How To Winterize Hot Tub – Antifreeze And What To Disconnect? (2021)

There is no better experience in the world than soaking yourself in a hot tub in winter.

Winter weather is harsh; You must winterize hot tub as it can freeze every bone in our body.

It is natural to be attracted to places that keep the body warm.

Yes, it is a wonderful experience; you get to keep the body warm, while the temperature outside is freezing.

However, a hot tub or spa requires time to heat the water.

There are even instances when components of the hot tub/spa, like the pump housing, drain plugs, jet face, circuit breaker, etc. become damaged due to the freezing temperature.

Maybe you are not going to use the tub/spa for a long time.

Thus, it is best to winterize hot tubs during this season.

The winterization process means hibernation, such that the unit is not damaged by harsh climatic conditions.

Don’t worry.

We gathered some important methods to help tub/spa owners winterize a hot tub/spa.

How to winterize a hot tub – Basics

Winterize a hot tub
Covered hot tub on a residential porch in a snow storm, horizontal aspect

Here are some simple ways to winterize your hot tub/spa in winter.

How to winterize hot tub – Turn it OFF

It is important to turn the power OFF.

If you don’t want to get an electric shock, turn OFF every component.

You can even unplug the wires.

Hot tub winterization – Draining

The next step is to drain it.

Try to make sure that you drain the chemicals properly as well.

To ensure proper drainage, you can re-fill the tub/spa more than once.

Dry it

Now, turn ON the blower.

There may be some droplets of water in the tub/spa.

You need to dry them off using the blower.

Make sure that the tub/spa is completely dry before heading to the next step.


Remove the filter and clean it properly.

It is recommended to scrub it with a brush while spraying it with fresh water using a garden hose.

You can also soak the filter in a solution of chlorine for a while.

Winterize hot tubs – Techniques/Tips to improve

1. Remove the pump as well as the heater.

It is recommended to uninstall the pump as well as the heater.

Try to store them in places with low moisture and exposure to air.


Well, these conditions will prevent the machinery from corrosion.

Thus, they will work without servicing after you re-install them.

2. Clean water jet pipes

There are instances when the jet pipes become blocked due to water inside them during winter weather.

Thus, it is recommended to clean the jet pipes properly.

You can even use the blower to remove the water inside them.

3. Re-check

You need to check every part of the unit.

Make sure that there is no water inside it, including the pipes.

4. Cover everything

This is the last step to winterize hot tub units.

You have to cover every part of the installation as well as components with a dry cloth or suitable cover.

It is highly recommended to cover everything with dry towels or a custom spa cover.

Winterizing hottub – Correcting common problems

After going through the above-mentioned information, some questions might have popped into your mind.

To resolve all your queries, we have responded to certain common questions so that during winter, hot tubs don’t develop problems.

We have also provided solutions to the common problems that you may encounter.

Winterize hot tub – Best practices

Here are the best practices that you must follow.

  • Never winterize the tub with water in it
  • Be patient with the draining process
  • Do the cleaning process properly

Tools & equipment you can use to winterize hottub

These are some tools that you must have.

  • A hot air blower
  • Shop Vac
  • Antifreeze (in harsh winter weather)
  • Cover for spa drain
  • Tub/Spa cover for the unit
  • Brush or steel wool for cleaning

How to winterize hot tub – Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put antifreeze in a hot tub?

Yes, you can use antifreeze.

Make sure you put it only if you are closing the unit for the season. Apply it before placing the spa cover over it.

This method will surely prevent the bursting of pipes or damage to any other equipment of the hot tub.

How do I keep my hot tub pipes from freezing?

There are limited ways to protect the pipes of the hot tub in the winter.

The first way is to put antifreeze in the hot tub.

This is an effective method.

The second method is to cover your tub/spa after draining it. Ensure that all water is removed.

This will prevent the pipes from bursting.

How do you completely drain a hot tub/spa?

The process of draining water from a hot tub/spa is extremely easy.

First of all, you need to make sure that the chemicals are settled.

Next, you need to open the draining spigot; make sure that all the chemicals are also drained away.

You can even re-fill half of the tub/spa to make sure that there are no chemicals remaining.

How to winterize a spa/hot tub video?

There are various videos available on the internet that properly explain the process of winterization.

To simplify your search, we have gathered the best videos on the internet.

Should I drain my hot tub/spa for winter?

It is highly recommended to drain the spa/tub for winter.

There are instances when pipes of the hot tub/spa freeze due to water in them.

Thus, you must drain the tub/spa properly.

Make sure that you follow the procedure properly.

Can I leave my tub/spa empty?

Well, for energy efficiency, you should keep the tub/spa empty.

If the tub/spa is not empty, then you need to keep the power ON.

Keeping the tub/spa empty will also protect the components of the tub/spa from being damaged.

How much does it cost to winterize a tub/spa?

This process will surely be the cheapest method to protect your hot tub in the winter.

If you assume that the size of your tub/spa is ideal along with ideal climatic conditions, then it costs a little less than five dollars per month.

Yes, that is a better option than running the tub/spa for the whole year.

How to remove antifreeze from the hot tub/spa?

The best way to remove antifreeze is to flush it out.

There are various methods to do that.

You can spray some water or add a cup of bleach; either way, you have to flush it out.