Best Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner Reviews – Aquavac, Hayward, QC? [Updated for 2021]

Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner-Aquavac, Hayward, QC

We are happy to tell you that your search for a reliable and efficient pool cleaner is over. We have found a product that combines a stylish design with the ideal efficiency; the Hayward RC9950GR TigerShark Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner.

Hayward tiger shark pool cleaner reviews – Why you need a Tiger Shark

Having a pool cleaner is a beautiful thing, but having adequate information would save you from much stress. We have done adequate research on the Hayward RC9950GR TigerShark, and we’ll tell you what makes it stand out from the crowd. This product is known for two main things: the length of its pool cleaning cycle and ease of cleaning.

Aquavac tiger shark pool cleaner is a time saver

Efficiency and effectiveness are functions of time, and spending all day to clean a pool is not a great sign of a good pool cleaner. The Hayward RC9950GR TigerShark pool cleaner has a standard 3-hour pool cleaning time, and a 90-minute quick cleaning cycle. Just plug it into the power supply, drop it in the pool, and off it goes. It gets the job done in a short amount of time; faster than most automatic cleaners for pools.

Hayward Tigershark QC reviews – Easy maintenance

It’s a snag to clean most pool cleaners, but the manufacturers have overcome this, and we have also confirmed that the RC9950GR is easy to clean, and it takes little time to do so. Do you want to know more about this product? Keep reading while we share our experience.

Tiger shark pool cleaner reviews – Build

The RC9950GR robotic pool cleaner is designed with an intelligent microprocessor embedded in it, which determines the pattern of movement, enables adaptivity, cleaning cycle control, etc. It has a powerful on-board pump with high vacuum power, and it has been built with a powerful and efficient 24-volt motor, which saves energy and also money.

Due to its components, this robotic pool cleaner has dimensions of 21.2 x 19.8 x 19.8 inches and weighs 40 pounds, which is heavy; it is not suitable for people with back problems or people who can’t do much heavy lifting. Regardless of its weight, it performs its functions and is easy to use.

Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner Aquavac – Cleaning Process

One thing you should know is that this cleaner is made specifically for in-ground pools, there would be issues if it was used in above-ground pools.

It takes the RC9950GR 3 hours to completely clean a 20’ x 40’ pool in the standard cleaning mode. This includes the floors, waterline, walls, etc. A very remarkable feature is that it can also do it in 90 minutes when it’s in the quick clean mode. It beats most robotic pool cleaners in terms of speed and control. The whole cleaning process can be started at the push of a button, which makes it easy to use and control.

It can clean all pools, regardless of the material used in making it, it doesn’t matter if it is glass, marble or tile, the Hayward RC9950GR TigerShark cleans it excellently. This is made possible due to the on-board pump, which provides the robotic pool cleaner with excellent vacuum power to suck up dirt and waste, even larger objects like twigs, leaves, seeds, etc. in pools.

Hayward tiger shark pool cleaner reviews – Scales walls easily

We have noticed that several pool cleaners have difficulty sometimes with climbing the walls of some pools but not this robotic pool cleaner. Our review showed that It climbs walls and reaches high places like it’s nothing. It reaches every single part of the pool and gets the job done.

During our research, we heard complaints that the RC9950GR gets stuck on drains and keeps running until you take control and move it away. This is a problem that you might face, and it is essential that you take note of this. Also, though claimed to be intelligent, it doesn’t adapt perfectly well or learn the layout of the pool and has a fixed and deterministic pattern of control for movement.

Aquavac tiger shark – Ease of Cleaning

It would be a ridiculous thing if you had to go through a whole other chore to clean your robotic pool cleaner, but don’t worry, the manufacturers seem to have kept this in mind. In our review, we found the RC9950GR very easy to clean.

This robotic pool cleaner has a unique and patented cartridge filter system; all you have to do is to eject the cartridge, then rinse it with a hose. That is all; you don’t need any other thing; hoses, hookups, or pumps. Place the garbage bin underneath when you are about to clean, tip the automatic pool cleaner over, remove the cartridge and clean.

Hayward Tigershark QC reviews – Capacity

The TigerShark’s water pump is able to process up to 4,490 gallons of water in an hour and 13,500 in 3 hours. It can function as a pool filter, and also it can ensure a proper mixture of pool chemicals.

Tiger Shark pool cleaner reviews – Product Reliability

We have gathered from several costumers that, indeed, this product is reliable; it pays for itself. It doesn’t lose its functionality over time. There might be a few repairs along the way, but it is built to last.

Also, with what we have discovered, this product will be in perfect condition for about two to three years.

Pricing and Warranty

The TigerShark Pool Cleaner is reliable, efficient, effective, stylish, and fast. Still, all these remarkable things come at a price that is a little bit on the expensive side compared to other pool cleaners. With what we have seen, we can assure you that it is worth every penny and would be a helpful appliance to have.


It is available for order from popular online stores and shops, it’s an investment you won’t regret, and if there are any issues, there’s a year of warranty that covers damages that are due to manufacturing faults. Just make sure you keep your receipt, although you might not need it.


  • It is easy to clean
  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • It has a 90-minute quick clean process
  • It is easy to control
  • Standard 115V power supply


  • It is a little bit expensive
  • It is heavy
  • It gets stuck on drains

Tiger shark aquavac – Conclusion about the Hayward RC9950GR TigerShark

Cleaning your pool yourself is a strenuous process. Paying someone to do so is expensive, so what’s the solution? Can I get something to do it for me? Yes, you can. That’s where automatic pool cleaners come in, and it is vital to know the right and best option for your pool.

The TigerShark RC9550GR Automatic Robot Pool Cleaner combines both speed and power and gives the best of both worlds. It is reliable, and it is built to last. It can clean a 20’ x 40’ pool in 90 minutes, where most other pool cleaners do so in 2 hours. Lastly, you are covered with a year’s warranty, which is fantastic.

Final Thoughts

Nothing is perfect, and this excellent cleaner has its weaknesses. Still, while we weighed up its strengths and weaknesses, we can say for sure that this is an efficient and reliable pool cleaner. The price should not be a problem because it is worth every single penny you spend on it. You will not regret purchasing the Hayward RC9950GR TigerShark Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner.

Enjoy your spotless pool. Check all the models we reviewed here.