In Ground Swimming Pool Umbrellas – Best Poolside Outdoor Decor (2021)

You might prefer to take a brief respite during a scorching summer weekend by swimming in the backyard pool, but there is no way you can relax in the open without one of the best pool umbrellas.

In addition to this, pool umbrellas, like the Abba Patio range, also give a stylish look to your backyard and instantly add charisma to your outdoor décor.

Pool umbrellas also offer privacy from prying neighbors and you can spend your weekend by having a brunch or evening tea under your pool or outdoor patio umbrella.

Most pool umbrellas are made of durable materials like aluminum and polyester, which will help you to save a hefty amount of money on frequent repairs.

Moreover, pool umbrellas also include several installation tools that make assembly easy.

If you are planning to purchase the best pool umbrella, then this guide will help you choose the best pool umbrella for your needs.

Here you will find reviews of some of the top pool umbrellas that you can purchase within your budget.

Right after the product reviews, you can go through a buying guide where you will get to know about the most common and important features to look for in pool umbrellas.

In case you have any other query, then go through the frequently asked questions section and the conclusion at the end of this article about pool umbrellas.

Best umbrella for the pool area

#1. Boracay 10’ Square Cantilever Pool Umbrella

Pool Umbrellas - 9' Market Umbrella


  • Total weight of the product: 60 pounds
  • Dimensions of opened umbrella: 9’10” by 9’10”
  • The diameter of the pole: 3 inches
  • The shape of the canopy: Square

Nothing is more endearing when you get a chance to use a pool umbrella that is stylish in looks and is highly durable.

Well, with the all-new Boracay 10’ Square Umbrella, the frame of this product is made of aluminum and it has a trendy look.

One of the best features of this pool umbrella is that it comes with wind vents that provide stability to your umbrella to withstand mild gales.

The crank mechanism will give you additional safety and help while opening and closing the umbrella.

Along with the pool umbrella, you will also get a fillable stand that is made up of high-grade plastic.

Also, you can even adjust the height of the pole as per your choice and it offers you 360 degrees of rotation.

It is way too easy to take care of the pool umbrella; all you require is to wipe it don with the help of a damp cloth.

The Boracay 10’ Square Umbrella has got a total warranty of 90 days


  • Warranty for all umbrellas
  • Stylish to look at
  • Requires partial assembly


  • A bit bulky in weight

#2. Bondi 10’ Square Cantilever Pool Umbrella

Bondi 10' Square Cantilever Umbrella


  • The total weight of the product: 65 pounds
  • The diameter of the pole: 3 inches
  • Water-resistant: Yes
  • Warranty: 90 days

The Bondi 10’ Square Cantilever Pool Umbrella is another top choice in the list, as it comes with wind vents and is completely waterproof.

Polyester fabric and aluminum are used in the construction of the canopy and mainframe of this outdoor patio and pool umbrella.

Thus, the umbrella has exceptional durability and can easily withstand extreme weather.

Along with the umbrella, you will also get levers, an installation guide, and a plastic base.

The top canopy is square-shaped with a dimension of 9’10” by 9’10”, allowing two adults to relax beneath the umbrella during a summer weekend.

It is essential to open and close a pool or patio umbrella with due diligence or it may cause injuries.

Due to this, the Bondi 10’ Square Cantilever Pool Umbrella comes with a crank mechanism for opening it.


  • It is waterproof
  • Comes with a warranty of 90 days
  • Sturdy aluminum pole and steel ribs


  • The cover is not included

#3. Bostic 10’ Cantilever Pool Umbrella

Bostic 10' Cantilever Umbrella


  • The overall weight: 31.51 pounds
  • The total height of the pole: 8’7”
  • The dimensions of the canopy: 10’ by 10’
  • The material used for mainframe: Steel

The décor of a pool party helps you get in the mood and offers a chance to entertain your guests better.

In case you are a pool party enthusiast and like to organize a casual get-together on weekends, then consider buying the Bostic 10’ Cantilever Pool Umbrella.

This umbrella includes several add-ons like LED lights and a steel umbrella stand, helping you to save money and to get started right away.

Moreover, the canopy is resistant to rust, mildew, stains, ultraviolet rays, weather, and water.

Thus, you do not have to worry about replacing the top or steel ribs, or other parts of this patio umbrella frequently.

This pool umbrella can easily withstand a wind velocity of 17 miles per hour and, similar to the Abba Patio umbrella, it has solar power for the LED lights.

Along with several accessories and amazing features, the Bostic 10’ Cantilever Pool/Patio Umbrella offers a 1-year warranty as well as CPSIA Compliant certification.


  • Rustproof
  • LED lights are solar-powered
  • 1-year warranty


  • The cover is not included

#4. Jericho 9’ Market Umbrella

Jericho 9' Market Umbrella


  • The mechanism used for opening and closing: Crank
  • The overall weight of the product: 8 pounds
  • The dimension of the opened umbrella: 9’ by 9’
  • The material used in the canopy: Polyester

Who doesn’t want to install a duly weather-protected umbrella in their patio?

For sure, these products will not only help you save a considerable amount of money, but they are also stylish and sophisticated to look at.

The all-new Jericho 9’ Market Umbrella is made of polyester and aluminum and comes with 24 LED lights.

You do not have to worry about illumination during your late-night pool parties.

The most endearing thing about this umbrella is that you do not have to assemble it. Just open the umbrella with the help of the crank lever and you are good to go.

You can even tilt the umbrella in the direction of the sun and get proper protection from the ultraviolet rays.

This umbrella also comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Lights are included
  • One year of warranty
  • No assembly required


  • Does not come with a cover

#5. Kelton 10’ Market Umbrella

Kelton 10' Market Umbrella: outdoor


  • The total height of the aluminum pole: 9 feet
  • The overall weight: 13.5 pounds
  • The material used to make canopy: Polyester
  • The mechanism to open umbrella: Crank

Who doesn’t want to quickly assemble the poolside umbrella during weekend parties?

For starters, the Kelton 10’ Market Umbrella can be installed within a minute with the help of its crank mechanism.

Also, you can tilt it easily at an angle of 45 degrees to get cover from the sun’s rays.

The aluminum pole length is 9 feet, making it easy to get beneath the umbrella. You get a polyester canopy that keeps UV rays at bay and it is weatherproof.

Moreover, the powder coating on the pole increases its durability.

The warranty of 30 days will secure your investment.

You also get wind vents in the canopy that will help the umbrella to withstand even mild gales easily.


  • Light in weight
  • Easy to install
  • Can be tilted at 45 degrees


  • The pole height can’t be adjusted

#6. 9’ Market Umbrella

9' Market Umbrella


  • The net weight: 10 pounds
  • The diameter of the pole: 1½ inches
  • The dimensions of the umbrella: 9’ by 9’
  • The color of the pole: Bronze

In case you are planning to decorate your poolside in a retro fashion, then go for the 9’ Market Umbrella.

It’s made of durable polyester fabric, has a bronze-colored pole and a canopy that has a traditional look.

Besides, this canopy is resistant against ultraviolet rays, water, mildew, and extreme weather.

You can assemble it without the use of any tools; this helps you save a great deal of money on unnecessary purchases.

The mainframe of the 9’ Market Umbrella is made of aluminum, making it light in weight and increasing the lifespan of the umbrella.

A genuine warranty of 90 days will let you use this umbrella without any worries.


  • Warranty of 90 days
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean


  • Can only be used by one person

In ground pool umbrellas – Buying guide

To purchase a cost-effective and easy to handle poolside umbrella, you need to do some thorough research.

Besides taking into account special features of products, you are advised to focus more on the ones that make it comfortable to use and help maintain it.

If possible, compare two different poolside umbrellas before making your final decision. Don’t forget to check our comprehensive guide for pool cleaners.  

Some of the most important factors that you can’t afford to ignore are mentioned below.

Pool deck umbrella – Composition of the mainframe

Purchase a pool umbrella that is made from durable metal, as it prevents you from spending frequently on replacements.

High-quality construction, like the umbrellas in the Abba Patio range, will increase the longevity of your umbrella.

The all-new Boracay 10’ Square Cantilever Poolside Umbrella is made of 100% aluminum, which is waterproof and resistant to extreme weather.

Poolside umbrellas – The fabric used in the canopy

A durable canopy means you do not have to worry about unnecessary repairs or frequent cleaning.

Go for the Boracay 10’ Square Cantilever Patio Umbrella that has a canopy made from polyester that requires less maintenance and is highly durable.

Swimming pool umbrellas – Warranty

Additional protection for your purchase is a winning prospect and you can secure your investment for a relatively long time.

The Bostic 10’ Cantilever Pool/Patio Umbrella gives you a warranty for 1 year, allowing you to use it without second thoughts.

Pool patio umbrella – Ease of installation

Nothing is more compelling than to have an umbrella that is easy to install as you can decorate the pool party venue quickly.

It is easy to install Bondi 10’ Square Cantilever Pool/Patio Umbrella even on short notice, as it offers a crank lift lever.

Poolside umbrella – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best quality patio umbrella?

The Boracay 10’ Square Umbrella is made of 100% polyester and has wind vents, and the frame is made of aluminum.

It is considered as one of the best choice patio umbrellas that you can buy.

Alternatives include models from the Abba Patio range of umbrellas.

Who makes the best cantilever umbrella?

Boracay offers the best. You can buy it to install right beside your backyard swimming pool.

With the umbrella, you also get a fillable stand, 1 year of warranty, and it only requires partial installation.

How heavy should a base be for a 9-foot umbrella?

For a 9-foot high umbrella, you should have a stand that weighs around 65 pounds; this will help it to withstand mild winds.

You can purchase the Boracay 10’ Square

Pool Umbrella offers a fillable stand.

What color patio umbrella is best?

A light blue colored patio umbrella will offer you a sophisticated look.

Furthermore, it will also complement the pristine water of your pool.

Swimming pool umbrella – Conclusion

Like always, you need to do some thorough research before purchasing the best pool umbrella, as it will help you to make the best choice.

Most of the best pool umbrellas options will offer you a few unique features, but you need to focus more on the common ones.

In the list, the all-new Boracay 10’ Square Umbrella is the best pool umbrella, as it has most of the common features.

It has wind vents, is easy to assemble, the canopy has a large surface area, and the mainframe is made of aluminum.

The Bondi 10’ Square Umbrella holds the second position in the list. This comes with a crank lever, a warranty of 1 year, and it is waterproof.

If you want to add a captivating look to your poolside, then go for the Bostic 10’ Cantilever Umbrella.

This comes with solar-powered LED’s that will provide illumination during your late-night patio/pool parties.

Furthermore, the mainframe is made of steel and it can easily withstand a wind velocity of 17 miles per hour on your patio.