Sand In Pool Water – How To Test It (2021)

You get disappointed when you notice a sheet of sand in pool water, at the bottom.

The first thing that you need to check is whether your sand filter is working properly or not.

In case your filter requires servicing or it has become obsolete, you need to buy a new sand filter immediately.

However, if the sand filter is in proper working condition but you have to deal with such an issue, it would be wise to look for other causes.

How does a sand filter work – Basics

Apart from the filter, several parts of a swimming pool can make it prone to sand deposits.

If you do not take care of such a problem in time, there are chances that you may have to replace most of the pool’s parts.

For starters, you need to inspect the standpipe and laterals of your pool and make sure that they are working properly.

In case either or both of them are broken, replace them as soon as possible.

How does a sand filter work-Sand in pool water
Sand in pool water-Swimming pool cleaning system

How to get sand out of pool – Tips and tricks

To remove the sand from your pool, you need to invest in tools and tricks that are easy to use as well as offer great results.

Some of the most important tips that will help you to accomplish the task are as follows.

How to get sand out of pool without vacuum – Use an aluminum brush

The aluminum brush will help you to scrub the bottom of your above ground pool.

You do not have to worry much about the maintenance of this brush since aluminum is waterproof.

Besides, aluminum brushes have relatively large areas; this is the reason why you can complete the task quickly.

Best way to get sand out of pool – Vacuum heads

In case you need to clean the pool on short notice, it would be wise to purchase vacuum heads.

This equipment is fully automatic and made of transparent material.

Thus, it will offer you efficacy in completing the task and you can easily get rid of collected sand from time to time.

Sand in pool – common problems

Once your swimming pool’s filter has been damaged you will face several problems. To solve them, you need to use the right tools.

Some of the most common problems that you can expect to face in such a situation are as follows.

How to remove sand from pool bottom

In most cases, you might find it difficult to remove it from between the seams of the tiles.

Thus, it would be better to use automatic vacuum heads that are made with large bristles and collect the sand that you can dump safely. Make sure to adjust the flow rate for optimal results.

How to remove sand from pool during infestation

A damaged or obsolete pool filter might even give rise to several other problems like bacterial and algal infestations.

In case you have started to see a fine sheet of sand at the base of your pool, it is recommended to undertake proactive measures.

You are expected to use the required amount of liquid chlorine that will shock the pool water and maintain an accurate pH level.

Sand in my pool – The skimmer is not working properly

The main duty of the skimmer is to collect the dirt and debris from the pool.

Sand consists of minute particles and is a bit heavy; this is the main reason why most of the time a skimmer isn’t able to remove it from your pool.

To protect yourself from such a situation it would be wise to use sophisticated tools like vacuum heads that will take out the sand even from around the seams of the floor tiles.

Sand pool – best practices

To remove sand from your pool, it would be wise to undertake proactive measures as they will help you to clear it from the pool.

Moreover, proactive measures will also keep your pool free from bacterial and fungal infestations.

Some of the best practices that you need to employ to clear your pool are as follows.

Sand in pool – Backwash the sand filter

This process will eventually help you to get rid of an extra amount of sand present inside the filter tank.

In the first step, you need to turn off the pump and then adjust the lever to backwash; after this just turn on the pump and the process will start immediately. Let it run until the water appears clear in the multiport valve.

While you are backwashing the filter it is essential to place the hose inside a drain pipe.

Check the condition of the spider gasket and standpipe in the multiport valve. Then set the multiport valve to filter, and retest the and balance the water.

Use a leaf canister and pool vacuuming

A regular skimmer won’t be able to get rid of sand from your pool.

This is because it is heavy and requires sophisticated techniques.

This is the reason why you should use an automatic vacuum and leaf canister to get rid of the debris and small particles from the base of the pool.

One additional advantage of this process is that debris will not enter inside the pool filter, so you do not have to backwash at small intervals.

Replacing the pool laterals in sand filters

This is another method by which you can prevent your filter from spilling the sand inside the pool.

In case your pool filter is either obsolete or broken, you need to undertake this method as soon as possible.

For starters, you need to remove excess sand from the top fo the filter and look for the damaged lateral. After this, replace it with a genuine alternative part. Check the condition of the multiport valve before filtering or backwashing again.

Remove my sand with an aluminum pool brush

If your pool floor has small pebbles and particles, you can use an effective aluminum brush to sweep it to one place.

Once the job is done, you can easily place it inside a dustpan and dump it safely.

Sand in pool bottom – Tools and chemicals to be used

At the time of removing sand from your swimming pool, you need to use the right tools and chemicals.

With the right tools and chemicals, you can protect yourself from spending a hefty sum of money on repairs and replacements.

Sand in pool from filter – Consider vacuum heads

Automatic vacuum heads will make things easy for you and you can even keep an eye on how much sand they have collected.

Moreover, these heads are proficient at removing minute sand particles from tile seams and the corners of the pool.

The base of these heads is wide enough, so the cleaning process will get completed quickly.

Getting sand out of pool – Aluminum brush

In case you have a medium or small swimming pool, it would be wise to remove the sand with the help of the aluminum brush.

One of the most endearing features of this tool is that it is waterproof and has long and flexible bristles.

Thus, you do not have to worry about staining the surface of the pool.

Remove sand from pool – use Liquid chlorine

Indeed, you require liquid chlorine during sand removal from your pool; this chemical will help you to protect your pool from bacterial and algal infestations.

Check the multi-port valve. Does the water running through it look clear? A fault in the filter will make your pool prone not only to heavy metals and debris, but there is a possibility that algal spores might enter the pool.

Thus, you need to take a proactive measure and shock the pool water with an adequate amount of liquid chlorine.

Liquid chlorine will maintain the pH of the pool around 7.6 and that will make it difficult for algal or bacterial spores to survive.

Exit hose

You are required to drain your swimming pool thoroughly in case it has a high concentration of sand particles and pebbles.

For this purpose, buy an exit hose that has a relatively large diameter so that it won’t get choked up during the draining process.

Filter sand in pool – Frequently asked questions

Why is there sand in my pool?

If you have sand in your swimming pool, it is an indication that the lateral of the sand filter is broken.

You require effective tools to get rid of the sand from your swimming pool.

Can a sand filter put sand in the pool?

This can happen since most of the pool filters use sand as a natural ingredient to keep debris and impurities at bay.

In case the lateral of a sand filter becomes obsolete or it gets broken, you might have to deal with a relatively large quantity of sand in the swimming pool.

Why is my pool filter spitting out sand?

A damaged or obsolete lateral will make your swimming pools filter spit out the sand.

It is important that you take the required measures quickly or your pool might even turn into a reservoir of algal and bacterial spores. Measure the ‘freeboard’ from the top of the sand filter to the upper level of sand. If necessary, top up the sand filter tank with new #20 silica sand. Always filter after replenishing the sand, until the water runs clear in the multiport valve.