Zodiac MX8 Elite Reviews – Pool Cleaner Review (2021)

Zodiac MX8

Cleaning the pool can be a daunting task to any pool owner whether experienced or not.

This activity requires a lot of time, effort, and energy especially when you are doing it by hand.

However, what some owners do not know is they can have their swimming pools sparkling clean without too much hassle.

This can be done using a robotic pool cleaner.

There are many brands and models in the market and you have to pick one that suits your needs and budget and one that can highly perform.

The pool cleaner Mx8 is one of the best models you can invest in.

Zodiac Mx8 comes from one of the best companies in the pool cleaning supply industry.

It encompasses great features to help clean your pool easily while you relax.

Whether you want to scrub the swimming pool tiles or the floor, this automatic pool cleaner is perfect for all modes.

Besides, it is ultra-efficient and cleans faster than any other cleaner of its kind.

The suction side pool cleaner Zodiac MX8 review will cover this machine comprehensively.

We will take a closer look at the features included in the machine, its general specifications, weight, size, noise level, navigation capability, as well as the overall performance.

If you want to know more about the Zodiac Mx8 and if it is the right one for you, then read on.


  • Brand: Zodiac
  • Model: MX8
  • Pool Type: In-ground
  • Traction: Max-Drive technology with X-Trax
  • Pool Surfaces: Fiberglass, vinyl, concrete, tile
  • Hose Type: Long life, advanced twist lock
  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x1 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Regulator Valve: Yes
  • Connection: 1.5” vacuum line

mx8 pool cleaner review

The Zodiac MX8 elite has a lot to offer.

This was our first perk that we noted while writing our article.

The suction side pool machine can work flawlessly on any in-ground pool, climb the walls, and even clean the steps.

The suction side pool has a flow regulator, a whisper, which will not bother you at all and you will hear the birds chirping clearly.

Its dual cyclonic system is the main attraction as it collects dirt easily leaving none behind.

Besides, it is built for mobility, thanks to its X-Trax tires, it does not get stuck.

It is also suitable for any pool surface whether vinyl, concrete, tile, or fiberglass.

Additionally, its ultra-efficient power source is a big plus that ensures maximum performance while saving your bills at the same time.

Our review will cover all of these features and other aspects of this machine below.

zodiac mx8 reviews – General Performance

Each feature included in the Zodiac MX8 pool cleaner plays a big role in its overall performance.

That is why it is vital to check at it generally before going much deeper into details.

When thinking about purchasing a robot pool vacuum, you want one that can operate and last for years and gives a problem-free cleaning experience.

This Zodiac MX8 does just that and so much more.

It is a suction-side cleaner designed for cleaning in-ground swimming pools.

It offers plenty of useful features for maximum cleaning power.

Besides, pool vacuums are built for an adjustable intake of fine sand to big or small leaves.

You will experience no hang-ups at all thanks to its max Drive technology.

Pool cleaner mx8 – Adjustable Intake

Zodiac MX8 is designed to pick any kind of debris whether big or small.

The suction pool cleaner can collect dirt, fine sand lying on the floor, plus leaves and pine needles.

This makes it a good choice for cleaner and maximum performance.

The intake is possible through the convertible debris inlet.

mx8 pool cleaner review – Dual Cyclonic Cleaning

With its wide cleaning path, superior vacuum power, and large debris intake, this machine can perform better and faster than other robotic cleaners can.

The feature means this product will take less time doing the job.

mx8 review – Exceptional Navigation

Zodiac MX 8 comes with an advanced 3600 system, which allows the machine to clean every pool area.

With this maX-Drive technology, the cleaner can climb and scrub walls easily.

This means it can not only clean the floors but also the entire pool up to the waterline.

mx 8 reviews – Energy Efficient

Zodiac MX8 features a Flex Power Turbine.

This helps ensure ultra-power efficiency even with low flow pumps.

No worries about experiencing issues with power supply while using this machine.

The feature makes this model perfect for all kinds of pumps including two-speed, solar, or variable-speed.

Zodiac pool cleaner reviews – Quick Connect

The twist-lock hose makes it possible to attach the cleaner without vacuum loss.

Additionally, this feature ensures the finest performance.


  • Variable speed pumps
  • Contains two turbines
  • Flow regulator valve
  • Two directional systems for reversing in any direction
  • Collects debris of all size be it large or small
  • Versatile cleaning for inground pool
  • Has a wide cleaning path for broad pool coverage
  • It is energy efficient and can use as little as 20GPM
  • Its heavyweight construction ensures robustness and durability


  • Requires frequent cleaning
  • Suitable for small pools

Zodiac mx8 elite reviews – FAQ

How does the Zodiac mx8 work?

Zodiac mx8 is a side pool cleaner and works only on in-ground pools.

The first step is to set mx8 up, which is an easy process provided you follow the manual.

Attach the hose to the skimmer and make sure to connect other parts well.

Once the installation of the inground pool cleaner process is complete, choose the settings and submerge the machine in the water. The side automatic pool cleaner will run the entire pool.

The suction pool will clean the dirt as it goes around the pool floor, steps, and walls.

What is the difference between Zodiac mx6 and mx8?

These two are almost similar but mx8 is expensive than the mx6.

Besides, the latter is the smaller brother of mx8.

Zodiac MX8 has a wider cleaning area, two turbines, a booster pump, as well as operates on lower suction power than mx6.

What is the best pool cleaner?

The best pool cleaner for a small swimming pool is Zodiac MX8!

This suction side pool cleaner comes with exceptional features like a dual cyclonic suction, maX-Drive Navigation, and many more to ensure the best cleaning effect and energy savings.

Zodiac mx8 review – Conclusion

The Zodiac MX8 cleans perfectly in every way. The MX8 offers efficient suction and it is a leaf catcher.

It climbs the wall and removes dirt up to the waterline without any issues.

Even though it has many benefits, it also has a few setbacks.

For example, it is best for cleaning small inground pools.

Additionally, it is not the best for collecting palm leaves as this might obstruct the process and require you to remove the leaves constantly.

Other than that, it is an energy-efficient cleaner that has all you need for cleaning the pool from the floor to the walls and even the hidden corners.

Besides, it has a wide path that can clean up debris in a few minutes or up to one hour.

A big bonus to this model is the way it works quietly and consumes only 20 gallons a minute suction of flow.

Moreover, it can reach heights of up to 36 feet with its long hose.