Best Portable Bathtub For Adults – Tub and Shower Reviews (2020)

Babies can be messy at times.

By the end of the day, it may be best to give them a good bath.

Cleaning a baby may be an extraneous exercise.

You may need all the help you can get.

Having one of the best portable bathtubs available for such purposes will help.

With the best portable bathtubs, cleaning a baby may be done quickly.

There are various portable bathtubs available, and choosing the right portable bathtub may seem difficult.

You can read individual customer reviews of products to get more insight into whether they will meet your needs. But that takes a lot of time.

We took the time to prepare our own reviews of the best portable bathtubs available on the market. These may help you in deciding which model is best for your needs.

4 Cheap portable bathtub reviews

The following reviews of the four best portable bathtubs may help you narrow down your quest for a portable bathtub.

#1. The Editors Choice: Summer Right Height Baby Bath Tub


  • Tubside seat & small stepstool
  • Elevated bath center bringing the baby to the right height
  • Made with contoured newborn bath support
  • Clean-rinse drains allow for continuous flow of clean, warm water at a safe level

The Sumer Right Height Bath Tub offers your baby ultimate comfort.

This portable tub is designed to offer parents convenience.

Customer reviews rave about the contoured newborn bath support which keeps your newborn comfortable and smiling throughout the bath.

The “clean rinse” drains feature allows for the continuous flow of clean and warm water.

This portable tub is suggested for toddlers and kids below 2 years.

The blue/white plastic tub is spacious, leaving your baby space to play with water as you bath them at home or in the shower.

You may be looking for a portable baby tub with a few extended features. Then, you should choose the Summer Right Height Baby Bath Tub as it has a small stepstool and tub side seat. There are plenty of online reviews from parents singing the praises of this product.


  • Has a small step stool for older kids
  • Spacious portable tub with parent tub side seat
  • Raised tub to bring the baby close to you
  • Bath support with clean rinse drain
  • Portable – weighs 6.7 pounds


  • Made of plastic
  • Only available in blue/white

#2. Honorable mention: Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Safety Bath Tub


  • Inflatable duck-shaped tub ideal for babies who can sit upright
  • White Hot Safety Disc indicates when the temperature is too hot for baby (approximately 104 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Made with a textured, non-slip surface with padding for extra comfort, plus contoured headrest
  • Hangs by the suction cup for quick air drying in the shower
  • Deflated and folds easily – ideal for traveling or home use

You may be looking for the best portable baby bath that is great for traveling, then you should go for the Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Safety Bath Tub.

Our reviews and research show that this portable bath is easy to fold and carry in a bag as you travel. The bath is best recommended for babies who can sit up on their own.

The Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Safety Bath Tub deserved an honorary mention considering it has a built-in white-hot technology which tells when the water is too hot for your baby’s skin.

Many customer reviews mention this inbuilt feature is amazing and helps keep your baby safe, considering their sensitive skin has low heat tolerance, and a slight mistake could do more harm than good.

This tub is made of a non-slip surface meant to keep your baby secure.

Additionally, the design is padded, creating a safe environment for your baby.

When using this bathtub, manufacturers advise adding only a small amount of water.

There is no need to do any heavy lifting as all you require is to open the drainage system and let the water run out into the shower or other drain.

This duck-shaped bathtub deflates and folds easily making it one of the best for use when traveling, or storing at home according to customer reviews.


  • Best for traveling
  • Non-slip and padded for extra comfort
  • Contoured headrest for extra safety


  • Only suitable for babies who can sit up independently

#3. Weylan Tec Long Bath Tub for Baby


  • Foldable and portable
  • Weight: 14.55 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 39 x 2o x 22.4 inches

When traveling, there is no need to bathe your child in a hotel tub, shower, or sink; the Weylan Tec Foldable Bathtub can be of help. The bathtub is foldable, making it one of the best to carry in a bag when moving around.

Customer reviews claim you can place it directly in the regular bathtub, on the floor, or in the shower.

You do not have to flip the bathtub over to drain water, and there is a plug at the bottom that makes it easy to drain water out into the shower.

The bathtub is designed for babies 6-24 months and based on customer reviews; it’s a perfect fit for them.

The long side design allows the bathtub to hold two children at the same time.

If you have twins, you should look no further than the Weylan Tec Large Bath Tub as it’s the best model suited for heavy-duty use. This product has some of the most impressive reviews and recommendations from customers.


  • Safe and high quality
  • Best for newborn to petite adults
  • Spacious – can hold two children
  • Highly portable


  • Only available in two colors

#4. Rubbermaid Commercial Structural Foam Stock Tank


  • 1-½ inch drain plug
  • All-plastic, anti-siphon float valve to keep the water level consistent
  • Seamless construction with stepped sidewalls and reinforced ribbing for the best stability
  • Capacity: 100 gallons
  • Height: 25 inches
  • Weight: 34.6 pounds

You may be looking for the best durable bathtub that resists weathering. The Rubbermaid Commercial Structural Foam Stock Tank is the best pick, according to many online reviews.

This bathtub has a seamless construction with stepped sidewalls and reinforced ribbing to provide durability and stability.

This bathtub is available in multiple sizes (50 to 300 gallons).


  • Highly durable
  • Oversized drain plug for easy drain
  • Available in different sizes
  • Highly praised in reviews


  • Not aesthetically pleasing

Portable bathtub – Buying Guide

Portable bath tub – Do you need a baby bathtub?

Washing your baby in the sink or a normal bathtub can be risky, and this is why you need a portable bathtub.

A portable bathtub offers safety and support to your newborn as you do the cleaning.

Many customer product reviews mention the benefit of some portable bathtubs having a parent side seat, so you don’t bend over a lot when washing your child.

Portable bathtubs – How long do you use a baby bathtub?

Portable baby bathtubs have different age ranges depending on how they are designed.

If you buy an infant portable bathtub, the bathtub has a 6-month useful life.

Once your baby hits 6 months, you will have to look for a bigger portable bathtub.

You may continue to use a bathtub even after your baby can sit up on their own.

Our reviews of these portable bathtubs show that they are non-slip and spacious, leaving room for bubble bath or bath toys during bath time.

Types of portable bathtub for adults

Before you go ahead and buy one of the portable bathtubs, it would be best to understand the various types available. Read individual customer product reviews and learn from their experience using each product, to match your own needs with the best product.

  • portable bath for adults – Sink inserts

The first type of portable bathtub is the sink insert.

They are padded inserts that rest inside your sink, turning it into a mini bathtub.

Sink inserts are flexible and easily folded to fit your kitchen or bathroom sink.

  • folding bathtubs

These are stand-alone portable bathtubs that can be used in regular bathrooms.

Most are newborn friendly, and some models are small and easily collapse for easier storage.

Overall, customer reviews seem to favor bathroom tubs over sink inserts.

How we select our adult portable bathtub

When we selected the best portable bathtubs for our reviews, we considered price, customer reviews, and brands.

Based on our reviews, we believe you will love the convenience offered by each of these portable bathtubs.

Portable tub – Final thought

You may be looking for a compact and lightweight baby bathtub that will serve for a long time. If that’s the case, you should choose one of the products in our reviews.

If you are having trouble deciding on which is the best portable bathtub to suit your needs, you can go for our best portable tub recommendation: the Sumer Right Height Bath Tub.

This bathtub is designed to offer your baby comfort. You can read individual customer reviews of this product for more insight into whether it will meet your needs.

Alternatively, you may go for the next best portable product, the Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Safety Bath Tub.

This product is aesthetically pleasing and will serve your every need.

Finally, the Weylan Tec Foldable Bathtub is another favorable option for the best portable tub. Parents of twins give glowing reviews of this product.

This is one of the best portable bathtubs and is heavy-duty. You can read individual customer reviews of this product for more insight into whether it will meet your needs.