Choosing The Best Swimming Pool Paint For Your Pool – Premium Acrylic or Waterproof in 2021?

Once you decide to paint your swimming pool, you should have the best pool paint at hand. The process can be a little overwhelming if you do not have the right tools. Painting a pool is a huge project that you should do right the first time.

Besides painting a pool being a daunting task, selecting the best pool paint is also an overwhelming exercise. Luckily, we have been in the pool industry for long and understand the best pool paint options. To save you time and headache when selecting pool paint, we took the time to prepare this guide to help you get started.

Which is The Best Swimming Pool Paint?

Whether you are constructing a new pool or your pool paint is blistering, you can go ahead to try out any of these best pool paints for swimming pools.

#1. Best Overall: Liquid rubber waterproof sealant, Black, 5 Gallon


  • Ready to use
  • Easy to apply
  • Environmental friendly
  • High coverage – 15 sq. ft. per gallon

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

If you want to get a pool paint that dries fast on the pool surface, this rubber waterproof sealant is a perfect pick. The paint is designed to dry fast and lasts long, making it our top pick. This type of swimming pool paint is best used for a flat roof, metal roof, planter boxes, foundations, metal, swimming pools, unpainted concrete, and basements.

With the various uses available, you can be sure this paint will effectively paint your pool surface. This paint is also easy to apply. What this means is that you do not require any special skills as long as you know how to paint other surfaces. All you require is a brush or a roller to get the job done. To build a waterproof membrane, make sure you use an even and heavy coat.

The Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant Pool Paint is also environmentally friendly. The waterproof coating is water-based and does not contain any solvents or harmful odors. This feature makes the paint safe for humans and pets without special bathing apparatus. 

Additionally, it’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The paint also offers users large square feet coverage. For vertical surfaces, 1 gallon can cover up to 30 sq. ft. which equals (2.8 sq. m) considering you achieve a 30 mil membrane. For flat surfaces, 1 gallon can cover 15 sq. ft. with a 60-80 mil membrane.

For best results, you should not apply to the surface in wet conditions or within 24 hours after rain. Only apply to a dry surface that is free of dirt, oil grease, silicone, or any other contaminators. Upon application, the paint cures within 24-48 hours.


  • Easy to apply
  • Environment friendly
  • Compatible with different surface types
  • Great for above ground and in-ground pools
  • Ready to use out of the can


  • Provides unlimited shine

#2. High Gloss Epoxy Pool Paint: In The Swim Super Epoxy Shield Swimming Pool Paint


  • Offers a high gloss finish
  • Very durable – can last for up to 8 years
  • Compatible with all conventional pool surface materials
  • Stain and algae resistant

Overall rating: 4.9 out of 5

In The Swim’s Super Epoxy Pool Shield is one of the most outstanding epoxy pool paints that will leave your pool looking good with a high-gloss finish. The high gloss finish is durable and can last for up to 8 years if applied correctly and if you maintain good water chemical balance over the years.

To properly apply this paint, make sure you apply over an epoxy paint primer so that it creates a ceramic-like finish that is algae and stain-resistant. This means this epoxy paint offers all your pool surface a proper coating and it will be free from stains and algae for 8 years. However, if you are repainting your pool surface, you can go ahead and apply the epoxy pool paint directly without an epoxy primer as an undercoat already exists.

This epoxy pool paint can be applied to all conventional pool surfaces like fiberglass, pebble, and plastic. However, if you are dealing with fiberglass or concrete glass, make sure you use the brands’ Gunite Primer as an undercoating for best results. The Super Epoxy Pool Shield Paint is available in three different colors you can choose from and which include dark blue, white, and black.


  • Creates a good looking, high gloss surface
  • Very durable – can last up to 8 years
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Stain and algae growth resistant
  • Can be applied over all conventional pool surfaces


  • Requires a primer for unpainted pool surfaces

#3. The best pool deck repair patch: E-Z Patch 2 White Swimming Pool Deck Repair Patch


  • Unique formula to repair cracks
  • Compatible with Kooldeck and simulated brick stone
  • Coverage: 3 pounds cover 4 square feet of 1/4 – inch crack
  • Includes liquid polymer bonder

Overall rating: 4,9 out of 5

If you’re looking for a unique formula to repair their delaminating or cracking cement and sand textured surfaces, the E-Z Patch 2 White Swimming Pool Deck Repair Patch is the best option. This unique formula is compatible with simulated flagstone, simulated tile, and brick surfaces. If your pool is experiencing cracks for whichever reason, don’t give algae a chance to grow, grab the 3 pounds pool deck repair on time.

The initial color of this specially designed formula is white but it can be stained to match the existing plaster layer. This means if your existing plaster color is blue, you can go ahead to stain the white patch blue for uniformity.

Upon use, this pool deck repair patch forms a superior bond as it has a polymer bonder. The 3-pound pack covers 4 square feet of every 1/4 –inch crack.


  • Forms superior bond
  • Compatible with different pool surfaces
  • Specially designed to repair cracks


  • Only compatible with simulated surfaces

#4. Consumers Choice: Cool Pool Deck Coating


  • Reduces heat buildup
  • Ideal for restoring pool beauty
  • Coverage: 1 bundle pack can cover 200 sq. ft.
  • Able to tint different colors

Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5

If you’re looking for pool paint that offers a great finish, the Cool Pool Deck Coating is ideal. This swimming pool paint dries fast, which means you will be able to swim in your pool after a few hours. The paint is renowned for its quick-drying capability when compared to other pool paints.

Apart from the pool paint drying quickly, the pool paint is versatile as well as it can be used for waterproofing and sealing masonry, concrete, plastered, and gunite pools. The paint does not require mixing with other oils, meaning you can apply it directly out of the can. It’s the best pick to resurface old pool deck surfaces to restore beauty.

The Cool Pool Deck Coating also reduces heat buildup on a concrete surface by up to 38%. Most pool decks can be completed within a day, and the paint can tint to any imaginable color. If you’re looking for satisfaction guaranteed with pool paint, you should look no further.


  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Reduces heat build-up on concrete by up to 38%
  •  Best for resurfacing old pool decks


  • Does not offer great coverage

#5. Best Epoxy Paint: Pond Armor SKU-GRAY-QT-R Non-Toxic Pond Shield Epoxy Paint


  • Waterproof formula making it ideal for use in different climatic environments
  • Self-priming formula
  • Applicable on different construction surfaces
  • Specially designed for underwater use to be non-toxic
  • Fish and plant safe

Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5

This epoxy swimming pool paint is made using a waterproof formula, making it ideal for use in different climatic conditions. You can go ahead to use the epoxy pool paint, whether in freezing or hot conditions. The paint is also designed to be non-toxic and can be used underwater. If you’re looking for a plant and fish safe paint, Pond Armor is a great pick.

Another feature there is to like about this paint is the self-priming formula that allows better adhesion on surfaces. The self-priming formula makes it easy to clean and maintain pool surfaces without fear of paint peeling off. Also, you can go ahead and use the pool within 24 hours after painting using this paint as it dries fast.

Additionally, the paint is perfect to use on surfaces made of stone, wood, metal, and plastic. This is a versatile product worth the spend when in need of painting or repainting a pool. The paint is sky blue and waterproof as well. A single coating of this paint offers you pool impeccable strength and flexibility.


  • Ideal for any water feature
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • No folds seen during application
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Versatile
  • Waterproof


  • Drips when applied on vertical surfaces.

#6. Best Affordable: In The Swim Aqua Coat Water Base Swimming Pool Paint


  • Self-Priming
  • Can be applied to bare surfaces
  • Coverage: 2500-300 square feet per gallon
  • Applied with a paint roller

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5

In The Swim Aqua Coat Water Base Swimming Pool Paint is among the premium acrylic pool paints because it has a two-part epoxy used as a base coat for fiberglass, sandblasted surfaces, rough plaster, rough concrete, and new gunite. This pool paint is affordable, considering it has a thick viscosity that acts as a full coat which creates a durable high gloss surface that is pleasing.

If you decide to go with this acrylic swimming pool paint, make sure the pool surface is thoroughly prepared and cleaned using tri-sodium phosphate. After cleaning, make sure you etch your pool with acid and wash off any excess acid and tri-sodium phosphate. The preparation tends to be cumbersome, but it’s completely necessary so that the water-based acrylic paint adheres to the walls surfaces, and floor.

In terms of coverage, this acrylic paint can cover 250-300 square feet per gallon. This paint is only available in blue, which is a drawback.


  • Affordable
  • Reasonable coverage of 250-300 square feet per gallon
  • Usable as a full coat
  • Two-part epoxy primer ideal for rough plaster, rough concrete, new gunite, etc.


  • Only available in blue

Best Pool Paint Buying Guide

Painting a pool is a daunting task that demands a lot of attention. Looking for the best pool robot for your swimming pool? To do it right the first time, you should make sure to choose the right paint. Here are things you should look at before buying pool paint:

Consider the type of paint – There are four types of pool paints you can choose from. The four types are epoxy, acrylic, water-based acrylic, and chlorinated rubber. From the list, you should note that chlorinated rubber paints are not durable, yet they are expensive to obtain and not good for the environment. This makes this type a less favorable option when compared to epoxy or acrylic. The type of paint you choose to buy should be based on the results you are looking for.

Primer – primer is not a must when painting a pool, but it is helpful to maximize adhesion. If the surface is unpainted, you must use a primer. However, if you opt for a chlorinated rubber based or acrylic paint, there is no need to use a primer. For epoxy paint to adhere, you need to use a primer.

Size of your pool – it’s vital to have enough pool paint to complete the job the first time without going on a second trip to buy more. It will be easier to know how much paint you require for the first time if you know the size of your pool.

Tips to consider before buying pool paint

  • If you want to repaint your pool, you must know the type of paint you have used before. The new paint may not be compatible with the existing one. If you can’t identify the paint, seek professional help.
  • Avoid using acrylic paint on fiberglass, hot tubs, and wooden surfaces. Acrylic is not chemical resistant, and there is a high chance it will chalk over time.
  • Most paint can cover up to 150 sq. feet per gallon. It’s vital you check the number of coats required to be sure you have enough paint for your entire pool. Always check the paint coverage before buying to be sure you are making the right buying decision.

How to paint your pool quickly- a quick DIY guide

  • First, drain all the water and get rid of all dirt, leaves, and debris
  • Use hydraulic cement to patch any holes and cracks
  • Clean the surface using a scraper. Use a pressure washer to sweep the area clean.
  • Scrub the walls and floor of your pool using an acid wash. Once the pool is completely clean, rinse with water
  • It’s advisable you re-rinse the pool multiple times to be sure there are no stains left
  • Start applying the paint. It’s advisable to start with the deeper end towards the shallow end with an extension roller.
  • Once you are done with the first and second coat, leave the paint to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of paint do you use for a swimming pool?

There are different types of paints you can use for a swimming pool, but we mainly recommend epoxy or acrylic pool paints.

Is painting your pool a good idea?

Painting your pool is a good idea to restore beauty. The process of painting a pool is at times difficult to execute, but with the right paint and tools at hand, you can do it right the first time.

Should I paint or re-plaster my pool?

If your pool has cracks, it’s best, you re-plaster before painting. However, if there are no cracks, you can go ahead and paint the pool.

How long will the pool paint last?

The duration of pool paint varies from one type to another. Make sure you check how long a given paint is deemed to last before buying—most range between 3-6 years.

Pool Paint Final Thoughts 

When you have plans to paint your pool, make sure you select the best paint available on the market. We prepared this guide and pointed out the 6 best pool paints for you to choose from. Our top pick is the Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant Pool Paint considering it’s easy to use and highly versatile. The second best pool paint in our guide is the In The Swim’s Super Poxy Shield, an affordable pool paint that will offer you a high glow finish and can last for more than five years.  The third best product from our list is E-Z Patch 2 White Swimming Pool Deck Repair Patch which is one of the best paints for repairing cracking and delaminating pools.