How To Get Rid Of Yellow Mustard Algae in A Swimming Pool-Treatment To Prevent It From Coming Back(2021)

It is challenging to maintain a pool.

There are hundreds of problems that you can face with a pool.

Have you ever tried to make a list of problems that you can face with a pool?

Well, we did, and you will be surprised to know the numbers.

According to our research, there are more than 20 different types of problems that are difficult to solve.

You never know when they might appear.

One of these problems is pool algae, especially yellow mustard algae.

This is a problem that most people fail to deal with.

Some even fail to identify when they have algae in pool water.

Mustard algae are an advanced version of green algae.

It develops in swimming pools in which chlorine is usually used.

Yes, that means mustard algae is not affected by chlorine in the water.

Another issue is its texture.

It looks just like floating debris.

Therefore, many people mistake it for dust.

Even if you identify the problem, it is not easy to deal with it.

Are you thinking of using a filter?

Well, that will not work.

It has been observed that mustard algae grow back quickly.

Do not worry.

There is a solution to every problem.

Through our intense research, we have gathered the most effective methods to get rid of mustard algae in swimming pools.

Yellow Mustard Algae – Basics

yellow mustard algae in pool

Let us discuss some basic steps to get rid of mustard algae.

These steps are useful in the initial stage of yellow mustard algae.

Thus, if the algae have grown to a large size, then these will not be effective.

Shock your yellow mustard algae in pool

This is a simple and obvious step to treat mustard algae in your pool.

You need to use pool shock to change the concentration of chlorine.

This step will kill the algae within a few days.

However, you will have to filter the water after the pool is treated.

Make sure that you select the best shock on the market.

If you are struggling to find a suitable one, then simply look for these factors in pool shock.

  • Make sure that the shock is in powdered form.

Try to choose a reputable brand.

  • Keep your budget in mind.

Powdered shock is more effective than liquid ones.

Start using a skimmer basket

To prevent yellow mustard algae, you need to cut off the source.

Yes, you need to cut down their food.

This will automatically eliminate them.

Now, what is the food for algae?

Well, it is phosphate.

You need to control the level of phosphate in your entire pool.

How can you do that?

Well, first of all, you need to know the level of phosphate in your pool.

You just need to make sure that it is under the recommended limit.

After that, comes the role of the skimmer basket.

The level of phosphate increases in the pool due to organic debris such as green algae.

Thus, you need to remove the organic debris.

This can be easily done with the help of a skimmer basket or similar pool equipment.

It is highly recommended to use an automatic version rather than a manual one.

Try the mustard eliminators

These are solutions made specifically to eliminate yellow mustard algae in pools.

You can always try them, but it is recommended to keep them as the last option.

Techniques/Tips to Improve when confronted with yellow algae

Here are some tips that will prevent mustard algae from growing in your swimming pool.

  • Always keep the filter turned ON
  • Change the frequency of water treatment every week
  • Try to drain the water, and clean the pool (If you can)
  • Make sure pool toys and bathing suits are clean
  • Brush your pool regularly and vacuum pool debris

Yellow mustard algae in pool – common problems

To provide a reliable solution to all your possible queries, we have answered the most common questions on how to get rid of mustard algae in the most suitable way.

We have also provided corrective measures for the problems that are most likely to arise while getting rid of mustard algae.

Mustard algae in pool – best practices

Through our research, we found the best practices to prevent the growth of mustard algae in the pool.

  • Always keep the water flowing.

If you do this, then even if algae grow in your pool, they will not be converted into the mustard type.

Therefore, you can easily eliminate algae.

  • Keep changing the frequency of chlorination of the pool.

The basic idea is to keep shocking the particles in the pool.

Thus, algae will not grow in your pool.

  • Try to keep organic debris away.

If there is not food for algae, they will die.

Try a skimmer basket or a solar cover to keep the debris out.

Tools you can use for yellow algie

Here are some items of pool equipment that will come in handy to kill mustard algae.

  • Skimmer basket
  • Water filter
  • A pair of gloves

Yellow algea in pool – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have mustard algae?

If you have this question in your mind, then that means you are facing trouble identifying it.

Mustard algae have a yellow-colored texture and look just like dust floating on the surface.

Thus, it is difficult to distinguish between a layer of dust and mustard algae.

Don’t worry.

The identification process is simple.

Mustard algae are cohesive.

Therefore, they will stick to the walls of the pool or bottom of the pool.

If you find a layer like that, then it is surely mustard algae.

Mustard algae can be scrubbed off easily.

Due to this, many people believe that they have eliminated the problem.

However, as mentioned earlier, they are sticky.

They stick to tiny pores on the surface and regenerate.

Therefore, you need to follow proper methods to get rid of them.AC

Can mustard algae hurt you?

Yes, mustard algae can hurt you.

It is the main cause of the growth of many deadly bacteria in the pool water.

Therefore, it is recommended to treat the water immediately after you observe the algae to avoid contaminating pool toys and bathing suits.

Does chlorine kill mustard algae?

Chlorine does not kill mustard algae unless you change the concentration rapidly.

Yes, that’s why we recommended you use pool shock.

How do you kill mustard algae?

We have already discussed some basic steps to kill mustard algae. Let us recap them.