MX6 Automatic in Ground Pool Cleaner Review (2021)

Zodiac MX6 Automatic in Ground Pool Cleaner

Swimming pools offer you genuine respite from the scorching heat during the summer season.

Besides, you can use swimming pools at any time of the day to shed excess calories and stay in shape.

To undertake such activities it is mandatory to keep it in pristine condition.

The all-new MX6 is a fully automatic cleaner, side suction pool cleaner that offers exceptional ease in cleaning even a full-size pool quickly.

One of the most commendable features of this pool cleaner is that it is equipped with a turbine blade.

Thus, the Zodiac MX6 can easily climb the pool walls easily and clean them from any unwanted stains.

Furthermore, this suction pool cleaner Zodiac comes with a low water flow design, now you can use it even with 2-speed pool pumps.

In addition to excellent features, the MX6 comes with several accessories viz. hose float, Weir Valve, regulator valve, etc.

For further in-depth analysis of this suction Zodiac, you can go through the article below.

Product Specifications

  • Product type: Fully automatic
  • Overall rating: 7.8 out of 10
  • Product dimensions: 40.38 x 8.88 x 14.75 inches
  • User guide: Included
  • The product weight: 17.41 pounds
  • The product warranty: 1 year
  • The type of cleaner used: Suction robot
  • Speed: Variable speed
  • Easy to install: Yes
  • Add on accessories: Regulator valve, Weir valve, hose lock, etc.
  • After-sales service: Included
  • Used for pool types: In-ground and above ground
  • Product cover: Not included
  • Booster pump: Not required

Best MX6 Reviews

The thing that is more attractive about the all-new Zodiac MX6 is that it is fully-automatic.

Zodiac offers some of the best pool cleaning models with low flow design for the last 40 years.

This brand has a large number of satisfied customers from all around the globe.

Thus, you do not have to worry about a thing at the time of product purchase.

In addition to this, it is compact, allowing you to store it even inside of a midsized cabinet, without any issues.

The MX6 from Zodiac doesn’t require any detailed installation; this is the reason why it is the best product for beginners and expert users.

With the use of additional accessories, you do not have to spend any extra amount and can start the pool cleaning immediately.

Who doesn’t want to get an authentic product warranty as well as after-sale service with the initial purchase?

By purchasing the MX6 you need not worry about those aspects, this is so because you will get 1 year of warranty.

mx6 zodiac – Excellent cleaning speed

With the help of an innovative and fast cleaning process, you can undertake the task quickly and efficiently.

The base of these suction side Zodiac pool cleaners is wide, this aids in cleaning large swath of the swimming pool at a time.

Moreover, suction Zodiac MX6 can be used for deep and casual cleaning projects.

mx6 reviews – Easy to operate

Just turn on the start-up button and the pool cleaning machine will undertake the rest of the task with proficiency.

You have to connect the swiveling hoses in the machine and this pool cleaner can even be used on pools that have different shapes.

Besides, this automatic machine has 4 durable wheels.

Thus, you do not have to carry it from one corner to the other.

zodiac mx6 automatic in ground pool cleaner – No noise production

No one wants to work with an automatic machine that produces shrill noise during the pool cleaning process.

The Zodiac MX6 uses innovative technology, which offers it ease to work in a silent mode.

mx6 pool cleaner reviews – Add-on products

Apart from the excellent features and automatic transition, Zodiac MX6 contains several accessories.

To begin with, you will get a twist-lock elbow, hose float, regulatory vales, etc.

These products work flawlessly with the main machine and save you lots of bucks.

mx6 reviews – Commendable grip

You do not want to use a machine that skids from time to time during the pool cleaning process.

This is the reason why MX6 comes with four rubber padded wheels.

They offer excellent grip to the machine and allow it to move easily on vinyl, tiles as well as on a ceramic surface.

mx6 pool cleaner review – Protects the pool filter

Irrespective of the small size, Zodiac MX6 produces exceptionally high pressure during the cleaning process.

This feature offers it aid to capture leaves, twigs, and other debris from the floor before it enters the filter.

Zodiac mx6 review – Versatile product

No matter whether you have in or above ground pool, Zodiac MX6 works like a charm in all of them.

Further, this cyclonic suction cleaner can even clean the corners and nooks without any hassle.

Zodiac mx6 reviews – High durability

Do purchase a suction vacuum power that is made up of high-quality material as it eventually increases the life cycle of the product.

The Zodiac MX6 is made up of excellent material that can easily withstand extreme temperatures.

Moreover, this machine is even work in saline water without any issues.

mx6 zodiac – Genuine warranty and aftersales service

To offer you full support for a long duration, Zodiac MX6 offers 1 year of product warranty.

Moreover, you can even consult the customer care service and sort out any query related to the product.


  • Highly durable
  • Commendable aftersales service
  • Offers additional accessories
  • Cleans all floor types
  • Energy efficient
  • Move efficiently on several floor types and walls
  • Do not make any noise
  • High cleaning speed
  • 1 year of product warranty
  • Excellent after-sales service


  • You have to install the product
  • It is a bit heavy
  • Gets Stuck at stairs
  • The cover is not included

Zodiac mx6 review – Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Zodiac mx6 work?

Working of Zodiac MX6 is simple; all you need to do is to properly plug in the hose and vacuum line.

In the second step place the robot underwater and turn on the power.

The machine will start to clean the surface and scrub off any stain marks quickly.

Moreover, you will also get efficacy in cleaning the walls and pool corners.

What is the difference between Zodiac mx6 and mx8?

As compared to MX8, MX6 is compact and it is cost-economic.

Thus, it is considered as the best option in case you are a first-timer.

Being lighter in weight offers X6 an additional advantage in climbing the side pool walls quickly.

Furthermore, you can easily store MX6 as compared to Zodiac MX8.

This will eventually increase the life span of the suction side cleaner.

How to hook up Zodiac pool cleaner?

In the beginning, you are required to assemble the hose of Zodiac MX6.

Then you need to connect it to a suction line and twist the elbow.

This will secure the connection and you do not have to deal with any leakage.

Further, you need to submerge the hose in the pool water and then connect it to a flow gauge.

Lastly, adjust the pump valve to proper pressure and then submerge the cleaner and then connect it to the hose.

Zodiac mx6 reviews – Conclusion

Zodiac MX6 is a fully automatic suction side pool cleaner that works like a charm on every pool type, walls, and surfaces.

For the construction of this product ultra-durable material is used, this enhances its overall life span.

Along with the primary purchase, you will also get several additional products.

As compared to most of the other pool cleaners, it is relatively easy to work with the Zodiac MX6.

This automated cleaning robot protects the filter as it protects any debris, leaf, or twig from reaching it.

During the time of the cleaning process, Zodiac MX6 doesn’t produce any noise and it is energy efficient.

This offers you ease to use this suction machine even at night and no more complaints from your neighbors.

Besides, you will also get 1 year of product warranty and excellent support from the customer care team.