Swimming Pool Water Delivery – Water Tanker Bulk Cost To Fill Pool (2021)

Do you own a swimming pool or hot tub at home?


You may have just constructed it or been using it for a long time.

Of course, it is a wonderful experience to have a swimming pool at home.

You may spend time with your loved ones swimming at home while you beat the unbearable heat.

Irrespective of that, you cannot ignore the maintenance of your home pool.

Numerous factors may make the pool not fit to swim in.

However, one of the main reasons is the contamination of water in the pool.

There are instances when the pool water may no longer be safe to swim in.

In that case, you will need to either treat the water or replace it.

Well, you can always treat the water with chemicals to make it fit for swimming.

However, treating it may not always be effective.

There are instances when treating water may be costly.

In those instances, treating the water can take up a lot of time too.

What can you do in this scenario?

Well, we are going to discuss the solution in this blog.

In short, you will have to replace the water in the pool.

However, following that method has lots of challenges too.

We will address those challenges here and give you practical solutions.

Moreover, we will discuss the situations where you will have to replace the pool water.

Pool Water Delivery

Pool water delivery basics

In this section, we will discuss the situations where you will have to change the water in the pool.

Bulk water delivery in case of infection

The first condition is when the swimming pool is full of algae and bacteria.

You don’t have to change the water every time you see these in the swimming pool.

Let’s say that the algae are at the beginning of its growth.

In that case, you just have to use chemicals like algaecide to treat the issue.

However, there are instances when you neglect the algae in the pool, and it grows massively.

The situation worsens so much that it cannot be controlled by chemicals quickly.

Yes, chemicals will take a considerable amount of time to get rid of the algae in swimming pool water.

Moreover, you will have to use a number of chemicals many times to treat the water.

This becomes highly costly compared to other solutions, especially replacing the swimming pool water.

Just imagine the pool which is filled with full of algae and bacteria.

Will the swimming pool water be fit to swim in?

Surely not.

Even if you do swim in such conditions, you will suffer from skin irritation, eye redness, and many more problems.

Thus, you have only one solution, and that is to replace the swimming pool water.

Bulk water delivery near me – Imbalance

The second reason due to which you would have to replace the water is an imbalance in chemistry.

Yes, there are instances when the water becomes unfit to swim in due to imbalanced water chemistry.

Hearing this term for the first time?

Well, it simply means that the chemicals in the water are not in proper proportion.

Let’s understand that by an example.

Alright, so, let’s say that you shocked the pool.

The level of chlorine will surely increase.

However, due to excess usage, chances are that the chlorine level increases more than the required limit.

Similarly, other chemicals or elements in the water can increase or decrease compared to the prescribed limit.

This can happen due to various reasons like debris, improper treatment, and many more.

Yes, you can lower the limit by some chemicals available on the market.

However, that solution is not effective every time.

Sometimes the imbalance exceeds so much that you cannot control it.

It usually leads to situations like cloudy water and provides a proper breeding ground for algae.

Therefore, it is important to deal with this situation very carefully.

Since you cannot control the chemicals, you will have to start from scratch.

Thus, you will have to replace the water in the pool.

In the upcoming sections, we will discuss some techniques that will help you to replace the water of the pool.

Moreover, we will share the correct source from where you should take the water for the pool.

Why is that important?

First of all, you have to keep the water replacement within your budget.

You need to ensure that the water doesn’t cost you much.

Moreover, it should not affect the livelihood of the people around you.

Pool water delivery near me – Techniques/Tips to Improve

Plan everything

Before you initiate the process, you will have to plan everything.

Ensure that you have decided and planned every step of the plan.

You surely don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the process.

Drain the pool

The first step is to drain the pool properly.

If you have a proper drainage system, then you must use it.

Ensure that all the water is properly drained.

Clean the pool

Before you fill the pool with fresh water, you need to clean the pool properly.

Why is that necessary?

As mentioned earlier, you need to replace the pool water due to two basic reasons.

Let’s recap.

Either it is due to algae or water imbalance.

Either way, you will have to ensure that the previous water does not affect the freshwater.

Let’s say that you drained the water, but algae remain in the pool.

What will happen when you re-fill the pool?

Yes, the algae will grow again in the pool, and you will be in a similar situation as before.

Thus, you need to clean the pool properly.

Try cleaning it with a brush.

You need to make sure that the surface has been cleaned properly.

Moreover, you can spray fresh water while cleaning, which you have to drain out.

It is also recommended to clean the equipment in the pool like the filter and skimmer basket.

You must also look at whether the condition of the pool is good or not.

If you observe some cracks, then you must fix them immediately.

Decide on the water truck delivery source

There are three basic sources from where you can take the water to fill your pool.

The first water hauling near me source is the municipal supply

You can attach the water pipe to a hose in your house, and fill your pool.

This process will take you a few hours to complete.

Moreover, it is costly compared to other methods.

You will have to pay twice or three times the usual amount of your water bill to fill your pool.

There are even instances when you have to get permission from the municipal supply system.

Make sure that you have all the legal permission to do so.

The second swimming pool water delivery near me source is well water

Yes, you can switch to well water instead of municipal water.

However, by using well water, there are high chances that the groundwater in your area will deplete.

This can bother some of your neighbors.

The last method is to hire a pool water delivery service.

What do we mean by that?

Well, it means that you will have to hire a water truck service to fill the pool.

Make sure that you are aware of the capacity required before contacting a pool water delivery company to send a water truck delivery to fill pool installations.

This method is one of the cheapest and safest way to fill the pool.

Pool water delivery cost near me – Correcting common problems

Can you re-fill the pool without cleaning?

Yes, you can do that, but it would be harmful in the long run.


Well, after a few weeks, you will observe that the new water delivered by the bulk water trucking service has a similar issue as the previous water.

Thus, ensure that you clean the pool properly before ordering any local water truck services to refill it.

Swimming pool water delivery – Frequently Asked Questions

Will the fire department fill the pool?

Unfortunately, in the present era, it is nearly impossible.

Yes, you will observe some instances where it happens, but they are extremely rare.

You will have to request the department a lot of times for that to happen.

We would recommend you to not fill the pool by this procedure.

How much does a pool water delivery cost?

The cost of the pool water delivery will vary as per the size of the pool.

Well, the main cost is the gallons of the water you require, plus the delivery fee.

Thus, if we assume that you have an ideal pool, it will cost you around 200 dollars.

Yes, by the ideal pool, we mean that you require a water delivery of around 16,000 gallons.

If your pool has a larger capacity, the water delivery will cost more.

Can you have water delivered to fill the pool?

Yes, of course.

You can hire bulk water tankers to fill the pool for you when you need it.

This is also known as pool water delivery.

How much will it cost to fill a pool of 10,000 gallons?

It will cost around 125 dollars to fill pools with a capacity of 10,000 gallons.

Yes, it can vary as per the area you are living in.

Water tanker delivery near me – best practices in the industry

  • Always inspect pools frequently
  • Drain pools properly
  • Clean the equipment
  • Check for any damage
  • Choose the proper source to fill the pool
  • Balance the chemicals in the new water

Water trucks delivery tools you can use

Here are some tools that will come handy while changing the water of the pool.

  • Pool testing kits
  • Brushes
  • Cleaning kits
  • Water balancing chemicals
  • Algaecides
  • Pool maintenance equipment