Best Pressure Side Inground Swimming Pool Cleaner – Top Rated Automatic Reviews (2021)

Swimming pools are beautiful, and having one is a fantastic addition to your backyard. Everybody loves a swimming pool, but not everyone likes cleaning it. Keeping a swimming pool clean is a mean task. When done traditionally, it requires complex machinery, a lot of effort, and a significant amount of time to maintain a pool. With the latest pressure pool cleaners and automatic pool cleaner options, pool cleaning is more comfortable and more convenient than ever.

Maintaining a clean pool is critical to your health. While daily manual skimming can get rid of large debris, you need to ensure the pool walls and bottom surfaces are cleaned regularly. With every swim, the walls, water, and the deck are exposed to chemicals, oils, and other invisible impurities. Pressure pool cleaners derive their power from the jets of water, returning to the swimming pool from the pool booster pump.

An automatic pressure pool cleaner can save you a lot of time and effort. They clean the pool effectively. New models of side pool cleaners are coming out all over the world, and figuring out which ones are good and which ones to avoid can become a real challenge. We have compiled a list of the best pressure side pool cleaners to help you decide what to get for your pool.

Top 8 Best pressure side pool cleaners

Below are our top 8 best pressure pool cleaners for you to choose from for your swimming pool. Our buying guide and FAQs will be of tremendous help to you.

#1. Best for large debris: Polaris Vac-sweep pressure pool cleaner

Pressure Side Pool Cleaner for large debris: Polaris Vac-sweep pressure pool cleaner


  • 20 x 23 x 10 inches
  • Double jets
  • Filter bag
  • Three-wheel design

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

The Polaris Vac-sweep 280 pressure pool cleaner works in all in-ground pools and requires a booster pool pump. This pressure pool cleaner is powered by double jets, providing greater vacuum power and faster cleaning. It easily connects to a dedicated pressure line and scrubs, sweeps, and vacuums all surfaces of the pool. The pressure pool cleaner is equipped with a single chamber filter bag where it captures large debris such as acorns, leaves, pebbles, and other small to large debris.

Its unique filter bag removes debris before it reaches your pool pump basket or filter. This prolongs the life of your filtration system. It includes 31-feet of feed hose and is ready to connect to a 1.5-inch dedicated pressure cleaner line. This pressure pool cleaner requires a separate booster pool pump to operate correctly, like the PB4-60.

The Polaris booster pump is specifically designed to run your pressure pool cleaner at optimum cleaning efficiency. The compact, rugged design allows for maximum performance. The in-line back-up valve automatically frees the 280 if it gets cornered and keeps it cleaning without interruption. This pressure pool cleaner also moves clean heated water throughout the pool to reduce cold spots.


  • Works in all in-ground pools of any size and shape
  • Sweeps, scrubs, and vacuums the walls of your pool
  • Cleans pools faster (3 hours or less)
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Maximized circulation


  • Sometimes it sticks on the stairs

#2. Best in-ground: Zodiac Baracuda MX6 pressure side pool cleaner

Best in-ground: Zodiac Baracuda MX6 pressure side pool cleaner


  • Dimension: 40.4 x 8.9 x 14.8 inches
  • Cyclonic suction
  • Turbine blade
  • 8.4m of hose
  • Flow regulator valve
  • Automatic water valve

Overall Rating: 4.9 out of 5

The Zodiac Baracuda MX6 is a compact yet powerful, ultra-efficient, suction side pool cleaner. It is equipped with the best in class vacuum power and programmed navigation for an immaculate pool without all the stress. With an innovative low-flow design, it consumes less energy than any other cleaners in its class. This makes it ideal for a pool with a 2-speed or variable speed booster pump.

The Zodiac Baracuda also incorporates cyclonic suction for powerful vacuuming and an articulating turbine blade for aggressive wall-climbing. Its swiveling hoses are quick-connect style for easy assembly. There is a flow regulator that controls the water flow, so there is nothing to adjust at the skimmer.

This product includes 8.4m of the hose and is backed by a 1-year warranty.



  • Straddles in a shallow pool

#3. Best Durable: Polaris Vac-sweep sport pressure side pool cleaner

Best Durable: Polaris Vac-sweep sport pressure side pool cleaner


  • Dimension: 24 x 11 x24 inches
  • All-wheel PosiDrive system
  • Stainless steel chain

Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5

The Polaris 3900 sport is a new and improved product among cleaners that delivers unmatched vacuum power, incomparable convenience, and wonderful performance. It integrates the time-proven Polaris Classic series features you love. It offers innovative new enhancements for added durability, reliability, and performance.

The product combines the dynamic appeal of a completely re-engineered body design with the most sophisticated features. It helps produce maximum vacuum power and drive torque for quicker cleaning and fewer hang-ups. The features of an all-wheel PosiDrive system with a durable stainless steel drive chain that delivers 50 percent more torque for maximum speed and performance.

It is equipped with a dual-chamber zippered super bag. This makes it pick up and store more debris, making cleaning easy and less frequent. It also features innovative auto-reverse technology, which enables it to free itself when it gets stuck. The Polaris 3900 sport pressure cleaner works in all in-ground pools and requires a booster pump. It supplements the pool’s filtration system by circulating an additional 40 gallons per minute through its filter bag.

It is powered by a booster pump, which is sold separately, such as the PB4-60 booster pump. The Polaris sport has the most vacuum power of any cleaner. Combine the 3900 sport with the PB4-60 booster pump for maximum performance. It has the most vacuum power of any 3-jet Polaris cleaner, with 40 GPM of additional pool filtration through the filter bag. This model is ready to connect to a 1.5-inch dedicated pressure cleaner line. It includes 31-feet of feed hose, which is black.



  • Inferior and cheap hose connections
  • Sometimes sluggish and constantly gets stuck

#4. Best Compact: Pentair LL505G Pressure side pool cleaner

Best Compact: Pentair LL505G Pressure side pool cleaner


  • Dimension: 23.5 x 23.5 x 11 inches
  • Compact design
  • Debris storage
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Scrubbers

Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5

The Pentair LL505G makes pool cleaning simpler and more convenient than ever. It is a four-wheeled, compact in-ground pool cleaner weighing about 22 pounds. The hydrodynamic body design, coupled with a four-wheeled chassis, yields a high degree of stability to the cleaner and eliminates the common problem of tipping. The Pentair balanced system provides efficient cleaning by disposing of any system imbalances and interruption.

This product houses a large collection bag to pick and store debris of varying sizes, from large particles to leaves. The cleaning capability is due to the LL505G’s large throat intake. Its compact design yields a higher degree of maneuverability to the system, aiding efficient cleaning. The high pressure generated courtesy of its booster pump sucks in dirt and is capable of cleaning a pool within 1-3 hours.

LL505G boasts of a high-capacity cleaning bag which is fitted at the top of the unit. It can be easily detached to regularly clean the innards of the bag and free it of the collected debris. The bag comes with a twisting lock design for a firm fix. The Pentair also features a set of scrubbers in the back of the unit. They help to scrub off dirt and debris stuck to the pool walls or bottom.

The freed dirt is then vacuumed up. It houses a back-pressure valve for relief. This valve is actuated every 3.5 minutes to dispense water jets from the back. This prevents this model from getting stuck near stairs or compromised in limited space areas. The LL505G is available in grey and white. It can be used on pool surfaces made of concrete, tiles, and vinyl-lined.


  • Lightweight, making it convenient and simpler to handle
  • Easy to operate
  • Nice clip to hold the bag onto the unit
  • Feature loaded


  • Requires a peripheral booster pump to generate vacuum power

#5. Best Overall: Pentair LL505PMG platinum pressure side pool cleaner

Best Overall: Pentair LL505PMG platinum pressure side pool cleaner


  • Dimension: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Dual thrust jets

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Pentair LL505PMG platinum is simply the most powerful pressure-side cleaner for darker pools. It is the ideal choice for in-ground pools that are exposed to higher loads of leaves and debris. It is a leading choice for pools located within yards, lush landscaping, and presenting tougher cleaning challenges. Dual thrust jets provide maximum power for speed and suction, so most pools are cleaned in just 1-3 hours.

Front-wheel drive and heavily treaded tires provide maximum traction on inclined surfaces to assure total pool wall and floor coverage. This product features a four-wheel design that prevents tipping for uninterrupted and unattended performance. Large-capacity debris channel and huge intake throat easily pick up larger leaves and debris.

It is suitable for concrete, vinyl-lined, and fiberglass pools. A disposal debris bag for use with the pressure-side in-ground cleaner is available. It has a lightweight frame and improved tire/wheel design, which results in four times greater cleaning coverage of pool walls. An independent booster pump powers this model for maximum cleaning performance and unimpeded surface skimming.


  • Powerful pressure-side cleaner for darker colored pools
  • An ideal choice for in-ground pools
  • Cleans very well
  • Good mobility


  • Design is not too robust
  • Needs independent pump

#6. Best Automatic: Zodiac-6-130-OOT Polaris Pressure Side Cleaner

Best Automatic: Zodiac-6-130-OOT Polaris Pressure Side Cleaner


  • Dimension: 23 x 22.9 x 10.9 inches
  • Wheel cage
  • Sweep and float hose
  • Patented jet sweep assembly
  • Filter bag

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

The Zodiac Polaris is a delightful combination of the automatic pool cleaner and pool decoration you will love. It is suitable for all above-ground pools up to 5-feet deep. It vacuums the pool bottom and sweeps the sides in three hours or less.

The patented jet sweep assembly blows water against the pool wall to loosen debris in hard-to-reach places. It then sweeps it into an easy-to-remove filter bag powered by the pressure of clean water returning to your pool. This leaves both the filter and skimmer free to eliminate contaminants.


  • Moves clean and heated water
  • Captures debris before it reaches the filter
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Operates with most above-ground pool filtration and pump systems


  • The hose is difficult to store

#7. Best Budget: VINGLI Automatic Pressure Pool Cleaner

Best Budget: VINGLI Automatic Pressure Pool Cleaner


  • Durable hose-sets
  • Regulator valve

Overall Rating: 4.4 out of 5

This VINGLI suction in-ground pool cleaner is thoroughly designed to remove dirt, debris, sand, and hair out of your pool. This helps reduce the spontaneity of your pool maintenance and liberates you from spending the whole day scrubbing your pool floor. This product is straightforward to assemble and install and allows you to clean your pool with ease. It is not like other automatic pool cleaner devices that make an annoying noise.

This vacuum fits ¾ HP and comes with free hoses. The upgrading hose is durable and scuff-resistant, which can be contacted closely and therefore prevents air leaks. It does not disconnect even with higher horsepower. Ten hoses make it possible to clean a bigger pool.

Instead of hiring someone to clean your pool or using a more expensive robotic cleaner, this suction-side pool cleaner is a better option for the budget-conscious pool owner. The VINGLI suction cleaner is equipped with premium rubber disks that offer a wide cleaning path and suit concrete, tile, or vinyl pool surfaces. It will also sweep every corner of the pool, not only the floor but also the walls and steps.


  • Efficient cleaning
  • Easy to setup
  • Cost-efficient pool cleaner
  • Worry-free guarantee
  • Has a functional design


  • A bit complicated to balance the suction

#8. Best Above ground: Polaris Vac-sweep-6-130 pressure side pool cleaner

Best Above ground: Polaris Vac-sweep-6-130 pressure side pool cleaner


  • Dimension: 22.5 x 7.5 x 23 inches
  • Detachable debris bag
  • 24-foot float hose

Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5

The Polaris Vac-sweep 65 pressure side pool cleaner works in most in-ground vinyl or fiberglass pools. Even those with uneven bottoms to a depth of 5 feet are not an exception. It installs in minutes and includes a ready to connect 1.5-inch threaded return line and 24 feet of float hose.

This automatic above-ground pool cleaner uses the existing pool filtration system to direct powerful jets of water against the pool floor. This helps loosen debris in hard-to-reach places. The detachable debris bag trails behind, trapping even large debris like leaves and pebbles before they clog your filter in the booster pump.

The cleaner works on the pressure side of your pump and distributes filtered, treated water throughout your pool as it cleans.


  • Installs quickly
  • It runs the return jet instead of the skimmer
  • Loosens debris in hard-to-reach places


  • Wraps itself up by the jet

Pressure side pool cleaner – Buying Guide

Once you get familiar with the types of pool cleaners, the next thing is how to choose one? Whenever you have to decide which one to choose, you must consider the features you want. Read on for more clarification. See more pool cleaner reviews here.

Best pressure side pool cleaner types

Modern pool cleaners come in 3 different types: suction pool cleaners, pressure pool cleaners, and robotic pool cleaners. All of them are capable of vacuuming debris and stirring it up within the pool.

Benefits of using a pressure side pool cleaner

Pressure pool cleaners are one of the most popular on the market for swimming pool owners. Let us take a look at some of the many benefits:

  • They can manage larger leaves including sand, small rocks, and pebbles
  • They are long-lasting and easy to maintain
  • More powerful and efficient than regular suction pool cleaners
  • Can manage tight corners by using their unique tail sweeper
  • Pressure side pool cleaners barely clog though few units come with an in-line back-up valve to free it when stuck
  • They are self-contained units. They collect debris in the filter bag or net, reducing wear and tear on your pool filtration system
  • Efficiently cover the entire pool surface for a complete cleanup

What to look for when buying a pressure side pool cleaner?

  • pressure pool cleaners suction power and efficiency

This is one of the critical considerations when purchasing a pool cleaner. If your pool vacuum has poor suction, then it will not run effectively. A pool cleaner that can provide excellent suction power without the need for an external pump will be able to pick up large size debris (leaves) and tiny particles very effectively. You can also take a look at our review regarding to suction side pool cleaner.

Considering the type of waste that is frequently found in your pool will impact the right pressure side pool cleaner for you. If your area is prone to a lot of dust and sand, you may not be too concerned with the throat size of the unit. However, if you have large trees and falling leaves, throat size will be a consideration. A pool that can handle fine dust and algae is recommended if your pool is prone to algae and tiny particles.

  • best pressure pool cleaner compatibility

Some pressure pool cleaners are better suited for individual pools. If your pool surface is slippery or has steep inclines, you should consider models that focus on traction and stability. If your pool has tight corners and crevices, getting one fo the pressure cleaners with powerful jets to blast the debris out into the open might be best. In addition to your pool’s surface, think about the shape, steps, and other cleaning challenges that you might face in the future.

If you often leave your pool pressure cleaner submerged in the pool, it might not be an issue. Consider the weight of the unit if you always like to complete the pool cleaning and store the equipment away. One of the lightweight cleaners will be able to climb pools wall, main drain line, and steps quite easily.

It is better to know your pool size before you can decide on a pressure side cleaner. It is not just about length, but also depth. Compare these figures with the size of the pool cleaner.

Extra hoses and floats are additional features you should consider getting when you buy your cleaner. Pressure side cleaners, by design, have to be lightweight for the water jets to get them moving and cleaning your pool. Many times, the hoses that come with them are either too stiff or too heavy. This can result in very poor turning or backing up. A rigid tube can tip a cleaner over if it does not want to flex or bend.

It is better to get some extra hoses that have lighter and thinner walls if you do not wish stiff tubing inside the cleaner. This will prevent flexing that would disturb the pressure-flow outside the cleaner. Get some hose floats to adjust the hose, so it stays out of the way, yet follows the cleaner around the pool.

Pressure side pool cleaners – FAQs

What is the best pressure side pool cleaner?

The Pentair LL505PMG is a powerful machine if you are using it in an above ground pool or an in-ground pool with little or no inclines on the bottom. Within those parameters, it works excellent, scooping up very high loads of leaves and debris.

What is a pressure side pool cleaner?

Pressure side cleaners are those that attach to the pressure side of your pool’s pump circulation system. They are also called booster pump type cleaners; water that is pumped or pushed back to the pool propels these units, which have their hydraulic power plant inside.

Is Polaris 360 better than Polaris 280?

The Polaris 360 has three jet nozzles, while the Polaris 280 comes with two jet nozzles. However, the Polaris 280 is operated by gears while a belt drives the Polaris 380. Speeds can make it harder to maintain your cleaner, at least for some pool owners.

What is the difference between a suction and pressure pool cleaner?

A pressure cleaner has a bag on top of the cleaner to collect the debris. A suction cleaner uses your main filtration pump to suck up waste, which is then returned to your pump basket.

Pressure pool cleaner – Conclusion

If you have decided on the type of pressure side pool cleaner to buy for your pool, you have to make sure that your pool stays clean always. Clean the bag regularly by taking it out and drying it under the sun.

Our overall top pick of pressure side cleaner is the Pentair LL505PMG. It is one of the most potent pressure-side pool cleaners. An ideal choice for in-ground pools and cleans very well.

Our budget pick is the VINGLI Automatic pressure side pool cleaner. It removes dirt, debris, sand, and hair out of your pool. This product comes with ten hoses, which makes it possible to clean a large pool.

If you need a long-lasting and reliable cleaner, the Polaris Vac-sweep sport pressure cleaner is perfect for you. It is durable with high performance and is easy to set up with your pool pump.