Best Pool Water Test Kit Reviews For Salt, PH and Chlorine (2020)

Maintaining a swimming pool is one of the most challenging tasks for people who own one. Though it is fun to swim in a pool, it can be a headache to clean and maintain the water in it. Don’t worry! Science has the solution to your troubles. The advancement of technology has led to the invention of pool water test kits, like those supplied by Taylor Technologies. These test kit products are used for various things. However, the basic principle is to check the pool water for quality. What is the importance of a pool test kit? A pool water test kit is an essential factor in maintaining your pool water. There are instances when after the pool water is treated by shock or chlorine, it is acidic. This nature can lead to skin irritation and sometimes skin diseases too.

Hence, only treating the pool water with chlorine is not enough to maintain your swimming pool water. A pool water test kit rates precisely the quality of your pool water. This also helps you to know the correct solutions to treat your pool water and revive its quality. There are various types of test a kit can perform. However, different pool test kit options offer different combinations of pool tests. Since various companies in the market offer these pool test kits, it is a little challenging to choose the most suitable pool testing kit. Don’t worry. Here are the top-choice pool testing kit products on the market. They were chosen based on their quality, performance, and affordability.

Which are the best pool water test kits?

#1. Best Color Chart: AquaChek 551236 water test strip

Some features of the product:

  • Conducts 7 different test options
  • Easy to use instructions
  • Highly precise

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

Are you looking for a pool test kit that is easy to carry and use? This might be the one. This pool test kit offers water testing strips that are enough to provide results within a few minutes. The pool test kit conducts seven different tests, which are hardness, Ph, chlorine, bromine Ph, free chlorine, alkalinity, and cyanuric acid.

There are many pool test kits on the market which provide more than ten testing options in a kit. However, most of them are not precise and can lead to different results. In the case of this pool test kit, the water strip is highly accurate, and you just need to dip it in the water for less than 15 minutes. After that, you can easily compare the color on the strip with the chart provided with the product. This will help you assess the quality of water. It explains not only the quality but also the number of different substances in the water along with chemical properties like chlorine, bromine Ph, cyanuric acid, and others.

There are instances when people keep these strips in the open. This leads to a reaction with humidity present in the air. Hence, it is best to keep the strips sealed in the box.


  • Highly precise pool water test
  • Easy to test


  • It can be reactive to humidity in the air

#2. Best Chlorine Test: AquaChek water testing strips

Some features of this product are:

  • 4 different testing options
  • It comes with 50 strips
  • Result in a few minutes

Overall rating: 4.9 out of 5

Though there are many pool test kit options on the market, not every pool test kit has high durability. Most pool test kits can be used up to 10 times. After that, you have to get a new pool test kit. However, with this product, you can test your pool up to 50 times. It offers four different pool test results, which are free chlorine, ph, alkalinity, and stabilizer. Each test is highly precise when conducted. Another advantage of this product is that it gives results within a few minutes. There are many test kits, which take a long period to give results. However, these strips just need to be soaked for about 10 minutes. You have to buy a color chart to match the results.


  • 50 water strips
  • Highly precise
  • Easy testing


  • Does not come with a color chart
  • No bromine Ph test

#3. Best for Variety of Tests: 16-in one drinking water test kit

Some features of this product are:

  • Offers 16 different test results
  • It can be used to test drinking water
  • Highly precise color chart

Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5

You might be looking for a water test kit that can test various things like an aquarium, pool, and drinking water. If this is what you are looking for, then this water test kit will surely stand up to your expectations. This product offers 16 different types of tests that result in a different color on the strip. These colors can be easily matched with the color chart available with the water test kit. Hence, this will help you do your pool test within a few minutes.

Another advantage of this pool test product is that it offers 100 testing strips. You might be looking for a very quick test kit. This product allows you to do a pool test within 2 minutes. Hence, it is a very reliable water test kit. The test kit also comes with a test tube so that you can soak the strip in it. It also comes with a water dropper, which can be used to do the dropper test. The unique thing about this product is that it comes with an eBook, which helps you understand the pool water test process.


  • It can conduct a large number of tests
  • It can be used to check other water
  • It comes with 100 test strips
  • Offers eBook


  • The hardness indicator is weak

#4. Best Salt Kit: eSeason digital water testing kit (Best salt kit)

Some features of this product:

  • Highly accurate salt meter
  • Shows temperature of the water
  • Completely digital

Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5

There are instances when you are testing your pool and want to know the level of salt in your pool, especially when kids are going to swim in it. Almost all un-purified water contains some amount of salt. However, if the salt level exceeds a specific limit, then it can lead to skin irritation. This can also be harmful if it goes inside your body. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the salt level in your pool. There are very few test kits for salt on the market. Each has a different level of accuracy, but this test kit has stood up to its reputation for highly accurate salt testing.

This test kit tells you not only the salt at the ppm level but also the temperature of the water. The meter is pre-calibrated at 3000 ppm, which makes it easy to use. Another merit is that it gives results within a few minutes.


  • A highly accurate test kit
  • Completely digital
  • Easy to use


  • It can only test the salt level in the water

#5. Best Alkalinity Test: Aquachek 7 in one water testing kit

Some features of the product:

  • It can do seven types of tests
  • Fairly accurate
  • Easy to use

Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5

This is one of the best pool test products that can perform more than 5 types of water tests. The strips are easy to use and need to soak for only a few minutes in water.

After soaking, you can easily assess the color of the strip and identify the elements such as chlorine, bromine, cyanuric acid, Ph, etc. in your pool water.

This product offers the best quality of alkalinity test compared to all pool test kits available on the market.


  • Result within 30 seconds
  • It offers multiple types of tests


  • Does not come with a color chart

#6. Best PH Tester: KETOTEK Water testing kit

Some features of the product:

  • Digital meter
  • Convenient to use
  • Highly affordable

Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5

Digital pool water test kits are the most convenient for testing your pool. They are not only easy to use but also precise. This product comes with a digital meter that offers highly accurate readings.

It is one of the few digital Ph test kit options on the market. Most Ph test kit solutions contain a litmus strip, which sometimes can be difficult to use. However, the unique technology in this test kit helps you to know Ph as well as TDS of water. Since Ph varies with temperature, it is very important to know the accurate reading. This test kit offers ATC, due to which the reading doesn’t vary with change in temperature.

The pool water test kit has a default automatic shutdown system to save the battery. Sometimes it happens that you use the product and forget to turn it off. However, with this default system, you do not need to worry about the life of the battery. It even offers a user manual that gives you clear instructions on testing your pool and interpreting the results. The manual even has the precautions needed for the durability of the product.


  • Affordable
  • ATC and default shut down the system
  • Easy to use


  • Offers limited water test options
  • Cannot assess the Ph of the solid or gaseous state

#7. Best Acid Level Tester: Blue devil liquid water testing kit

Some features of the product:

  • Shows the amount of cyanuric acid in the water
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a manual

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5

This pool water test is considered the best pool test kit to know the level of cyanuric acid in the water. A high level of cyanuric acidic can lead to the formation of algae. However, too much cyanuric acid can also lead to skin irritation and various other skin diseases. Hence, it is very important to know whether water is acidic or not.

These pool test kits come with a cylindrical flask that can be used to store a sample solution. You just have to add a few drops of the testing liquid in the sample solution and the results you can assess as per the instructions given in the manual. Like the liquid test kits from Taylor Technologies, this one is highly accurate and provides the exact acidic nature of water, which you can later treat.


  • Clear instructions
  • Highly accurate
  • High-quality flask


  • Does not offer any other pool water test other than the acid test
  • Highly sensitive procedure

Best Pool Water Test Kit Buying Guide

What to keep in mind before buying a pool water test kit?

There are some important points that you must keep in mind before buying pool test kits. Here are some tips for you that will surely help you in making a worthy and productive choice.

Which number of tests should your pool testing kit have?

Since there are many types of testing kits on the market, each offers a different number of tests such as calcium hardness, total alkalinity, chlorine, bromine, cyanuric acid, etc. Some offer only one water test, while some offer more than five types of tests for water. We recommend you to choose a testing kit that offers a high number of water tests. This will not only serve your purpose but also will give you additional information about your pool. This additional information can further be used to improve the quality of water and make it last longer. Let us understand this through an example. Suppose you wanted to do a test for total chlorine and free chlorine, and your testing kit did that and gave you satisfactory total chlorine results. However, if there were any other issues such as calcium hardness, high total alkalinity, etc., then, only a multi-test kit would show that.

Which budget is required by the most accurate pool test kit?

Not every test kit provides the same level of accuracy in testing. Some kits on the market, though, provide a high number of tests, but not with accuracy. However, some are reputed for being highly accurate for all tests. We would recommend you to go for one of these. Products that offer a large number of tests (total alkalinity, total chlorine, calcium hardness, etc.) are generally costly compared to kits with a small number of tests. Hence, it is recommended to choose a kit that fits your budget and offers are a wide range of tests as well as high accuracy.

Some frequently asked questions about water testing kits

Are pool test strips accurate?

There are various categories of testing kits available on the market. There are digital testing kits, strip kits, and liquid kits on the market. Each kit has a different level of accuracy and testing procedure. The strip testing kits are preferred all over the world as they are easy to use and provide fairly accurate results for Ph, calcium hardness, total alkalinity, total chlorine, free chlorine, etc. These results can be easily assessed with a color chart within a few minutes. Hence, we can say that these options will offer you accuracy at a level where you can easily identify the elements in the water.

What is the most accurate test kit?

The liquid testing, as used by Taylor Technologies, is considered the most accurate method compared to all others on the market. They use different chemicals, which are mixed in a test tube with water. Hence, they lead to a highly accurate result. However, there is one drawback. They are not easy to use; many people find them extremely difficult to understand too. They are highly sensitive, and if the chemicals have expired, then, it will not give accurate results.

What is the best pool water tester?

Since there are hundreds of water testing products available on the market. It is extremely challenging to select the best pool tester. However, with our list and buying guide, you can select the best pool tester. Still, if you are eager to know the best tester from our side, then we will say that the strip tester is the best. They are easy to use and give accurate results within a few minutes.

Is chlorination enough to maintain pool water?

It is not enough to maintain your pool water. Though chlorination removes most of the bacteria in the pool water, algae can grow due to variation in Ph too. Usually, it is observed that highly basic or highly acidic pool water can lead to the formation of algae. Hence, we would recommend you do all the pool tests (total alkalinity, total chlorine, calcium hardness, etc.) on the water in your pool.

Pool Test Kit – Conclusion

Pool water testing kits are great equipment to help you maintain the quality of your pool water. They help you to understand the number of elements present in the water and other metrics such as calcium hardness, chlorine and Ph levels, etc. They also help you to identify the bad elements in water as these elements can cause skin irritation or other skin diseases. Hence, it is very important to choose the right test kit. Through our tips and list, we have made it easy for you to select the best water test kit

You might still want to know the best water testing kit from our list. Therefore, we have decided to give medals to the top three testing kits. The gold medal in our list goes to the “AquaChek 551236 water test strip”. Though being a strip testing kit, it is highly accurate and offers easy to read manuals. It even offers a color chart that most strip testing kits don’t offer. The silver medal in our list goes to “AquaChek water testing strips.”

This product offers a high-quality chlorine and calcium hardness test. It even offers a large number of strips, which makes it long-lasting. It offers four different types of water tests in total. The bronze medal in our list goes to the “16-in one drinking water test kit”. It is one of the few kits on the market that offers the highest number of water tests. It also offers a testing tube and a water dropper. The eBook that comes with it is highly helpful to understand the process.