a pool?

By following the leak detection methods already discussed, it will cost you only a few dollars.

However, let’s say that you choose to go with the leak detection kit.

In that case, the whole process will cost you between 100 and 200 dollars.

Yes, it can vary depending on the quality of the leak detection kit you choose.

How do I fix a leak in my pool?

The solution depends on the type of leak.

If it is in the plumbing, then the leak repair will involve replacing the whole pipe.

However, if the leak is in the walls of the pool, then you must try to use a crack fixer.

You can even re-layer the pool for better durability.

Are pool leaks common?

Yes, pool leaks are common among swimming pool owners.

Best pool leak practices 

Tools you can use for finding a leak in a pool

  • Waterproof tape
  • Waterproof marker
  • Ink or dye
  • Leak repair kit