Pool Stabilizer – What Is It And How To Add It (2021)

Proper maintenance of chemicals in swimming pools is one of the most essential tasks that you need to undertake from time to time.

You can buy several chemicals from the market that help to stabilize pool chemicals easily, like Bunnings pool chlorine.

For most pool owners, liquid chlorine is considered as a remedy that shocks the water and saves your pool from various contaminants.

High heat and ultraviolet rays can cause rapid depletion of chlorine molecules and you might have to spend a relatively large sum of money on its frequent purchase.

To protect yourself from spending excessively on pool chlorinator, Bunnings manufacture a pool stabilizer that once added will give you relatively long time protection.

Pool Stabilizer


Pool Stabilizer Basics

Unlike the regular chlorine molecules, pool stabilizers have a relatively long life span and they maintain the pH, alkalinity, and several other factors.

In general, cyanuric acid is considered as a stabilizer; you can either buy it in the form of liquid or granules.

By the addition of this acid, you can protect the molecules of chlorine in the pool water.

This is so because the stabilizer prevents the rapid depletion of chlorine molecules by UV rays.

What is pool stabilizer – Tips and tricks that you can employ

In case you are using cyanuric acid for the first time, go through some of the most important tips given below.

Stabilizer for pool – On average use 50 ppm of Cyanuric acid

You need to use the stabilizer at 50 ppm. That will help you to balance the chlorine levels perfectly.

In case the concentration of acid does get higher than 100 ppm, then it might disrupt the chlorine effectiveness or lead to chlorine lock.

Thus, the water might even become susceptible to algal and bacterial growth that will cost you a hefty sum of money in repairs and replacements.

How to add stabilizer to pool – Follow the instructions when adding the pool stabilizer

Stabilizers are acidic; this is the reason why you need to add them at a slow speed in your pool.

Remember not to mix water in the acid; you need to dissolve the acid in your pool water.

While mixing the acid you must go through the instructions written on the bottle as there are a few brands that you need to add first in the filter to obtain the best pool stabilizer levels.

How to increase stabilizer in pool – Check the addition of the stabilizer

If your residence is in a zip code location that has a moderate climate throughout the year, then top up the pool stabilizer levels once every week.

This is because the level of stabilizer remains the same if it doesn’t get exposed to scorching heat.

Higher than normal stabilizer levels might turn the water into a reservoir of algal and bacterial spores, depending on your zip code.

Adding stabilizer to pool – common problems

When you use pool stabilizer there are a few issues that you may face.

It would be better if you go through some of the most common issues related to the usage of cyanuric acid.

Low stabilizer in pool – Your pool turns into a reservoir of spores

If you are suffering from such an issue, then it is advised to keep a check on the usage of the pool stabilizer levels.

When you use high levels of acid, it induces the growth of bacteria and algae.

The optimal amount of pool stabilizer should be around 50 ppm.

How much stabilizer to add to pool – A highly reactive reaction

This type of acid is highly reactive when it dissolves in water.

This is the reason why you need to be careful while handling it.

In case you are using it for the first time, work as per the instructions written on the container,

Moreover, you must wear protective gear while you are working with this acid.

Pool stabilizer too low – Water is not comfortable for swimming

In case the pH of the pool water is not maintained after you add the acid, it can cause skin irritation.

To avoid such a situation you are required to add an equal amount of chlorine after the addition of the acid.

The right chlorine levels will allow you to take a swim just after the addition of the acid.

What can I use to stabilize my pool – best practices

To maintain the proper stabilizer level in the water you can use several ways.

Some of the most important ones are discussed below.

Pool stabilizer low -Place the stabilizer inside of an erosion feeder

An erosion feeder is also known as a chlorinator that allows you to select the amount of acid that you want to dissolve in the water.

In the first step, you just have to place one of the suitable chlorine products, like a chlorine tablet, inside of the erosion feeder, and, with the help of a dial, you can adjust the flow amount.

Adjust the flow amount as per the overall size of your swimming pool.

Swimming pool stabilizer – Use test strips

Indeed, it is an age-old and one of the most suitable methods to determine how much pool stabilizer you’ll need.

Just dip the strips inside the water for around 2 to 4 seconds and then take them out.

You need to compare the color change of the strips with the comparison chart to determine chlorine loss.

In the comparison chart, you can easily go through the concentration of several chemicals such as chlorine levels, Cyanuric acid, etc.

Stabilizer for pools – Tools and chemicals you require

Stabilizer for pools - Tools and chemicals you require

Maintaining the pH level of the water with the help of a stabilizer requires precaution and the use of genuine equipment, as follows.

What does pool stabilizer do – Test kits

Water sample test kits are a must when you are planning to add a certain amount of stabilizer.

They will help you get an idea about the chlorine concentration, alkalinity, and pH level of your swimming pool.

One of the best parts of these kits is that they are easy to use; moreover, you can buy them either in the form of pool conditioner chemicals or strips.

Pool water stabilizer – Safety gear

Some chemicals are highly reactive; this is the reason why you need to wear goggles and gloves while handling it.

Pool chlorine stabilizer tabs

You can place chlorine tablets inside the erosion feeder and then choose the level at which they mix with the water.

It is recommended that you choose the level of chlorine consumption as per the overall size of your swimming pool.

How to add cyanuric acid to pool

This is the main component that will help you to stabilize the levels of chlorine in your pool.

You can either pour it directly into your pool or place it inside a skimmer.

While using this acid it is essential to determine the size of your pool and on average use it around 50 parts per million.

Using more or less acid than the recommended quantity will only contaminate your swimming pool.

How to raise stabilizer in pool – Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you put a stabilizer in a pool?

You are required to use pool stabilizer once a week; after this do not backwash the pool.

It would be better if you turn on the pool pump as it will disperse the molecules evenly.

How long does stabilizer last in a pool?

It takes nearly one week for a stabilizer to deplete fully in a pool.

However, there are several other factors that might influence its depletion rate like temperature, pool conditioner, UV rays, pool usage, etc.

Is baking soda a pool stabilizer?

Yes, you can use it as a pool conditioner. It will help easily maintain the clarity and stability of your pool.

Can you swim in a pool after adding a stabilizer?

Indeed, you can use the pool right after adding a stabilizer.

Moreover, you need to see to it that the concentration of chlorine and acid balances with each other.

How much stabilizer to add to the pool?

On average, it is recommended that you should use 50 ppm of pool stabilizer.

You should not add a stabilizer higher than 100 ppm or it might cause drastic effects in your swimming pool.

How to add pool stabilizer?

There are different ways to add a stabilizer to your pool. The best one is to place it inside the skimmer at a slow rate while maintaining the required percentage.

How to add stabilizer to the pool without a skimmer?

You can directly add a stabilizer to your pool.

Remember not to add the stabilizer all of a sudden or it might cause a highly reactive reaction.

How to lower cyanuric acid in the pool?

To lower the concentration of cyanuric acid in your pool, first, you need to lower the level of pool water.

In the next step, add stabilizer reducers in the pool, this will offer you crystal clear water.

How to raise cyanuric acid in the pool?

Initially, you need to use a pool conditioner test strip to know the pH of your swimming pool.

Secondly, just add a pool stabilizer that has chlorine concentration in it.

This process will eventually raise the level of cyanuric acid.

How long after adding stabilizer can I swim?

You can swim immediately after the addition of a stabilizer in your pool.

But, you need to see to it that the concentration of chlorine and stabilizer is equal.

How long after adding a stabilizer can I add chlorine?

It is advised to add chlorine immediately after you add a stabilizer in your pool.