Best Swimming Pool Chair and Chaise Lounge – Top Rated Reviews (2020)

Innovation in pool chairs has come a long way in recent decades. This, in turn, has created a wide variety of chairs on the market. Consumers are looking at many different aspects of these chairs and their features while selecting. That is why producers are coming up with a more innovative way to create and improve their products. As a result, the abundance of chairs on the market has made it a challenge for consumers to select what they need.

Swimming is wonderful but taking rests, enjoying the sun and having cold drinks by the pool is important too. Owning a swimming pool means you have to have an appropriate set of pool fittings that go along with it. Therefore, choosing the best pool chair that will complement the swimming pool decor is quite hard. This article is prepared to assist anyone looking to get the best choice products for their pool.

We will look into the overall characteristics of pool chairs, the quality, material used, color options, and other features. To create the most comprehensive review, we have thoroughly investigated the current market in pool chairs. The result is the 6 top options for you to select from.

Best chaise lounge chair

#1. Best Choice: Adjustable Steel Mesh Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners

Best pool chair: Adjustable Steel Mesh Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners


  • UV resistant Textilene fabric
  • Portable
  • Reclining
  • Neutral ‘weightless’ Position
  • Removable elastic cords
  • Adjustable headrests

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

We open our list with the Editor’s Choice: the Zero Gravity Lounge chair, which has all-around perfect characteristics. The frame and fabric are built with the best available materials and are resistant to wear and tear to deliver a premium experience.

Moreover, this pool chair is lightweight, foldable, and extremely easy to transport or store. Having 7 color options for chairs will allow anyone to find the right set that suits their decor.

Besides a convenient detachable tray that comes with it, the set is engineered with a cup holder, a phone compartment, and a tablet compartment. Hence, allowing you to have all the essentials right by your side whenever you need them.

Another noticeable feature is the lockable reclining system with a 160° recline option and a ‘weightless’ position. It slides into a perfect position for your back and whole body to have a much-needed rest.


  • 250-pound weight capacity
  • Collection of different colors
  • Detachable tray
  • Foldable design
  • Lightweight


  • No 180° recline option

#2. Best Swing Chair: Outdoor Hanging Curved Steel Chaise Lounge Chair Swing

Best pool chair-Outdoor Hanging Curved Steel Chaise Lounge Chair Swing


  • Tempered steel frame
  • Swing chair
  • Curved style
  • 265-pound weight capacity
  • Foam-filled cushions
  • UV resistant canopy

Overall rating: 4.9 out of 5

Our Honorary Mention goes to this hanging chair swing that is stunning in all regards. It has an out of this world design that will make it the center of attention anywhere. The powder-coated steel frame creates a strong, durable, and resistant structure that can support 265 pounds.

One greater feature of this chair is that it can swing for a more relaxing experience. Nonetheless, the shades are also of great use when it comes to pool chairs, and this one already includes a shade of its own. This UV resistant canopy allows you to rest while avoiding the sun; it is made of 46-inch polyester and can be removed at any time.

The last thing that is worth mentioning is the comfortable foam-filled cushions that come in three different colors. Based on your pool’s decor, you can either select blue, green, or orange cushions. No matter if you want to sunbathe or have a good rest in the shade sitting by the pool, this product offers maximum comfort.


  • Unique design
  • Quality materials
  • Swing
  • Removable shade
  • Comfy headrests


  • No adjustable recline

#3. Best for Kids: KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge

Best for Kids: KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge


  • Double Chaise Lounge
  • Cup holders
  • UV protective canopy
  • Wooden frame
  • Soft, high-quality cushions

Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5

The number 3 pool chair on our list is made for children. Since the pool is one of the favorite places where kids play and spend time, this Chaise lounge helps them rest.

Double set pool lounge chair has two cup holders where kids can keep their lemonade or other refreshments.

The attractively designed wooden frame and even more beautiful cushions combine to create a masterpiece resistant to wear and tear. Not only that, but it also has 2 color options, which include espresso and honey-navy-white. The crucially important thing about the KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge is its durability, which is a must-have when you talk about kids. Whether kids jump all over it, this chair will hold strong and give reassurance and peace of mind for parents.


  • Attractive design
  • Protective canopy
  • 2 cup holders
  • Weather resistant
  • Durability


  • Small size

#4. Best Heavy Duty: Esright Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair

Best Heavy Duty: Esright Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair


  • 7 reclining positions
  • 2 footrest positions
  • Waterproof UV-resistant material
  • Durable frame
  • Foldable

Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5

This smooth pool chair is a dream come true for most people, mainly due to the classic color and simple but marvelous design. It has 7 positioning options and 2 additional footrest positions that can fold and slide to your every need, offering maximum comfort. The durable and resistant frame allows this powerful chair to handle up to 370 pounds of weight. Thus, anyone big and small can enjoy a wonderful rest by the pool while lying on it.

The Textilene mesh fabric, which it is made of, is breathable and easy to clean. On top of that, it is UV-resistant, waterproof, and strong. In other words, if you want a long-lasting pool chair, the Enright Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair will make a perfect choice.


  • No assembly required
  • 370-pound weight capacity
  • Takes up small space
  • Easy to store
  • Elegant design


  • No color options available

#5. Best Wicker Chair: Christopher Knight Home 294919 Lakeport

Best Wicker Chair: Christopher Knight Home 294919 Lakeport


  • Stackable
  • Made of brown wicker
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Weather-resistant

Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5

The Christopher Knight Home 294919 Lakeport Outdoor Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair is made of wicker and is perfect for commercial or personal use. The smooth texture of the wicker enables this bad boy to deliver great comfort to your skin.

Although the material itself is great, you can choose to purchase a cushion and enhance the pleasure of enjoying this pool chair even more. The stylish wicker is suitable for most poolside decor and can complement it in ways you never thought possible.

Lastly, this elongated pool chair is easy to fold; it is portable and can be stored without problems. To sum up, the Christopher Knight Home 294919 Lakeport Outdoor Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair will make a great addition to your outdoor furniture.


  • Smooth texture surface
  • Durable design
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Value for money
  • Reputable product


  • No cushions provided

#6. Best Outdoor Chaise with Umbrella: KidKraft

Best Outdoor Chaise with Umbrella: KidKraft


  • Wooden Chaise
  • Cushions provided
  • Has matching umbrella
  • Perfect for children
  • Long-lasting quality

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5

Another product from KidKraft on our list is the Outdoor Chaise with Umbrella for the little ones. KidKraft mainly focuses on creating furniture for kids, and they have unrivaled expertise in this regard. Thus, this Outdoor Chaise with umbrella is the epitome of quality and design. Made with great quality wood and equipped with a strong canvas pool chair, it is sturdy and resistant to long years of use. The chaise cushion that comes with it is comfortable and easy to clean, making life easier for parents.

The pool chair is affordable and worth the money, making investing in it all the more satisfying. Kids want to have the pleasure of resting on a pool chair just as much as the grown-ups, so buying one for your child is a must. Considering its cute size and colors, having it complement your decor will not be a problem.


  • Engineered with children in mind
  • Has a set of armrests
  • Cushions are made using quality materials
  • Built to last
  • Elegant wooden frame


  • No adjustable footrests

Swimming pool lounge chairs – Buying Guide

Based on our team’s efforts and thorough research, we have made a detailed report that includes all the professional opinions and information necessary regarding the best pool chairs. After careful deliberations, we came up with the best 6 pool chairs currently available on the market. Hence, offer you this buying guide that may assist you in making the right decision. We hope you will find what you are looking for.

Why should you buy a swimming pool chair?

As we mentioned before, the best pool furniture is necessary to have the best pool experience. You cannot have a proper rest by the pool on sunny days without a good pool chair. Moreover, be it sunbathing or sipping a cold drink while enjoying the view of your pool area or the beach it is always better if you do it while lying on comfortable pool furniture. Therefore, buying a pool chair is not a question that needs deliberating; the answer is simple and straightforward. Could you do it?

Factors you need to consider to find the best pool lounge chairs

We list the most essential factors that consumers have to be aware of while purchasing a pool chair. This list can help you understand what features to look for that can determine the furniture’s quality. Whether or not you choose to follow this guide is entirely up to you, but having a little help is always better especially for newbies who buy for the first time.

Best pool lounge chair weight

The pool chair’s weight is an important factor for those who plan to use it for their pool at home and occasional personal vacation by the beach or a lake. Purchasing a lightweight pool lounge chair can be a wise decision in this regard because it is easier to transport from one place to another. A lightweight chair is also easy to clean and store and if they are foldable, you can save even more space in your storage.

Pool side chair material 

The next crucial feature that assists in selecting a great pool chair is its material. The durability, comfort, and flexibility of the pool furniture are directly linked to the material it is made of. Pool chairs are usually made with wicker, Textilene fabric, resin, or recycled plastic. The price of a pool lounge chair is directly linked to the material it is made of too. For example, the wicker is light and has great quality, making it more expensive than other materials. The cheapest material will be recycled plastic which is a lot heavier. The most innovative of them all may be the UV resistant Textilene fabric; it is weather resistant and durable and is fairly affordable.

Swimming chair -Extra Features

This section states the information on the additional attachments that a pool chair comes with. They can be a side tray, cup holders, canopy, umbrellas, or cushions. No matter what, having a bonus add on will never hurt. After one month of testing, here are the best pool vacuums money can buy.

Pool side lounge chairs price

Finally, the factor that strongly influences the buying decision is the price. Many factors affect the price of the product such as material, packaging, place of production, etc. In our case, the consideration falls on the material, features, and quality.

If a pool chair is made of wicker the price will be a lot higher than resin or plastic alternatives. Additionally, the features like the folding positions and cup holders can also increase or decrease the price. The more sliding positions and detailed work invested in the pool lounge chair, the higher the price.

Poolside chair FAQs

What is the best pool for furniture?

The most popular pool furniture includes pool chairs and umbrellas because they are considered the most essential.

What is the most comfortable outdoor chair?

This question has a variety of answers based on the personal characteristics of every consumer. However, generally speaking, chairs made of wicker and Textilene fabric are deemed best.

What is the best outdoor lounge chair?

Everyone has different opinions on the best outdoor lounge chairs, but if we were to choose, we would recommend Zero Gravity chairs because they are the most comfortable ones.

How long are pool lounge chairs?

Generally, pool lounge chairs are about 6-7 feet long.

Best pool chairs – The Final Verdict

Our final verdict on the best pool chairs overall goes to the Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners for Patio and here is why. First of all, they are made of the highest quality materials, which ensure long-lasting service. Second, the design is detailed and flexible which can help you adjust it perfectly to your every need. Lastly, the detachable tray and headrests are a bonus feature that not many similar lounge chairs can provide.

The Hanging Curved Chaise Lounge Chair Swing for Backyard is the second-best on our list with its otherworldly design and swing feature. This product is one item that will never fail to grab attention and can always be the place to find a little peace and relaxation.

The third best choice belongs to the KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge with Cup Holders. We could not leave out our most adorable consumers of this list and would like to recommend this Double Chaise Lounge with Cup Holders for all kids.